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  1. You either sit deep so you have people already in place to clear the cross or you prevent the pass in behind the defensive line by having constant pressure on the ball. That said if both fullbacks make a mistake by letting a winger get past them and then not properly marking the other winger that isn't necessarily something to be solved through tactical instructions. Looking at your current tactic you already try to play deeper but the control mentality naturally has a higher defensive line. It could be that this causes your defensive line to be in a position where it's not high enough to put
  2. I agree that Real's ability to play out from under the press in defense and midfield was vital to control the game. They wouldn't have had anything to control if Karius didn't gift them the goal and would have had a harder time if Ramos didn't neutralize Salah with a wrestling move.
  3. Try playing them in a straight three midfield. Kroos DLP(s), Casemiro CM(d) and Modric RP(s) could work.
  4. At that range just let him shoot. It was easy for the keeper to save but Karius had a howler of a game. You can praise Real's game management which was indeed good but if Karius didn't make two horrendous mistakes and Ramos didn't get off a successful arm bar on Salah it would have been an entirely different game to manage for Real. I think it's somewhat sad that a champions league final is partially decided by a wrestling/judo move. Edit: Just considered that maybe OP means his overhead kick instead of the long distance shot.
  5. It really depends on what you want from him and how the team is set up. If you are looking for him to make runs out wide and put crosses into the box along with scoring goals or run at defenders a lot than you want to play him as an advanced forward and might find that his dribbling isn't always as effective (although there is more to dribbling than just his technical skill). If you want him to focus his efforts on being a goal threat and keep things simple during build up play you want to play him as a poacher. I'd personally prefer to play him as a poacher but there are systems where I would
  6. With a deep defensive line and shying away from getting stuck into challenges you are probably giving opponents a bit too much room to play their game in your final third. Staying on foot also doesn't make a lot of sense if you want to play counter attacking football as winning the ball is the way you want to attack. I'd personally remove the stay on feet shout and consider going with a slightly higher defensive line especially against weak/slow opposition. With a back three I think an anchor man isn't a great option for a DM. An anchor man tends to sit very close to the defensive line w
  7. I think he suits playing as a poacher. That will limit how fancy he gets in build up play and let him focus on getting into goal scoring positions. There are many ways to set up the players around him. I'm currently playing a 4-4-2 with a poacher with "move into channels" next to a DLF(s) with "roam from position" and I like how they play together.
  8. A robbery: CD Leganés - Valencia Pre match: Valencia is jet unbeaten in the league winning the opening game 1-0 Deportivo de la Coruna, drawing Malaga 3-3 with a hatrick from Zaza and in their last game beating Alavés 1-0. Most of their chances from open play have come from their fast wide players (Rodrigo and Nani) beating the fullbacks and putting high quality crosses into the box for Zaza and Munir. They also look dangerous on the breaks with their pace and technical ability to play long range passes to find the runners. Dangers: Fast forward and technical forward players fee
  9. The thing that stand out to me from your initial tactic is the "be more disciplined" shout. I personally don't see the reason to restrict the creative freedom from the rest of the team. I can see the game plan being to get the ball to the AP(s) and fully rely on him to create but if that is the case you might want to get more movement in front of him than just an advanced forward and occasionally a CM(a). Basically I think it makes your tactic rely too heavily on the AP(s) finding the AF in a good position which is a route to goal that is usually heavily contested. Also if you go that route it
  10. I'd try a structured counter mentality with a high line, more closing down and more direct passing. It gets you to win the ball high and it lets you play more direct instead of trying to keep possession. The structured shape keeps defenders back to prevent opposition counters. You will want a good amount of defensive or supporting roles and pick your attacking options carefully so you don't create to many counter opportunities. You also have to control space well as allowing the opponent time to play balls over the top is going to cause trouble for your high defensive line. Basically it's
  11. A DM can play a vital role in ball retention, switching play and covering for counter attacks even if he doesn't have a direct opponent in terms of formations. If playing against your own tactic he will be responsible for covering the run of the AP(a) as his own BBM and AP will likely be out of position. Similarly when the two in front of him are higher up the pitch he provides the option for a back pass and can switch play towards wider areas of the pitch. A Defensive Playmaker or Regista will try to excel at distributing play while a regular Defensive midfielder or Anchor man will likely pri
  12. David and Goliath: CD Leganés - Real Madrid Pre match: Ronaldo is out so James plays on the right wing. Real won their opening game 2-0 against Deportivo Alavés. There wasn't much scouting info to be had as Alavés sat back with a 5-4-1 conceding an own goal as a Benzema long shot got deflected into the net and Kroos finishing the scoring with a long shot. Alavés managed one shot the entire game which was a header from a free kick. I'm hoping we can pose a bigger threat than Alavés. Dangers: Attacking overloads on the wings and individual quality. Opportunities: Attacking fullbac
  13. The Opening Game: Real Sporting Gijón - CD Leganés Pre match: Without any previous games to watch all we have to go on are the scout report and the lineup. Dangers: AMC-ST combination, overload on our left wing, Bargui finding the right half space. Opportunities: In between the defense and midfield especially on the right, in behind the left flank. Gameplan: Strikers cover their two central midfielders to allow our central midfielders to screen the defense and nullify the movement from the AMC and ST. We start conservatively on our left wing to cover the runs from Do
  14. Leganés 16/17 battle for survival: A Showcase of Reactive Anti-football It's June 2016 and Club Deportivo Leganés, a relatively small football club from the southern outskirts of Madrid, have just been promoted to La Liga for the first time. Expectations for the season are direct and brutal relegation. The board demands we put up a fight so we can relegate with our heads held high. Coming into the season half the squad is on loan without option to buy. The transfer budget depends on how the owners bitcoins are doing at the moment. The B team consists of amateurs who play in a competi
  15. Someone can have an ambitious, balanced or loyal personality and also have fairly high professionalism. A personality is a reflection of a bunch of hidden attributes. Someone with an ambition attribute of 17 and professionality attribtue of 15 can be labeled as having an ambitions personality but also fit into a professional squad. I generally look for players with a professional, resolute, driven, determined, spirited or resilient personality and a level headed, evasive, reserved or unflappable media handling style. Obviously I make exceptions but those are good signs for me. Here is a
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