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  1. Gerrard tracked back and helped out defensively as the AMC against teams with 3 or more in midfield. That's just about the only thing I think which might need to be reviewed since this is something that a standard Trequartista doesn't do. For AMC, I'd considering going with Attacking Midfielder[A] and a Mark Tighter player instruction, personally.
  2. Hard-core Mode

    OP, that's the kind of mode which would get me hooked on the game all over again. Would love to see something like that introduced one day.
  3. Whats with the transfers?

    Out of curiosity, has anyone played a few seasons whilst allocating 100% responsibility of transfers to a DoF? I'm wondering if that setting could go some way towards ensuring that our squad development is on a similar wavelength to that of the AI. I know it may take a fair portion of fun out of the game, but it may be a very worthy sacrifice if it succeeds in keeping things challenging. I can't say I've been particularly impressed with the majority of players that a few of my DoFs have attempted to sign, but now that I think of it - that might actually be a good thing with long term saves in mind. Does perhaps a mediocre DoF = AI squad building logic? Could be food for thought. It's also much more realistic to try and get our squad management on par with the AI as opposed to hoping that an AI will one day be capable of competing with a human user.
  4. Whats with the transfers?

    The AI will never be on a level playing field with the human user. As far as I know, there isn't a game out there which has an AI that is capable of this, at least not without an assortment of artificial advantages, a direction which I'm sure nobody wishes for FM to tread. Having said that though, I don't think it's unreasonable for people to hope that AI squad building improves to the point where AI managers can at the very least figure out what positions need to be strengthened, or to know when it's time to let that aging star be put out to pasture when there are better players already in the squad. I think all people want is a game that's as challenging 10 seasons in as it is at the start of the game, as opposed to the AI gradually self destructing as times goes on. Although unfortunate, it ruins the enjoyment of medium to long term saves for many.
  5. Indeed, especially when it's been like that for such a long time. Hopefully it can be addressed one day (although I imagine it must be tricky to fix).
  6. Noticed this one wasn't answered, but it's an important thing to clarify, especially for those who are finally getting around to exploring the TC system. The majority of shouts are relative to your base setup and do not represent a universal setting, such as "Get The Ball Forward" . In contrast, shouts such as Hassle Opposition and Stand Off Opposition" do apply universal settings (maximum closing and minimum closing down respectively) regardless of your initial closing down setting.
  7. is 4-4-2 DEAD?

    It's not dead, it has just slowly but surely evolved into the "inverted 4-4-2" or 4-2-3-1. Almost every team in the EPL plays some sort of 4-3-3/4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1, contrary to how MOTD may display them as playing a flat 4-4-2. As for on FM, the flat 4-4-2 can still be very effective at the highest level in the new ME. It can even hold its own in possession against teams which outnumber it in midfield.
  8. What a fantastic project. It's been a long time since I had the will to pursue even a medium-term save due to the AI squad development issues. Obviously AI squad building logic can't be improved, but this looks a very promising attempt at a workaround with a lot more youngsters now coming through. My rig is pretty decent, so I'd be more than happy to help run test saves whenever. Meanwhile, I'm excited to be starting a new save with these files.
  9. Thing is, for those who don't have the time to immerse themselves into the game anymore, it doesn't really matter much that they can't engage with the entirety of FM's depth. Case in point, a casual user who does nothing but pick a starting 11 and run quick matches on key highlights can still do very well with their teams and have fun with the game. Granted they may have a bit less success than users who do have both the time and desire to embrace every layer of depth that the game has to offer, but the deficit really isn't that much.
  10. New laptop help/suggestions.

    Didn't know that! Better late than never. Cheers.
  11. New laptop help/suggestions.

    Then in an ideal world you'd have an i7 quad core processor in your new laptop. That's one thing I've learned recently after receiving feedback on here in another laptop thread, as well on a few computer forums. FM is not able to use each core, but quad core comfortably copes with any multi-tasking you'll do. That was the main appeal for me due to wanting to do other stuff while playing FM. I'd recommend possibly doing research on the Clevo models re-branded at www.pcspecialist.co.uk - Superb value but apparently some Clevos have good build qualities & cooling systems while others do not. I myself have been considering a Clevo P170EM (branded as Vortex III on that site) after reading mainly good things about it. I don't know anything about the other models listed, nor do I know your budget, but just thought it was worth mentioning Clevos.
  12. Does the processor's cache make much difference on FM? i.e. Would there be any noticeable benefits between 8MB cache and 6MB cache? Cheers, this was a big help.
  13. Are there any 3610QM or 3720QM users out there who are willing to comment on how well these processors run on a CPU demanding application like FM? Would love to hear from anyone who runs high 3d settings on their laptops - what GPU & CPU do you use? Cheers!
  14. Match Engine

    It's very possible to have success playing like that, it's just that it is much easier to score more and concede less by not playing like that (which can make it too easy/less satisfying).
  15. Match Engine

    Short answer: It's easier to be successful with attacking tactics, particularly with fluid philosophies. It usually requires much more effort to be successful with systems that deviate from this, although it is arguably more rewarding.