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  1. Best way I can describe Atilla is "what everyone thought Fellaini would be, but even better and way cooler"
  2. Thanks I'm very positive for the coming season, just hope I can squeeze by Chelsea... It will be hard but not impossible, it's not the most impressive Chelsea edition I've ever seen!
  3. Wonderful Wonderkids Watch! Marcelo is a wonderful player. Best player at our club by a country mile I've been slowly trying to retrain Luiz David as a BWM and he's starting to look real good! Atilla (the Hun!) is a beast of course. A quick and agile beast of a player. Blomqvist has aways to go until he's world-class but bags of potentials. Great physicals, room for improvement on technical and mental...
  4. I really wish I could afford to sign that Javier Leon but I've got no chance I'd love to see him destroy the Norwegian league though... Maybe I could unsettle him over time... Yeaaaaah I'm gonna go ahead and say this probably won't happen
  5. Should be an interesting tie! I'm a little doubtful we can squeeze past Chelsea but looking at their team it's not the most impressive squad I've ever seen. They're 5th in the Premier League with 16 games done... Maybe, who knows? Also leave me alone guys! This is a one-club challenge don't you understand FM?!? Also our stadium expansion is finally done!
  6. 2021/2022 End-of-Season Review We won the league, as usual. We also scored 104 goals in 30 games We did what was required in our Champions League group - we qualified 2nd behind Manchester City. We weren't amazing in every game but we had some memorable victories for sure. Top 10 players ranked by goals scored: Marcelo José leads the pack with 33 goals and 19 assists - what a player he is! Our academy product Preben Gaasø also bagged 16 goals and 8 assists. Our new signing Atilla got 12 goals and 4 assists (+ highest average rating!) in his first season!
  7. Thanks! I agree the club seems to have kicked up a gear or two these past two seasons I'm doing an end-of-season update shortly but I simply had to share this amazing player my scouts found! Look at this guy! How he's not moved to Europe yet I cannot understand! He's played the past 6 seasons in Mexico and 34 caps for Peru... I want this guy so bad but I think he'll be too expensive honestly
  8. Looks like you have stabilised quite nicely now. The table does look real messy though so I wouldn't take anything for granted just yet
  9. I've always wanted to mess with a libero tactics myself, but there is about TWO players in the entire database capable playing the position
  10. As the manager of Rosenborg BK I couldn't possibly reproduce, or even acknowledge, the kind of chants our supporters may, or may not, have for our players!
  11. I think he does yes His name is actually "Atilla Yıldırım" but I set his nickname to just "Atilla" as it's way cooler I thought about setting his nickname to "Atilla the Hun" but I figured that was a bit too much... The fans probably call him that but we can't have that on his shirt!
  12. Aaaand we're off to a fantastic start in Europe! First half was a very evenly matched one with very few chances. At the end of the first half Dortmund scored but we responded very quickly. Second half we scored two wonderful goals and from there on we had the game under our complete control. What's also noticeable is that this is the first time in Europe that I've sent out the team using the same exact formation we use in the league! Usually in Europe I've pulled the AMC down to DM and played Counter mentality. Sometimes I've even played two DM and only one MC. This time however we went 4-2-3-1 Control as we use in the league If I were to be very cynical I'd maybe admit that this isn't the strongest Dortmund generation I've ever seen but regardless they are a very strong team.
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