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  1. OOPS!!! i said the dreaded word "Soccer"... sorry my bad.... Football
  2. I wasnt being sarcastic at all ... hey im an american... give me a break LOL... i just started following soccer just after the most recent world cup... I know Liverpool isnt a big underdog but considering real madrid and barcelona seem to be in a class by themselves it was a slight upset at least.
  3. Ive played 5 replays on FM2010 just the first year only 2009-2010 And the champions cup is always dominated by Barcelona and Real Madrid in my first 4 replays... Madrid won 3 times and barcelona won once... now finally someone different won on my 5th replay and it was pretty surprising.. Liverpool? wow... talk about an underdog... Anyone have any upsets.. its really had to have an upset in the champions cup since its 2 legged matches... Tom
  4. The .dbc file wont work... it seems very small like its almost empty at 6.77kb??? and there is no config file.. shouldnt there always be a config file?
  5. Will this Welsh league work on FM2010? or is it only for FM2011?
  6. I dont know but the best football simulator by far is STRAT-O-MATIC....... check it out... But I do wish that this company would make it... cuz it has both great graphics and realism.. stratomatic is mainly for realism and not much graphics at all
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