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  1. Hi guys, so ive made a possession(ish) tactic, and it works some what as to say i win more games than i lose, but this may be just because my team is rated as one of the best teams in the league as opposed to the actual tactics. the actual problem is i struggle to score goals and i presume this is from an inability to create quality chances its not rare for me to draw a 0-0 in a game i have had 21 shots and 14 on target. one thing i have identified is my striker is often one of the only guys in the box when attacking even though i have a few attacking mentalities scattered through the team. Also my team tends to fire in a hell of a lot of crosses per game (possibly a result of the above?) which is not ideal as we are the worst team in the league for heading. how would i go about getting more players in the box when attacking and also move away from crosses galore and maybe more through balls cut backs ect? oh and how would i get the best out of this guy, reports reckon hes good enough for the league above but i just cannot get the best out of him Any and all advise is welcome
  2. to be fair when comparing the pool of players at the start of the season you may be neglecting the fact that some of those players will be the culmination of years of retraining and and developing, for a few quick examples Mousa Dembele from striker to cm or bale from lb to lw. also as the game progresses playing styles change in the 90's you wouldn't have had many false 9's or ball playing defenders but as a new style becomes more popular players will be trained to suit that style. in fm terms its probably gonna depend on managers and hoyd preferred formations
  3. strong end to the season left us just outside the playoffs unfortunately we fell just short after dropping points to fulham, watford and wolves
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