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  1. What's the problem there? They can't develop their own young players, so they want you to sign them from other clubs. You asked for the complete opposite, and they weren't happy. Seems to work perfectly to me?
  2. Sounds good. How does this affect the Asian qualifiers etc though?
  3. Yes, but it seems that something different to that is happening to pirated copies of FM13, from what Miles said in that article. Did they simply collect this data whether permission had been withdrawn or not? Did they collect data such as the IP Address that would not normally be collected? There has been some transparency on what happens with legit copies, but it's the pirated ones where it's now suggested something has been hidden from players.
  4. If someone would clarify exactly what SI decided they'd give themselves permission to collect from the call home system it'd be a bit easier. And in any case, it is pretty misleading when there is no mention of this "personal data" distinction in the game options - you simply consent to data collection or you don't, and the IP Address certainly counts as data whether it's personal or not.
  5. A website is different though. I make an active choice to visit a website, and I know my IP Address will be visible in the process - I have effectively consented to it. People who have deliberately DISABLED data collection - not giving consent, and withdrawing any implied consent - can reasonably expect not to have data collected! It is not only a failure to ask permission, but actively ignores the decision of millions of people not to make this data available. What on Earth gives SI/Sega the right to mine this data when they've asked permission and quite clearly been denied it?
  6. Is is actually legal for them to make it call home and give them your personal information without your permission or even knowledge? I cannot see how privacy laws would allow that to happen.
  7. Does the Breton national team play the Euros and World Cup, and club sides the Champions/Europa leagues? If so, do they replace someone, or are they in addition to the current nations?
  8. Hang on - so let's say I'd pirated a copy of FM13. I could go into the preferences, turn data collection off (explicitly denying SI/SEGA permission to collect my data, in addition to the fact I'd never signed an agreement to let them do so in the first place), and they would do it anyway? Or did this only happen if you pirated the game AND failed to turn data collection off? I struggle to believe it is legal to bug someone's download to collect information from them without permission, it's the very definition of spyware.
  9. Thanks for this! Unfortunately hasn't accounted for the addition of Gibraltar though...
  10. No particularly huge result, but they had a good run in the Euro 2012 qualifiers. Awful start, but then under Gary Speed they won 3 out of 4 (only losing to England) and beat Norway 4-1 in a friendly. It's largely gone to pot since he committed suicide, but I guess that's understandable. RIP
  11. That was a bug. It's now fixed. You'll have to wait till the next transfer window and be a bit more careful using your slots next time.
  12. Just watch it for 5 minutes on the full match mode. You won't see much interesting. What you're asking for is impossible as this isn't FIFA, it emulates real football where for quite long periods nothing exciting happens.
  13. Would it be at all feasible to dynamically increase the field size when a club goes above £1B? Even if not, surely you don't need the whole field 64 bit is capable of, 3 more digits to take us into trillions should be more than ridiculous enough!
  14. I think in real life, these two clubs would share 16th and 17th place and both get the average of the prize money for the two positions. But I'm glad the playoffs have been implemented - before, it was defaulting to alphabetical order! So Arsenal could win the league because they begin with the letter A rather than C for Chelsea
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