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  1. Added when signed a pro contract with the club..? (Instead of the initial youth contract..)
  2. I've read somewhere that the main chinese investor actually didn't have the money initially and Rossoneri Sorts Investments had to take a very risky step: "Just before he completed the takeover, it also emerged Li had taken out a loan of €300m from the US private equity fund Elliott Management – which has been described as “a vulture fund” owing to its tendency to lend money to failing companies – to finalise the purchase and to help the club to cover short-term payments, an agreement that, according to a Reuters source, contains “some form of guarantee” over the financing. At an interest rate of 11.5% on capital that must be repaid by October 2018, it is a hefty risk to take on." This to me doesn't sound like healthy economics and this sugardaddy thing is just on the surface. Really surprised actually over these succesfull signings but guessing they're going all out because if everything fails atleast the players will be there and they might get enough money somehow to pay installments.. Curious how SI will translate this into FM since imo this isn't a 100% sugardaddy club just yet..
  3. I rather have it like it is.. More realistic! That's why I play FM and not FIFA or something like that.. I even think we have more information about players than real life managers as it is. Don't think Mourinho gets a sheet with attribute points and mental attributes handed when interested in a player..! The gut feeling, scouting, statistics etc is the essence of this game and I love it! It's how this game have been built up from the beginning.. Give me the "right" numbers for everything and I would quicksearch that player everytime and sign him.. Unrealistic and boring...
  4. I play my favourite team every cm/fm I buy..! Usually my first save I start and the one I'm coming back to and play most frequently.. Just love to see my team amongst the big guns!
  5. Absolutely not weird.. Had this situation with a couple of friends when I started playing cm and when I went to school.. Had a great time giving eachother advice and hearing about how the saves where progressing..! Imo this is FM at it's finest!!
  6. Thanks for the suggestion.. Have never tried it, and for realism sake it's probably not my cup of tea.. But tbh I should try it soon to see if I'm missing out on something.. Still believe there's a team out there made for my 3-1-4-2 idea.. Got some nice suggestions to build on but if there's anyone with some more I'd be tempted to hear them..!
  7. Good shout..! Exactly these types of suggestions I need since I rarely play this formation..! It seems fun to try something completely new and both Everton and HSV are teams I don't think I've managed before..! But as always, if theres some other team suited for this formation it would be great to know..!
  8. A really nice suggestion..! Was thinking about Atletico Madrid but this sounds more exciting..! Well yeah, but that's not really what I prefer.. Like to stay of those teams, but can't come up with something good for this formation. Gonna check HSV or I might have to go your way..
  9. I have a tactic in mind that I want to try out and would like some recommended teams for this setup: 3-1-4-2 (Three cd's, a dm, straight four man midfield and two strikers). Would prefer teams with a good dm and pretty solid defenders..! Any league anywhere! Thanks in advance!! (Sorry for spelling, on my phone that doesn't like english..)
  10. I actually play an opposite to what you explain in my possesion style football in one of my saves.. Had to go through the tactics forum to make it work because of whats mentioned above, the naming and meaning of the different ti's wheren't to my understanding in the beginning. I play structured/ very structured and controlling, with one of the instructions roam from position. So I'm guessing that your example might work aswell but in a different way and with different pi's...!
  11. Never had a son in game.. Played since 99/00, countless hours.. But actually I'm afraid to get one.. Would bury myself in dissapointment if he wasn't good..!
  12. It's a combination of many strings pulled together.. Luck with signings, (other teams relegations etc), good finacial managin, great tactics for the league they're in, maybe some nice regens and patience etc etc.. I don't have the patience to manage a non professional team, usually when playing llm I go for something in vanarama.. My last save was with Boreham Wood, got to league one but there my low rep got overwhelming and parked there for two seasons before I continued on another save that I got some nice ideas for.. You seem to grasp the basics of FM and all advice I can give is as above, turn pro and/ or have patience..!
  13. It means that it's still in the process.. I don't know why it's like this but after a while it will go away and you'll see a change when checking weaker foot and at should be improved..!
  14. This is interesting but imo not all true.. Im still playing FM16 though so things might have changed a little. Had a Brighton save and did fairly well, didn't take too long to get a small rep boost after finishing pretty high in EPL.. But when managin my local team (Malmö FF) it's not that easy.. Here the league rep is much lower and despite qualifying to CL every season the club rep isn't increasing as much as I would have liked.. In fact, when comparing to real life, after Malmö FF qualified for CL the first time IRL they could approach much better players IRL than I could in FM.. So imo this is probably only a minor issue in the bigger leagues..
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