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  1. After about a month in game, I finally got the notification that a hard Brexit had occurred and that the Bosman ruling was no longer in effect. Odd that the notification showed up so late.
  2. Would you know which section of the rules panel to look at? Under 'Contract Renewals', there is only the language about under 24's.
  3. Apparently we've had a hard Brexit in my save as I can no longer sign players with expiring contracts. I don't remember getting a notification about Brexit, but it's entirely possible that I overlooked it. Is there any way to check what the current status of Brexit and the Bosman ruling are?
  4. If anyone has an extra, I would appreciate it (steam name: drflounder).
  5. In SFraser's training schedules for FM10, he had a short term and a long term injury schedule for this very reason. IIRC they had very high intensity strength and aerobic training since injuries affected the physical attributes most.
  6. I just tried praising the opposing head coach on my Derby save and beat Liverpool 3-1 and ManU 4-1 despite being substantial underdogs for those matches. It's really surprising how well it works.
  7. I think it's highly player dependent. I have one player whose morale never rose above Okay. It turned out his contract was for a first team player and every time he was rested, his morale would drop. So now I tell him he will be rested every time he's not in the squad. Other players with first team contracts didn't have a problem. I'm now much more careful about who I give first team status. Another issue, which ties in with the partnership thread, is that team cohesion in the short term will suffer if players are constantly teamed up with unfamiliar players. In the long term, though, I think this actually strengthens your team as more partnerships are allowed to develop.
  8. Right now the only method that works with 11.3 is the printing method. You will have to go through each player's detail screen and click Ctrl-P to Print Screen. A box will appear asking if you want to print it as a , a web page, or a text file. Select text file and click ok. It will prompt you for a directory to save the text file. Pick any directory; it doesn't matter as long as you remember where you saved them. Once you've printed out all of your player's files, you can import them into the Squad Analyzer program. Open it, then go to the 'Program' menu and select 'Import Player Data'. A dialog will open with 'Source File' in the upper left. There will be three options underneath: 'FM Text File's Folder', 'Genie Scout CSV File' and 'FMSE XML File'. Select 'FM Text File's Folder'. To the right, you will see a directory path with a button with '...' on it. Click the button and navigate to the directory in which you saved all of the player text files. Click the Preview button and make sure all of your players show up. Close the preview window and click 'Save!'. All of your players are now loaded into the database. Once you have all of the players entered, you can play around the Squad Analyzer functionality. It's all pretty straightforward.
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