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  1. Matchday 38 It was the bare minimum result we needed to secure the title and, even if we could have done better, this 0-0 was enough. As a result, we're officially Serie A 2021/2022 champions !! It was never in my mind before the final sprint, even less in January when we were 8 points from top, but our form improved and all the usual suspects had a disappointing season. We also did well in the games against our direct challengers, capitalizing on our ultra-dominant defense. We finish the season with only 18 goals conceded, the best season of any team this the start of this save.
  2. Matchday 37 Sometimes you need to get lucky to finish champions and it seems to be the case for us. That missed penalty by Axel Witsel saved our top spot. The other good news is that Juventus lost again so they're out of the race. Leaving Roma and us for a title that will be decided on the last day of the season.
  3. Wingback is not a bad idea for Mele but I will probably end up selling to the best price possible and 50% on his next transfer fee. It's often that I need to get my wingers from other clubs, it"s difficult to produce some good players there.
  4. Matchday 36 What a result! We probably needed to win away to Juventus to get a shot at the title and we did it! With syle too as we were dominant : 12 shots to 5 and 60% possession. It doesn't say everything but it still means we contained their offense. As you imagine, we're now on top of the table and three teams can pretend to finish the season as champions. Next stop: Napoli!
  5. New Intake I'm not that convinced by the depth of this year's intake but two players seem to have a future here. The first is Maurizio Mele which is the one I'm more dubious about. I often find wide players to be full of flaws in the intake and Mele could be one of these with 5 Dribbling and Finishing. On the other hand, his mental and physical attributes are good so wait and see. Benedetto Liuzza I'm much more excited about, his mental and physical attributes and, even technically, his Finishing and First Touch are already very good.
  6. March & April We started March with a very good result against Leverkusen even if, as you saw in April, the next step against Liverpool was a bit too high for us. We started with a lot less positive result in the league but bounced back after that with 6 wins and 1 draw in the remaining games, conceding only 1 goal. Which means we're now 2nd in the league and guaranteed to play in Champion's League next season. And the next game is against Juventus! This time the additionnal news is positive as our under 20 have won the Youth League (against Juventus of all teams) which fair well for the future of the club.
  7. The "luck" we have is it's one of our best covered position but we're still playing in two competitions so our depth will be tested.
  8. February The very good news is we continue our unbeaten run, it's 10 consecutive games now (7 wins, 3 draws). We also had a pretty good result away to Bayer Leverkusen, given that the return game is at home and that our defense is the best in the league. Speaking of the league, February was a weird month with all the teams above us losing quite a lot of points. Which means we're now only 4 points behind Juventus and 5 points above Napoli. On the other hand, the bad news is the injury of Thaciano for 8 to 9 months. He was starting to be more and more influential but, with Brusco and Gnahoré, hopefully we can keep our pace.
  9. January A really good month where we won 2 of our 3 away games, one of them being against Napoli. As a result, we now have a 5-points cushion on Napoli and we're only 1 point behin Pescara who are having a incredible year.
  10. Transfer Window As usual, the January transfer window was more a case of anticipating next season than finding players that will contribute right now. Ahmed Aly could be a starter already but need to wait to get his work permit. His physical attributes are very good and he has no glaring flaw elsewhere. Corrado Millone is talented italian that we had the opportunity to bring for a small fee. A gamble because he's not perfect but a cheap one. This is not a surprise considering our results last season but I signed a 2-year extension which mean I'm now under contract until the end of the 2024/2025 season.
  11. Thanks! I'm really surprised by Madrid's performances.
  12. December Not the perfect month in the league with only two wins even if we did well to not loose against Juventus. Another early finish to our cup run too which is disappointing. A top three is emerging in the league and left us behind but we're still only two points from Milan who had a bad month too. In the Champion's League, Real Madrid won the last game which qualified them.
  13. November Other than the short defeat versus Inter, I'm really happy with how this month went. Our attack woke up against PSV and Cagliari but we also conceded only one goal all month. The result against is the obvious high point of the month. In the league, we starting to be distanced by the group of four teams (Inter, Juventus, Milan, Roma) playing for the title. In the Champion's League we are, very surprisingly, already assured to finish first of the group!
  14. October An undefeated month even if draws against Sampdoria, Torino and Brescia are far from ideal. Also, a very good result against PSV. We came down in the table with those draws but still are only 5 points behind Milan. No win in 3 games for Real Madrid is a big surprise but it's the reason we have made a good start towards qualification.
  15. Upgrades Now that money is here, we continue with our series of upgrades.
  16. It correspond to the position I'm using them in the current formation (1 = goalkeeper, 2 = right back, 3 = left back, 4 = centre back, 5 = defensive midfielder, 6 = central midfielder (support), 7 = central midfielder (attack), 8 = winger, 9 = attacking midfielder and 10 = striker). That way I can order them by name and have them presented in the way I like. The letters in brackets at the end is the best suited role (in french) according to me.
  17. September We continue to respect the hierarchy in the league with a loss against Milan, a win against Cittadella and a draw against Roma, all "logical" results. In Europe, we started with an incredible victory away to Madrid but sadly couldn't capitalize on it with the loss, at home, against Monaco.
  18. August We started well with our defense still going strong and Gradimir Varga having an impressive impact. Our Champion's League group was also drawn and it will be an exciting one! Real Madrid is obviously the favourite here but I don't really know what to expect from Monaco and PSV. Will we play for 2nd or 3rd place?
  19. Yeah and without breaking the bank too : Lasse Hagelskjaer : 250K€ (450K€) Frederik Nørrestrand : 1M€ (1,8M€) Zlatan Sehovic : 1,2M€ Adalberto Brusco : 2,8M€ (5,5M€) Andrei Florescu : 1M€
  20. Friendlies Some decent wins against poor opposition.
  21. Thanks! Money is not a problem now and my scouts are doing good work.
  22. Transfer Window It was quite a big transfer window for us as the squad is ageing and we needed an influx of quality, and depth, with the Champion's League on top of Serie A. Alberto Brignoli was a good number two but he wanted to be a starter and I can't blame him. So I accepted to let him go and Lasse Hagelskjaer came to replace him. He got everything to be a good goalkeeper and can be a decent passer even if his First Touch is problematic. He isn't slow which I like too. I've done a total revamp of our wing back options with two starters coming in. We needed fresh blood with Alessandro Salvi and Antonio Mazzotta getting old. Also, I wanted options more reassuring defensively. Frederik Nørrestrand is another player from Denmark who I like a lot. He's not perfect mentally but have all the time to progress and his Tackling is already top class. Zlatan Sehovic is us already taking advantage of Serbia joining the European Union. There is a lot of talents there and I have no doubt Sehovic will be great for us. I continued with an italian wonderkid for which I payed more than usually but I felt in love with the profile of Adalberto Brusco. I have really high hopes for him and he'll get the opportunity to have an impact immediately. I see him as an Advanced Playmaker or Roaming Playmaker that could be the link between midfield and attack and help progress the ball by passing or dribbling. He just need to work a bit on his Dribbling and Acceleration attributes. To finish, Andrei Florescu looks like a steal for a cost of only 1M€. He has the perfect profile for an Inside Forward - Support which is the role I'm using.
  23. European Union This is a very good news for us. It will help players like Gradimir Varga to play without taking the place of others.
  24. Awards - Upgrades Our first Manager of the Year award and, if I dare to say, well deserved. We also continue our progress in the youth recruitment front. We're not far from having maximize youth recruitment and junior coaching. Now that we have more money, the goal is to do the same with the facilities.
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