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  1. Loan out all your young players, but demand a monthly fee. (as well as 100% of wages) I'm only Cesena with average facilities and players, but loaning out people for between 5-40k per month, and its going to bring in around £2.5m by the end of the season.
  2. I'm guessing man management, and then maybe attacking for attacking ones. tactics for tactial ones etc?
  3. I'm managing Cesena in Italy. Just finished second season. Youth facilties have not been upgraded yet. 6 of the starting 11 for Italy U19s are from my youth team. None of them have even played for me! It's not like I give them loads of experience early. Some of them are quite good but surely Milan, Juve, Inter etc should have better ones? Have I just really really lucky and this is a golden generation of Cesenati football?
  4. Buying, Arjen Robben (31) Will want 20,000k to be third choice. Can easily afford it, and want a big name. Ideally I'd splash £20m on a big name who is actually first choice but my rep is way too low.
  5. He's 31 now and I don't need him really. Wouldn't get into my first team but would by far my highest earner. However, I have loads of spare cash and want a marquee signing!
  6. Im happy with the way it is to be honest. I basically want my scouts to only go to Brazil/Argentina for S. America. Italy, Portugal etc for Europe, and thats it. I hate it when they waste their time in Panama or Cyprus or whatever.
  7. He went to Milan on mine and doing very well. Generally, the demand are off though. You can often sign top top players on 20k pw. But then some useless old prat wants a minimum of 50k, or he'll retire.
  8. Last time I tried it they threatened to sack me but I just said sorry and it was fine. Don't think they'll fire you unless you are doing awful anyway
  9. I just went whinging to the press and got an extra £10m! Was really annoyed as them refusing to give me money in the vital late-May period would have meant me losing out on a few key players.
  10. Usually by November at the absolute latest for me. Maybe SI should do a collaboration with Infinity Ward. Would make the baffling results easier to take.
  11. So I'm best off having just one physio to predict length? Why does the game basically encourage having quite a few then?
  12. Surely this can't be true. A) The game doesn't mention that anyway. B) It would be kinda unfair anyway. Its mostly big teams that have these and how many have any Chinese players? I'm pretty sure the idea is it just boosts your merchandising overall, but of course, its very hard to measure this
  13. SO whats the optimum number for a top flight team? I currently have Head Physio, two normal physios, and one Under 19.
  14. I would also like to know. They always seem to want to go in hard on a random full back for some reason
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