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  1. Well, i'm playing in the danish league, being a top team, won the Superliga last 8 years, established myself in the Champions League, haven't missed out any group qualifications, my board decides to throw in a new stadium for me, whipping out a 137m £ loan, but on the other hand gives me Denmarks largest stadium! How large debts did you guys have?
  2. I've got 2 argentinian players i like to think as brothers, and they play fantastic together! "Band-of-Brothers". Matias Cabrera being an excellent upcoming AMR Carlos Cabrera being one of the superstars in front as striker.
  3. In my games both are named Roberto Gondola, so yeah its with an o, and they have almost similiar stats, and actually both are born at same day! 7/4! One at 1994, other one at 1995
  4. I just noticed something about my 2 longterm games, and was wondering are some newgens appearing on every game ? In my Man City (year 2017) game i had an Italian player named Robert Gandola, which was a defender, of nice quality. Then now in my Stevenage (year 2026) game, the same newgen appeared, Robert Gandola, Italian defender again.. Is this possible or is it pure luck ?
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