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  1. Club balance plummeting

    Is it possible for the board to sack me over poor financial management, then?
  2. I'm currently on my first season in Football Manager 2011 with a Barcelona save game, and the club's balance has dropped to $9m in debt. How do crises like this usually end, and can it inspire a new chairman takeover in the future?
  3. Has anyone here been able to get one of those done? I've tried to do it many times and it never worked. Is it actually possible to exchange players without paying any transfer fees?
  4. How to generate consistent revenue?

    What is that supposed to do? And why should I give other clubs in the league the same setting?
  5. I used FMRTE in my cheat save game to gain billions of cash in my club's balance, but I don't want to have to use FMRTE every time I sign a new player to regain the money I spent. Is there any way to use the editor so I don't have to use FMRTE again like raising season ticket prices (worked in FM 2008 and helped me gain billions every month)?
  6. I think I deserve a good editor break after playing so many clean and honest games Am I the only one on that kinda save game?
  7. Like trequartista, deep-lying forward, inside forward, advanced forward, poacher etc.? I'm confused as to which one is best employed for my current tactic (4-3-1-2).
  8. My DR/DL settings can be set to defend, support, attack or "automatic" (whatever that means). What does the automatic setting do if I set the player to use it? Also what's your playing philosophy? I use a 4-3-1-2 tactic with custom player settings and it's really great. It aims to move the ball from a defensive position to attack in the fastest way possible and aims to adapt all players to the current situation; e.g. when the team is dominating the match and rhythm of play the defenders can run forward and sometimes score goals from corners, but when the team is losing the ball everyone's main aim is to regain possession of the ball and move it to the middle of the park to slow down the opposition's tempo. It would be nice if you go into detail about your tactics in this thread.
  9. Is this possible?

    Yeah but I thought about loading them in view-only mode to reduce the load on the RAM. I currently have a game with the English, Italian and Spanish leagues and all players from the South American continent loaded. Will that be enough for a long-term game?
  10. Is this possible?

    It's old and not used for much except browsing the web and some other simple tasks. Anyway here are the specs: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 1.70GHz, 768MB RAM and Nvidia GeForce 2 MX GPU with 64MB memory. Ancient, isn't it?
  11. Sorry if I made a lot of threads today but I want as much info as I can before doing this. Is it possible to load all the leagues from all nations with a large database considering my PC's performance is half a star? Also what is the best new game setup if I want to load all players from all over the world (if it's even possible)?
  12. The same thing happened with me. I was Manchester United and had just demolished Manchester City 5-0 and their manager kept questioning my tactics in the press. What an idiot.
  13. How do you pull your goalkeeper?

    I used to change the playing mentality under "team instructions" to "overload" and that should do the trick if you're really that desperate for a goal.
  14. What's your database size?

    But wouldn't all these leagues slow the game down since it will be required to process the results for all these leagues? Also what would happen if you loaded all leagues from all nations? Because I'm planning to do that but don't want the game to take forever to load.
  15. Is it worth it?

    For me it's half a star. Too low I know but whatever. There's something which is confusing me though; when I choose to load all players "based in nation" and choose all the six continents the player count is 293000, but when I choose "load all players of nationality" and add South America the player count is increased to 296000. :confused: Why is that? Isn't it supposed to load all the players since I have already chosen all the six continents under "based in nation"?