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  1. Loads of goals in the EPL, think it could be tweaked down a tad. Played 4 games so far and all 40 games btts and most were like 4-3 3-2 etc. Wouldn't mind seeing a couple of 0-0's!
  2. Gonna test it with Cambridge U in mid season 17 games i. They're currently 22nd in the conf!
  3. cjfinno

    [FM14] [RELEASED] Steklo X4

    Yeeeehaaaaww!! Love the sidebar!
  4. cjfinno

    Nicholas Skin [FM13]

    Like it, fonts good but so small! Top work!
  5. cjfinno

    SI you b@%£$&DS!!!

    Yeah just got done by this too! Top of the bundesliga with dortmund and was thinkin with another £500m i'll be untouchable. Even bragged to the wife about it then pressed the accept button...... DOH!
  6. cjfinno

    What skin are you using at the moment?

    Flex,Steklo and El torero dark pretty good too.
  7. Yeah get the Cypriot league in and while they're at it, chuck in the J-league too!
  8. cjfinno

    Perfecto Skin [Update]

    fm12 version??!!
  9. cjfinno

    Some questions

    Like the look of this. Love the font, reminds me of cm01/02 and thats what i'm looking for! Waiting patiently! KUTGW.
  10. An option to change fonts etc in the game. Also get more playable leagues in it. Wonder someday if we'll get every league possible!??
  11. cjfinno

    FM2012 DPI Settings and Font Sizes

    Just found this thread. have to agree with the points being made. Wondered tho can i change the base fonts to old cm0102 fonts? Can somebody do it or show me how to do it? cheers
  12. cjfinno

    [FM12] 2007 skin

    Yep they are both very good skins! KUTGW
  13. I'd like an option of changing the fonts in the game. Would keep it fresh. Also when your match is on and your watchin the latest scores why is your club always at the bottom? Just leave it in alphabetical order!