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  1. Thanks for this mate, I always like the World Leagues!
  2. Why did you decrease Kaka? Players shouldn't lose CA because of an injury. As he's shown coming on towards the end of the season he's capable of absolutely brilliant goals.
  3. You're not a Utd fan but you care about their reserves? Sure....
  4. And if you're looking to update some young guys I came across this site: http://footballwonderkidscout.co.uk/
  5. Are you able to update the Brasilian league? You can see the transfers from a number of places: http://www.goal.com/br/scores/transfer-zone/1/269/brasileir%C3%A3o-s%C3%A9rie-a (Major transfers; missing a lot of the others however) http://www.zerozerofootball.com/edicao.php?id_edicao=21248&op=transferencias&equipa=0 (Select a team and view all of their transfers, in English) If you have too much time on your hands, a very in-depth one: http://www.futebol365.pt/transferencias/default.asp?id=Brasil&equipa=&opcao=&tipo=&mover=primeira Please note that anything marked "(emp)" or similar is Portuguese for "loan" and Pav have you been watching the U-20 World Cup at all to tweak some of the younger stars (Brasil-Portugal final tomorrow)?
  6. You missed Dario Conca's big transfer from Fluminense to some Chinese club, he now one of the best paid played in the world (like Cristiano Ronaldo in the millions)!
  7. Hey Wally, Great update, just checking to see have you bothered to mess around with the finances of team's like Anzhi (Russia), Malaga (Spain), and PSG (France)? It would be nice and very realistic to see them splash the cash in future transfer windows on the game. Thanks in advance!
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