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  1. Hi Guys I've got a problem. It downloaded now when I pick leagues to play in and ok I get the following message A serious error was encountered and the application will close. An error file has been generated in C:\Users\Gareth\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager2012\crash dumpsFM2012 v12.2.0.256784 (2012.03.07 18.35.40).dmp Any help would be great thanks
  2. Editor fm11

    Such a sweetheart you are shwan
  3. Editor fm11

    Its not steam it's box copy. Have run through the folders but not in there
  4. Hey Guys. I can't find my editor. I've tried Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\Tools\Data Editor but there is nothing in there. Any ideas please fellas? Cheers
  5. Miles Jacobson - O.B.E.

    Spoke to Miles not so long ago on facebook and have to say he seemed a really nice guy. Didn't hide behind anything when I asked him questions and was up front and honist. Well done fella you should be really proud of yourself and what you have done in the industry. All I ask now is you convince the collyers for a pay rise and to buy back the Championship Manager rights and get the game back out there before BGS rip it to sh1ts
  6. Nathan Chalobah

    Thats been my argument. The younger the players are your being given the chance to develop them to what level you'll feel they would be good at
  7. Nathan Chalobah

    Bet your researching has been fab this summer I'm not saying this is champman what I'm saying is he is ON champman. And you can scout for under 15's on both games can you not so that tells me there isnt a reason why he isnt on there.
  8. Nathan Chalobah

    Raheem Sterling is on CM10
  9. Been saying this about both CM and FM. The first one to bring it back will get me buying the game every year. It looks bloody awful having a single list of players
  10. Hi Sorry for opening a new thread but I'd like to email someone at SI. I have tried using contact@sigames.com but it does not work. Can someone please send me the right email address or can you PM me with it? Regards
  11. Hi ponting Did you check that the Board have not vetoed your offer to the player? Veoted offers are in red which means that the board think you are offering too much and so on! Kazza Hey Kezza. Is that what it is. Just above the submit offer or what ever it is it does say something about the board yes
  12. I am a little stuck. When I bid for a player and it gets accepted I make a good contract but it wont allow me submit the contract to the player
  13. Who did you sign first?

    I can make offers but when it comes to the contract I cannot submit it to a player