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  1. Thanks, I hadn't seen that one! A final curveball is I've just designed one to this spec at PC Specialist... Would be £925. An even better CPU, more storage, double the RAM. I think the GFX are slightly worse but might not be a major issue... what do you think? Chassis & Display Cosmos Series: 15.6" Matte Full HD 144Hz 45% NTSC LED Widescreen (1920x1080) Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™ i7 Eight Core Processor 10870H (2.2GHz, 5.0GHz Turbo) Memory (RAM) 16GB Corsair 2133MHz SODIMM DDR4 (1 x 16GB) Graphics Card NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 - 4
  2. Hey all, Looking to get a new laptop as my PC Specialist is about 6 years old now and at 17.3 inches I also want something a bit more portable. The spec of that is: Intel i7 4710MQ - 2.5ghz 4 core 8 logical 12 GB RAM 100GB SSD / 1TB Storage Geforce FTX 860M I've been looking around all morning and this seems like quite a good deal for the price? https://www.box.co.uk/NH.Q7PEK.002-Acer-Nitro-5-AN515-55-764B_2934864.html I want to be able to comfortably play FM with quite a lot of leagues and full 3D and then possibly use the laptop to play a few more games
  3. Leicester fan here - agree that Fofana needs a lift. Other weird thing I noticed, Wes Morgan is being lined up for an exec role IRL as per numerous reports. In the game he wants to take up a director role which makes sense. However when I suggested this to him in the game he said he would rather be a coach, which doesn't correlate.
  4. Very strange - I talked to the captain, said I was removing him from being captain as had better options. Made the vice-captain captain, but now as the new captain, he is unhappy about being stripped from his captaincy (assumedly the vice-captain role)
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