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  1. Squad depth

    game-save/Squad depth bug.fm I spend a good bunch of minutes removing players from the squad depth of a 4-2-3-1 (no tactic set in the tactics screen yet). I go look at a player's profile from there. Go back, all the removing and setting players, gone.
  2. game-pkm/2.10 MCR WBR together in DL area.pkm (Originally didn't upload it right, now it is) Playing in a defensive 3-5-2 with no PIs. Right Wingback is a WB-A, right central midfielder is CM-A. Both have closing down at the default normal, which on a defensive mentality is a quite short bar. No Ois either. As you can see, ball is in passed to a player central to the right and both go after him, a few moments later the ball is passed away and both keep together into not returning to their positions but moving for no reason to the DL position area. I played this formation in a previous patch (not sure if 18.1.1 or 18.1.2 and the WBs in same role and settings (I'd not changed the tactic) were diffferent; before they were perhaps not being any aggressive at all to close down, retrating to the line along the three centrebacks unless told to close down more, but not they seem to be way too aggressive. It feels like perhaps with this patch closing down is much more aggressive than in previous patches and I feel like it may be too much, though I got this patch late so I've only played one match, so I won't say it can't be a one match luck thing.
  3. This is an explanation of what happens, I initially raised it elsewhere: If I go over handind to assistant all the team talks and I click end team talk, upon continuing I'm back to dressing room with the button reading "kick off", then continue sends me to inbox, squipping the other results of the day. If I go over all team talks handing them over but don't hit end teamtalk, then things proceed as always to the other results of the day screen. If I hand the full team talk and I do manual team talk for one player and click leave match without clicking the end teamtalk button, I continue to the dressing room and then I continue to the other results of the day screen. Those are the combinations I've observed so far. I do believe doing manually what is handed to assistant doesn't change the end result, but I can't guarantee it.
  4. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    After playing three journeyman saves in the last three editions, I thought I'd go to make a main save of a club as I used to do, in which case it would be go back to Burgos CF because it's the ciuty I was born in. I thought Crewe as I had a successful save with that team in FM09, but since I read English leagues are easy (I disagree at the very least about Championship) I'll make it be Burgos. On the other hand, I find I've enjoyed my journeyman saves quite a bit and I know I'll miss them.
  5. Conversely, when you leave the DoF power over it, an interaction to point to him I want MCs or DRs or whatever and that I don't want him to go for yet another AMC or ST or DL or whatever.
  6. FM12 problems

    Oh, yes, forgot to try the compatibility options. I'm on Windows 10 64-bits. EDIT: I reinstalled (previously I just checked the files) and now the buttons are back.
  7. The other day, thinking how the goalkeepers of FM16 annoy me and how it looks like the ME is moving in that version toward the football simulation version of what Fire Emblem is to combat simulation, I redownloaded FM12 from Steam. I have a big problem that makes it unplayable and it hasn't been solved by changing skin: during the match, there are no buttons for shouts, tactic change or tactic swap. There is no way to get to the tactics screen. Leaving TV view doesn't solve anything. Also at half time there is no going to team talk screen or anything, it's just the camera on the empty picth waiting to hit space bar or continue match. It's just as if I was watching a match, instead of playing it. I have been unable to find anything and I'd like to play FM12 some again. If anyone could please help, I'd appreciate it.
  8. Home screen xml files?

    I found it accidentally when looking for something else. Manager home.xml is the answer.
  9. Home screen xml files?

    I haven't found the answer anywhere, a search sends me to threads about home or away matches. I'd like to know, if someone could please tell me, what xml controls the Home screen, the one with all that information about my manager and his club. In the home section, the first tab of Home | My Profile | My Contract | etc Thanks in advance.
  10. [FM16 SKIN] Ultimate 10

    Very nice skin. My new preferred skin. One issue: - In the post match screen, the overview subpanel shows a picture of a field without content. One very small one and a thought: in my manager's profile, the info gets the License line cut off (windowed, maximized, 1960x1080). Since I mention that, perhaps the biography that's in the bottom of that column would be better in the second column below the preferred formation and to the left of the matches won, drawn, lost and that stuff? Just more space for it and no empty rectangle.
  11. 16.2.0 Learning languages bug

    Just a heads up: since 16.3, when my manager goes to unemployment she goes to be based in Japan. Also, I had her manage Spain U23 long enough to learn basic Spanish, but after almost a year out of the job she's not gotten beyond that, so it seems it works right now not only in reloads XD.
  12. Sorry for not answering before, I missed the reply because it was not marked as new replies and thanks to now thinking I should look at last replies of my last three posted threads. Uploaded to fm/game-save/Team talk changed (Death Ball).fm I think the team talks I made were: KO- Assertive: Impress me HT- Assertive: Disappointing. FT- Calm: Not good enough.
  13. It's generally wrong, I've looked now at another match and it changed the half time team talk to one I didn't give.
  14. I just had a match, I made a team talk at the start, half time and full time. When going to the match report to check on the players' reactions, the initial team talk is correct; but the team talk for half time and full time is reset to "Nothing to say" and no reactions. When I load the save after the match the teamtalks are right (well, the initial says I used aggressive and I wanted to be assertive, but it may well be I missclicked). So I don't know if it really makes sense to upload something, as it seems the bug doesn't reflect in the save game file. So this may be GUI bug instead?
  15. I had this but only with view match. As it loaded, the game crashed. match overview.xml and match title bar.xml were the culprits. I suspected it might be the wrong version was being used. Then I changed screen and my resolution went from 1680x1050 to 1920x1080 and it doesn't crash anymore. (I was playing windowed maximized). Very weird. I was to mention it here but since I found that I had no idea if it made sense and I was waiting to do some more testing to try get a clearer idea.