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    I am a married father of 3. All Fulham supporters!

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    FM obviously!!!

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    Fulham FC!!
  1. Possibly the best I've ever had!!
  2. I'm exactly the same mate. I'm just starting my 3rd season as Fulham and am getting bored already cos we're doing crap and all the players are getting pissed off!
  3. Pretty sure he was shot in the head last year some time. Survived, but obviously out for a very long time!!
  4. Dionisis Chiotis was a total keeper. Best I've ever had I think. Stefan Selekavic, Zola Tonton Moukoko and Kim Kallstrom were probably the best midfielders I've ever had. Strangely though, Moukoko never had good marks, but if you played him in the hole behind the front 2, he would get you 30+ goals a season. I bought Kasper Schmeicel from Man City years ago, sat him on the bench for Fulham, and from the second season onwards, he was the best keeper in the world!! Stan Collymore in about 1999 for fulham was truely brilliant (he is one of my favourite players of all time though IRL) Thiago Silva when he was still in Brazil and another Brazilian defender called Hugo. Used to get him for about £50k and his marks started off fairly shocking, but if you played him in the first team for a few season, was the best defender in the game!!
  5. My missus giving me a blow job whilst trying to get me to stop playing..........Oh! Sorry, wrong sort of feeling!! Winning the league after 4 seasons with Fulham. That was a joy to behold!!
  6. One of my best saves ever, was with Hoffenheim. It was when Ba was there though. Good side (and I finished 3rd in my first season, there highest finish ever). For some reason, I quit them for Buyern an it was a terrible mistake and I ended the game soon after. Try them!!
  7. My fulham team.

    I'll try the friendly idea. Could work. Thankfully, I just won 2 on the bounce against Swansea and QPR (my fierce rivals, which is a top result), so hopefully, in the last 11 games of the season I can turn it around!!
  8. I am in my first season as the mighty whites. I started off so well, was 6th or 7th for half the season and then Christmas hit. Since then, I have gone on a 15 game run without a win. I've draw 2 out of them as well. I'm losing to teams that I should be beating, like Wolves, Villa and Southend (in the FA cup!) I'm out of all cups (not necessarily a bad thing) and have Man Utd and Chelsea to play (I never expect to beat them anyway!!) and am now languishing in 12th place. I've tried changing my tactics, speaking nicely to the players in team talks, shouting at them and slagging them off, everything. I can't seem to break the run. Any ideas would be thoroughly welcomed!!
  9. That's pretty good going mate. I've never played as a part-time club apart from TMS in the Welsh league and got smashed in the first qualifying round. Good luck!! Let me know what happens!
  10. Have Liverpool been relegated in that game then
  11. Network game!

    I'm in. Let me know as and when.
  12. With the original version, I've found that by having the 2 centre backs as 'Limited Defenders' and their mentality as defensive, it seems a bit more solid.
  13. "Throwing" a promotion

    I'd go for promotion. It'll improve your reputation anyway and you can appeal to the board etc for more investment to the youth or more time if do get a pasting every game!!
  14. Ok, Nice one. I'll put up a few a bit later.
  15. Well, I'm currently 10 games through my SPL season with Hibs. I've been using this tactic since the second game (first game was against Celtic which I drew!!), and I am still the only unbeaten team in the league. Not scoring quite enough goals for my liking, but as the team get more used to the formation, they seem to score more. I've found it a very solid formation indeed. I've also found, if you're down a few goals, changing to either 'Attacking' or 'Counter' mentality, and have your defence deeper still, you can get a few goals back. With regards to Hibs; I'm not sure the players are quite good enough just yet (I plan on making a lot of changes at the end of the season). You definitely need a good right back and very good Left Winger. I recently signed a 'good' AMC and played him just behind the main striker, and I'm now scoring more goals. I think this is the key position as he creates and scores the most. I'm not sure how to put up screenshots, so if someone could explain it to me I'll put up a few of my team and results tonight. Anyway, all in all, a thoroughly enjoyable tactic. Nice one!!