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  1. Alexis Sanchez has been playing as AMR at Barca and he's right-footed. Most certainly also as IF.
  2. Hi, Recently I've tried to replicate Messi out wide right as an TQ with no success at all. He always seem isolated and not involving into the build-up too much. This shouldn't be a problem if he would have a less impact but make them count. But doesn't seem the case. My Messi can't even dribble past its marker. I've been using the following setups: 433 / 4-1-4-1 DM - tiki taka custom mostly - so Control Mentality, Low tempo, Be more expressive, Much shorter passing, Balanced width. With the following roles around him: DLP(S) + AP(S/A) CWB(S/A), WB(S/A), overlappin
  3. No, but Barcelona actually have people who estimate things, and thats their job. You would say that those do a better job than people who modify FM's db. My opinion is towards the lower end of his PA range. It's only about ten points higher than his current ability score, and he's just 21.
  4. Hi. I've been wondering if De Jong's current potential ability score is a true reflection of what this boy could be. As he is now transferred to Barca for 80mil EUR which is fair considering his current form in UCL, I'm wondering if his PA shouldn't be higher. In the current DB, his potential ability is What do you think?
  5. I am talking about this attitude towards customers. The quoted dude tried to bring his frustrations towards SI. Did he had to detail about being an ME or AI issue? No. Was of any importance if the guy was incorrect about being either ME or AI? No. Would this correction lead him to be more frustrated about the game as his main goal wasn't to properly reflect the issue in which part of the FM's system was? Probably/There's a high risk to. - that's what I'm talking about. People often come here with emotions when reporting a bug. It has to be considered. We all should be more
  6. I wasn't referring to you as smart pants. I've trying to say that when reporting a bug you should not act smarter than you should. Neither a Mod should correct somebody that takes some effort to create an account on this forum and post a bug, bug which shouldn't be in the game, game which has been paid for.
  7. Okay. Leave it here. Good luck on your development career. I hope I won't ever have you in my team. I'm intrigued by robots which always ask what have to do. I prefer brains and strong personalities.
  8. I said that a scenario and a proof aremandatory. There is a starting point. However, don't act like a smart pants and get into systems or technical stuff.
  9. I hope you neither. For the good of the world. It's sad that you don't know what you're talking about, but more sad is that you might influence people around here, as I saw on Tony Wright 747. Customer communcation is a tough job and it seems its not done right at the moment. Ask yourselves.
  10. Have you been part of anything that has something to do with developing? If I would tell a developer to fix a certain issue that's part of a system, I would certainly hope that they won't trust my thought and test every system that would led to the issue I've found. Most of the times it's better to report a bug in a generic way but with a scenario of how the error was produced so you won't exclude possibilities. This way the one that will take care of it will not be narrowed by your bug/error description.
  11. So you do really think that the ones that written the code of this game need to know if either is a AI or ME issue. Okay. Let's keep this attitude and hope to never get the topics created in the last days. SI shouldn't announce that Barcelona now keep possession a bit more. Actually they would never do that as it should already be like that. I think that we should be reporting something when it's not right. I've actually bought the series with this in mind, shame on me. We can be futuristic about anything, but will be nonsense until then. I do think that Balotelli will be a topdog in
  12. I am one of those who care about the game no less than you. At the same time I want to improve how the other players see this game and how SI treats this game. In a business where you're the main powerhorse and have no other challenger on the same level, your rate to grow as a company is slower. Thats why its customers need to be the ones that cover this missing part by using critique whenever the quality do not grow or even stall. We should demand more when in a poll questioning the favorite series the main voted answer its not the current series, but the one developed 5 years ago.
  13. There is a repeated attitude of defending SI and telling users they have no idea what they're talking. I have a problem with that. And that's another reason why there's a communication issue between SI and its customers. You, and other Mods are the first person they face when they post in this forum. Even if you don't agree this, you're seen as part of the team. You should know that. Furthermore, deviating from an issue just because the customer did not accurately reported it's not the way to keep the customer pleased. And you should do that as part of your job. We and you pay for this g
  14. Don't you think that transferring the issue owner to AI is pretty childish? How we customers have to know whether that is AI or ME's fault? We do only see one thing: Barcelona is bad replicated in the game as they do not behave as they do IRL. Arguing whether is AI or ME's fault is like discussing whether it's Dev's or Testers fault that ME is buggy, which is, again, irrelevant. It's SI's game and they have to assure that Barcelona's current and future head coach AI apply a possession philosophy so they reflect reality. How SI does that is irrelevant.
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