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  1. Alexis Sanchez has been playing as AMR at Barca and he's right-footed. Most certainly also as IF.
  2. Hi, Recently I've tried to replicate Messi out wide right as an TQ with no success at all. He always seem isolated and not involving into the build-up too much. This shouldn't be a problem if he would have a less impact but make them count. But doesn't seem the case. My Messi can't even dribble past its marker. I've been using the following setups: 433 / 4-1-4-1 DM - tiki taka custom mostly - so Control Mentality, Low tempo, Be more expressive, Much shorter passing, Balanced width. With the following roles around him: DLP(S) + AP(S/A) CWB(S/A), WB(S/A), overlappin
  3. No, but Barcelona actually have people who estimate things, and thats their job. You would say that those do a better job than people who modify FM's db. My opinion is towards the lower end of his PA range. It's only about ten points higher than his current ability score, and he's just 21.
  4. Hi. I've been wondering if De Jong's current potential ability score is a true reflection of what this boy could be. As he is now transferred to Barca for 80mil EUR which is fair considering his current form in UCL, I'm wondering if his PA shouldn't be higher. In the current DB, his potential ability is What do you think?
  5. Would a False 9 average a deeper heat map position off the ball in a more fluid system than in a rigid system, in the same tactical setup? I'm about to create a 4-3-3 system around that. What I'm aiming is dropping my guy as near as the CMs as possible, so I could create a rhombus in the midfield at times. Also, as been discussed again and again, would a TQ be deeper than an F9, in the same tactical setup?
  6. Thanks Seb and herne. He did improve a lot, I guess there must been space for fully learning the position. However, I want the same guy (Cicaldau) to learn some DLP-specific PPMs. As he's not Natural, he doesn't seem to learn those (dictate tempo, come deep) - as I see it, because he might be considered a winger. It is true?
  7. Is there any limitation for the score an retrained individual can have for a position (e.g. 14 score for a CM), irrelevant to its Versatility score? I'm having trouble getting Alexandru Cicaldau (FC Viitorul) retrained as CM. Been training him for 4 seasons so far and he's only Accomplished, rather than Natural. I don't want to check his Versatility score because it might ruin my experience, but in 4 seasons he should surely be Natural in a position he has been trained in and has attributes for.
  8. which edt are you talking about in the first phrase?
  9. - Edin Dzeko. Top Serie A scorer at 32 yo for my Roma side. He rarely misses. - Nainggolan - the scorcherer. Also played him as AM(A) - he's fantastic in front of the goal. - Cristian Ganea & George Tucudean (Viitorul Constanta) - First is a complete wingback for my small team, second a prolific goalscorer - had 30 goals in 32 games - a smaller variant of Dzeko. - Andre Silva. Top Serie A scorer at the start of the game for my Milan side - a complete forward. - Gianluigi Donnarouma - this lad is fantastic even in the first season. - Dybala - never had him but he al
  10. Thank you for this, herne. I also put a question behind wether I would like to pass the ball with no risk on a lower tempo or pass the ball quick, with low risk - the difference I see between having possession fm-wise and playing a possession-based style, creating opportunities by passing the ball around.
  11. Yep. Also my hope to replicate didn't. Have bought fm for the past years trying to do it. I'm very curious of your opinion on this wwfan's interpretation in FM2018 yonko, and also of Rashid's (have seen his video about Pep's City). Been reading that you replicate Guardiola's play to Structured and not Balanced, or do you just base it on its City squad? Also, would Counter still fit that Barca's tactic, or Control would be better in these newer versions?
  12. Hello, guys! As this is the 'thread that never dies' as wwfan named it, I find myself again on the quest of replicating the 3-4-3 'tiqui-taca' in FM16. The thing I had in mind when reposting here is the new tactical changes that FM16 suffered, presented by The Hand of God: and I would underline this: Because of these tactical changes and the knowledge that wwfan interpretation plus new role changes(HB, CWB, F9, etc) that FM suffered in the past versions are the most closest replication we can get, enters in discussion the change of fluidity, or the new FM tactical changes doesn't affe
  13. I asked because in the system presented in the OP with a F9 role, my Lio seems isolated and no creative at all. He rarely gets past opponents, and rarely/never its in the end of a pass. I dont know why, but it gets tackled every single time he tries to get past an opponent. Also, my IF(A)'s ( Suarez and Neymar ) are always(!) selfish, as they try to finish even if they're on a tight angle(they have "pass instead of shoot PPM and shoot less often PI)/try to dribble past opponents even that they have better positioned teammates I'm the only one having this issues or they are a common?
  14. wwfan, what's your opinion regarding the new roles and TI's that have been added in recent versions of the game? Sure, the core of the tactic is still the same, but what do you think about the 'Look for overlap' setting, the HB, RMD and F9 roles? Could them be subtitute for some roles presented in the OP? I feel that setting Messi as TQ is not coming as deep as he should, and I feel setting him as F9 reduces his impact in the tactic. What's your opinion about the role that would define him now in the OP tactic? Also, what do you think about the new RMD role, is it more suitable for the old Pe
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