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  1. Well, i'm playing in the danish league, being a top team, won the Superliga last 8 years, established myself in the Champions League, haven't missed out any group qualifications, my board decides to throw in a new stadium for me, whipping out a 137m £ loan, but on the other hand gives me Denmarks largest stadium! How large debts did you guys have?
  2. I've been doing some work in the Icelandic leagues, and just achieved myself a new stadium of the capacity of almost 9000 people. As the current stadium Iceland people is 9800, will my stadium get picked for national matches if i get a capacity over 9800? Or will it stay the same stadium forever? - Bruun
  3. I've got 2 argentinian players i like to think as brothers, and they play fantastic together! "Band-of-Brothers". Matias Cabrera being an excellent upcoming AMR Carlos Cabrera being one of the superstars in front as striker.
  4. Then you should see my next Cristiano Ronaldo!
  5. I had a lot of "maybe" sons. Playing in Denmark with a pretty common name everybody liking me from start. I think i have 3 "sons" in my squad at the moment!
  6. I think it went to an incredibly hard niveau! I myself with a pretty good Manchester City can't get a freaking handle on Man United anymore.. Just played against them in Premier League, lost 6-0.. Just played them once again in Champions League, lost 5-1.. Going to play against them again in 7 days..
  7. Proof: Left Liverpool in summer transfer window on free transfer (No **** he had a rating of 0.1 with those stats)
  8. Nope no managing of either of the teams, understand why i think this is so ****ed? I can go find their tactics fast
  9. I didn't do anything, but i'll post an image of ratings in a second
  10. Liverpool went with full u/18 and reserve squad against Doncaster in FA Cup 4th round.. I'm neither of the teams, i just thought this was to crazy a defeat!
  11. And on top of that, onboard graphics can't perform at all..
  12. Wouldn't pick that one, try to avoid onboard graphics cards
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