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  1. quality stuff mate, obivously a very good manager well played
  2. yes mate im liking this team, not bad my 4 season i dont went whole season with like 2 defeats and won the league with about 8 games left to play, nice to hear someones nearly as good as me lol naa well played
  3. out of all them seasons whats the lowest position you have finished in your league?
  4. quality side, how many points of top spot was you in the first season?
  5. how olds Vanden Borre nowadays then? i take it your caning your league mate
  6. how long did it take to get them to the prem?
  7. yeah good team most of themare barcelona anyway but the players you have added are good quality players, you plan on staying with barcelona?
  8. how many times you finished top over the last 4 seasons? not a bad side mate well played
  9. i want to keep the same save and see how far i can go but then you get all the new and invented players and you dont really know anyone so thats abit crap but owell
  10. right back Azpilicueta is quality but hes abit of an angry boy aint he haha, do you plan on sticking with Athletic Bilbao for the next couple of years? iv been with man utd all the time but im thinking maybe a national team after this season, only got a game left champions league final but abit gutted rooney and evans injured
  11. Im interested in seeing others peoples starting 11 would be, so say champions league final pick the 11 best players in your squad that you would start and how much their worth, what formation you would use, what team you are and what year your in, mine is; YEAR 2014 FORMATION 4-4-2 TEAM Man Utd GK Hugo Lloris DR Cesar Azpilicuteta DL Gareth Bale DC Nemanja Vidic DC Jonny Evens MR Nani ML Niko Kranjcar MC Michael Carrick MC Owen Hargreaves ST Wayne Rooney ST Carlos Vela the season im in at the minute im in the champions league final and iv killed my league got 98 points very proud look forward to hearing other peoples
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