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  1. February - March Two difficult months with only 3 goals scored. Our opponents were not the easiest but we should have done better. Not real consequences in the league table where we're still 12 points above the drop.
  2. Upgrades The love affair continues.
  3. Good catch! Right wing is what i meant.
  4. After

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    Sad about the intake but what a season in Champion's League !
  5. Transfer Window We bought some players! None are for the first team though. Marcel Zylla is probably the closest to be ready to grab a few games. He's coming for virtually no money so he's an easy gamble. I like that he's well rounded and not bad defensively so he can play central midfielder or offensive midfielder. His mental attributes are very good too. Davide Lodi is similar in the way he doesn't have obvious flaws even if I'd like to see his technique raise. His main quality is his passing ability. Alvaro Minotti seems very talented even if he's still very young and anything can happen. He's the kind of player we lack, I intend to use him as an Inside Forward on the right wing when he's ready.
  6. January Pretty good results here. Short defeats against the top teams (Juventus, Napoli), and wins against the teams within our reach (Sampdoria, Parma). This is how you stay in Serie A. Also, our defense is performing again wich is nice to see. I was never really worried but we look better with each matchday as we're now 13 points above relegation.
  7. December 7 games without a win before playing against Chievo. I'm more disappointed about this month because we should win against teams like SPAL or Salernitana. No need to worry though as we're still 8 points above the drop, a little better than last time.
  8. St Etienne have a strict salary policy in real life. It's good for not overpaying players but it can make you miss opportunities.
  9. After

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    So close...
  10. October - November It's a bit better with only two losses. I did alternate between last season 3-4-3 and a 4-3-3, trying to be more proactive against opponents of our level. We go down to 15th place but 5 points above the relegation zone and with a game in hand.
  11. August - September This is what you can call a difficult start with Juventus, Napoli and Roma in our first 5 games as well as Sampdoria away. What reassures me is each time we played against a opponent of our level, at home, we won. Next objective is to be capable of not losing when playing against better than us.
  12. Friendlies Good performances in the friendlies, defensively as well as offensively. Nothing much on the transferts front : a lot of loans and Stefano Moreo was sold to Pescara for 2M€.
  13. Roster Changes Now that the season ended, it’s time to have a look at what could change in the team and try to anticipate our needs for next season. Loan Returns On one hand, I’m losing Nicolas Haas and César Falletti. On the other hand, 21 players are coming back from loan : 4 goalkeepers : Posavec is pretty good but Brignoli is better and Alastra around the same. Alastra being homegrown, I’d like to favor him. For Posavec, I’m thinking of loaning him again. 1 right back : Setola seems to have talent but is nothing near ready for first team so another loan is probably on the book. 2 left backs : I’m not convinced Fiore will progress much and, his contract expiring, I’ll try to sell him. 6 central defenders : At 27, Ingegneri is not horrible but I got better players so he’ll have to go. Punzi, Maddaloni and Tafa are just not good enough. I like Pirrello better and he could have his chances in the first team next season, especially if a central defender leaves us. 2 defensive midfielders : Calivà is leaving at the end of the season while Toscano is very talented and I’m hesitating between loaning him again or promoting him to the first team. 3 central midfielders : Fiordilino was loaned out in January because I prefered to have him play first team football and he progressed well. He should have his place in the first team next season. Eddy Gnahoré has an interesting profile and will complete for a first team opportunity if Amiens doesn’t succeed in convincing him to stay with them (he refused their first contract offer). 3 strikers : Da Graca, who was loaned to Juventus, is very talented but also very young. I’d like to loan him out to a team where he could be a starter. Internal Promotions There is also a list of young talents already at the club that progressed well during the year passed and could provide something to the first team : Gennaro Ruggiero : with Nicolas Haas loan contract finishing, I need another defensive midfielder in the first team and Ruggiero is ready to be Murawski’s understudy. Antony Angileri : I decided to not replace Szyminski when I sold him than winter and Angileri is probably the best placed inside the club to take up his role. He’s already well-rounded and can play as a Libero. Accursio Bentivegna / Norbert Balogh : with César Falletti also leaving us at the end of his loan, he should between Bentivegna and Balogh to replace him. Balogh is marginally better though and Bentivegna is injured for 5 weeks to 3 months. Kevin Cannavò : even if I have no problem of depth at the striker position, Nestorovski have not really been challenged by the current unit. On top of that, Cannavò offers another profile with the speed and off the ball skills necessary to attack the space behind the opponent backline. I’m not completely sold on Moreo so it could be an opportunity to sell him.
  14. Upgrades I'm already loving the new board.
  15. Takeover Following Maurizio Zamparini's retirement, a new board is taking over with Fabio Vignali being our new chairman. Our philosophy to develop players using the club's youth system is not valid anymore but the good news is the new board decided to inject some money we really needed, we're back in the black financially.