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  1. Ok, here's the link to the playlist: after youtube.com/ paste this: playlist?list=PLakty8iQFIBQ92D-wfFGFiNal3kP-t_PB (The full link embeds the first video it seems).
  2. I came looking for an answer about this and as I see it and was going to, I see Steam has an update for the editor, it updates and it doesn't happen now. I didn't touch the beta.
  3. I just began yesterday a video series about learning the advanced editor as a way to learn it myself and leave something that can be used by other people to learn. Since I've done it myself I feel a bit iffy linking it as if it was just for self promotion, but it also feels dumb to be doing something to learn and, hopefully, teach other players who may want to get their hands dirty with it and not mention it here. Just do a youtube search for FM20 learning advanced editor. The first chapter is just sort of a prologue in which I prepare the file. Second will be a look at the advanced rules and then the third will be when I begin to work on it. The way to learn is that I'll record as I try to set up the Spanish Tercera División with the promotion system as it is in reality (explained in this first chapter), which can't be done in the base editor. LOL, after posting I realize there's now an advanced rules subforum.
  4. Btw, in my case the match engine looks right. I think during matches the flickering might be less frequent, even.
  5. Yep, with 19.3.2 they still happen. Now it's more noticeable than before when alt-tabbing.
  6. I have it too. It's all the time. The flicker is that the screen is crossed by horizontal black bands. It's not continuous, there are stretches of several seconds up to perhaps a minute without any, it then may happen once or two or three times in a row. Each flicker can be of between one to three bands. AMD ReLive doesn't capture it, if you see them and hit the save replay, the video will show a nice steady image. I've not changed anything in my PC and I think you have my specs. Things to note are that I keep my Windows 10 64-bit updated and the Gigabyte Radeon R9 270X card is on the latest 19.2.3 optional drivers. I've attached the DxDiag file. DxDiag.txt
  7. Apologies if it has been said, but I'm pretty sure you've showed screens in low resolution, which is nice to show those who play in them how it looks; but I believe you should have added big resolution screenshots to see the space is well used in bigger resolutions.
  8. Ah, thanks. I will. I knew wanting to do things before something else I had to do I was forgetting something and that was checking the rules. Ah, I see you removed the video link (browser had not updated). Thanks.
  9. I have a youtube channel in which I've been irregularly uploading videos with FM stories. I don't promote it or link to it because it's meant as a way to practice English after a looooooooong time since the last English class which was the last time I had to speak English. So there's barely any effort and, often, when I think editing will be a bit of a pain to do I leave the save waiting for the edit and waiting and the next chapter takes ages to arrive, if it arrives at all. But a few months ago I began this series I wanted to follow through and take a bit more seriously than usual (I have another from FM14? where I try to check whether players out of position are really something to fear, not very rigurous and only half season played). In a thread some time ago I made some explanations why sometimes, if you want more possession and less hoofing the ball, using instructions to pass it even shorter is counterproductive and introduce less shorter passes can be the solution to get your team to play short passing, possession football (something I may try to feature, though I have a video in which you can see one instance of such, but I would have to find it) and someone said it was something interesting and he wanted to do more, so I thought I'd try to think on the game in those programming terms. This series is about managing Leeds in the way I would thinking in terms of how things would be working if I was programming the game. How would I implement each attribute. What would mean in code bravery, composure, aggression, etc. There are many chapters in which I don't speak on the matter and they're just about seeing how the match goes and how the season is going at that point, mind you, so don't expect to hear deep and rigurous explanations in every chapter. It's only in a few I speak some about the points. So far I've talked about aggression, bravery, composure, decisions and there's been the chance to see something about how roles interact with each other with an interesting case of how the winger changes behaviour by a change to the MCR in the 4-2-3-1 I'm using. Note before tenth? chapter I was using an editor that didn't have a normalize audio (or I didn't know of it) and have the intro music quite louder than the chapter's voice. Perhaps doing too loud intro or too quiet voice. Here's the playlist. I will be updating the thread with new videos. Intended upload frequency is about one per week but it can vary: perhaps I can get two recorded and edited quickly (I've found the last editor I use, Shotcut, which is free, is quite comfortable to use) and do more than one a week or perhaps I'm more busy than usual and a week passes without video. Or like some weeks ago I had issues with the editor and viruses and more than two or three weeks passed without update because I couldn't edit the last video I had recorded.
  10. For some reason or another, I've played FM18 very little, so I haven't experienced changes in divisions yet, but I keep forgetting in past versions so I'm doing it now. I'd like that the reputation boost/degrade of teams that change division to be advanced to the moment it's decided, be it end of last fixture or before the end of the season if you get it with matches to spare. At the very least to the next to last fixture day. If I get my team to be promoted, when I've done that and gone to the transfers planning, I've found players who will be willing to play for my team once the division change in the table is done in mid July will reject me right at the end of the season I got promoted. The players still treat the team as one in its current league instead of one that will play the other division. This leads to situations in which one has achieved promotion to Premier League and has been targetting a player X, but then player X refuses to talk because you're a Championship side, while he may even be willing to sign for one of the teams that are being relegated from Premier League in their first season there. It makes impossible for you to make deals that would be realistic on the grounds you're going to play a level higher until the summer break is well advanced, which makes a lot of the players you were targetting and would be willing to join you to sign new deals with their club or change to another club before you've got your reputation change. I know because a few that weren't willing to come with the season ended but still my team showing in the division I won, come the day I appear in the new division become willing to talk. But many more that I know would've been willing to talk, were out of reach because other teams came before that date, but quite long after I had wanted to sign them, not because the promotion wasn't enough bump to my reputation, but because it happens too late.
  11. After playing three journeyman saves in the last three editions, I thought I'd go to make a main save of a club as I used to do, in which case it would be go back to Burgos CF because it's the ciuty I was born in. I thought Crewe as I had a successful save with that team in FM09, but since I read English leagues are easy (I disagree at the very least about Championship) I'll make it be Burgos. On the other hand, I find I've enjoyed my journeyman saves quite a bit and I know I'll miss them.
  12. Conversely, when you leave the DoF power over it, an interaction to point to him I want MCs or DRs or whatever and that I don't want him to go for yet another AMC or ST or DL or whatever.
  13. Oh, yes, forgot to try the compatibility options. I'm on Windows 10 64-bits. EDIT: I reinstalled (previously I just checked the files) and now the buttons are back.
  14. The other day, thinking how the goalkeepers of FM16 annoy me and how it looks like the ME is moving in that version toward the football simulation version of what Fire Emblem is to combat simulation, I redownloaded FM12 from Steam. I have a big problem that makes it unplayable and it hasn't been solved by changing skin: during the match, there are no buttons for shouts, tactic change or tactic swap. There is no way to get to the tactics screen. Leaving TV view doesn't solve anything. Also at half time there is no going to team talk screen or anything, it's just the camera on the empty picth waiting to hit space bar or continue match. It's just as if I was watching a match, instead of playing it. I have been unable to find anything and I'd like to play FM12 some again. If anyone could please help, I'd appreciate it.
  15. I found it accidentally when looking for something else. Manager home.xml is the answer.
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