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  1. I just finished a long term save on FM17, so I've made the jump FM20. I decided to start with Notts County because I took them to the Champions League in 17, and I find it offensive that they were relegated to the National. I've started the save over a few times while I try to get a handle on all the changes. On each save though, I feel like my tactics are under-performing. I've always played some sort of possession 4141 since the FM10 days, and I've had a lot of success with it. It just isn't working for me so far, and I can't seem to put my finger on what the issue is. Notts County is favore
  2. After about a month in game, I finally got the notification that a hard Brexit had occurred and that the Bosman ruling was no longer in effect. Odd that the notification showed up so late.
  3. Would you know which section of the rules panel to look at? Under 'Contract Renewals', there is only the language about under 24's.
  4. Apparently we've had a hard Brexit in my save as I can no longer sign players with expiring contracts. I don't remember getting a notification about Brexit, but it's entirely possible that I overlooked it. Is there any way to check what the current status of Brexit and the Bosman ruling are?
  5. If anyone has an extra, I would appreciate it (steam name: drflounder).
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