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  1. Agreed. This definitely needs sorting. Alongside blocks from crosses and shots blocked being too high.
  2. I sold him and ended up getting £105mil upfront with 26mil in 6 monthly instalments to £131mil is not too bad. Now who do I replace him with, may just use Rahsford as an AF (A) with Curtrone as backup for now until next season.
  3. January transfer window of the 2nd season and real Madrid have just gone and done this....... Question is do I sell him or not? Hes was good in the 1st season but not as good this season so far. I have Rashford and Curtrone who can play in ST(C). Thoughts?
  4. Yeah I scored 5 but look at the amount of shots and the amount of on target. The level of blocked shots in this game is a heck of a lot higher than previous editions. This is also just one occurrence of many games in a season where this happens.
  5. I will regularly have upwards of 35 shots per game with lots of possession but the AI seems to always block a tonne of those shots every time. One game in CL against Zenit I had 50 shots on goal and 19 of those on target, we won 5 - 1 but the amount of blocked shots are ridiculous in FM19
  6. I have also get this randomly happen sometimes. It will happen at least once a day but there doesn't seem to be any way to replicate it.
  7. I have only just seen this thread and I have no words to express how fantastic and informative it is. I will be compiling this into a document to print as I can't read properly on a computer screen. Thanks a lot THOG, looking forward to the rest of the guide.
  8. CPU: Intel Core i5-4590 CPU Frequency: 3700MHz RAM: 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3 CL9 OS: Win 7 64-bit Storage: SSD Time: 4 min 53 sec
  9. Yes, this would be great! Your other skin was good but too light for my eyes.
  10. It has probably been mentioned before in this thread but saving my game takes an incredibly long time now after this update
  11. The skin doesn't exist. I have searched both FMKorea and FMThai and it is nowhere to be seen.
  12. William Carvalho is not in my game if I dont select Portugal when setting up a game. Before the latest 3.2 update he used to be. Has his reputation been altered?
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