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  1. It means that it's still in the process.. I don't know why it's like this but after a while it will go away and you'll see a change when checking weaker foot and at should be improved..!
  2. Very good and constructive thread! Football is always evolving, so should Football Manager..!
  3. I also understand this, and agree with your earlier post. And like I wrote earlier in this thread these "modifiers" are very important imo and should count towards something more than just randomness (or what determines the gain/loss). A consistent player is like finding gold to me! Have had great experiences with consistent players! The important match attribute is not that gamechanging imo.. Have had both complete green and red, and throughout a whole season it doesn't have that much of an impact from my experiences..
  4. Yeah, you're quite right there..! Although you see a couple of questionable personalities irl in the top, they usually don't last long there.. In game I actually have a player that dreads important matches. Complete red and have not improved over a couple of seasons.. But.. He has 2 consecutive seasons with an average rating of around 9..! He's loved by the fans and since he got the highest leadership attribute I actually made the bold decision to make him captain..! Have a great backup for him now though in case he crashes...
  5. In some ways I think it should be related with PA and CA but don't know how that would be best implemented.. Example is a high PA player is more likely to improve personality, but like you said, those things aren't really related.. Is there something that determines how much a players hidden stats can improve..?
  6. Thank you very much for clarification!! Find it a little bit strange that these stats don't have any CA cost, but I'll take it!
  7. This is great reading! In most cases the difference might not be big but there are some with significant improvements..! Does these "hidden stats" calculate in the players CA points..?
  8. Well.. My player got the yellow mark, but is very inconsistent imo.. Still a fan favourite since he have also saved our azzes quite a few times! Hopefully it will be better but think he's around 100 games so not getting my hopes up too much..
  9. This is great news to me aswell! Have tried to sign consistent players and they perform amazingly..! But have a few wit lack of consistensy so I hope this is true..! Do you believe it can also improve by tutoring..?
  10. Ok, thanks.. Decisions take a big hit everytime there's something.. Wrong position etc. So I believe this is quite accurate in this case too.. My player has played very good until now, but the other two seasons we where a midtable team and now fighting for the title will probably give him some trouble then!
  11. I have a player with very low stats in important matches.. Just wondering how the game reflects this in a match..? Does it cut down some attributes or how is this calculated..?
  12. Extremely good players! Andri cost almost nothing and was perfect for the Swedish league.. Was his attributes fixed..? i remember Ronaldinhos wasn't and he was sometimes a let down.,
  13. I think good old Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink maybe had a good time while getting famous playing for Heerenven.. They might be brothers without knowing it..!? Maybe they have more halfbrothers coming through later..!? Haha.. Might explain the signatures matching!! 😂
  14. A little off topic but.. I have a real player that dreads important matches! Complete red.. He had a avg rating last season around 8.00 and was by far my best player.. Still playing FM16, can it improve here also or it was introduced in FM17..? And how much impact does it really do..? Thanks
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