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  1. Amazing. that's a lot to think about and i will keep and eye on these over the next couple of games, especially the passing and dribbling, as in some games all my chances come from set peices. in regards to the interceptions do you reckon that is to do with the roles of the players or possibly the players themselves?
  2. out of curiosity what do you not like and what would you change? i am 1st at the moment but that's currently under threat as I often struggle against Aberdeen and rangers and all 3 of us manage to steamroll the rest of the league
  3. Hi guys so i have made a tactic and its going fairly well, or celtic is just really good, any way in a recent game against rangers i dominated the game in terms of possession but most of the shots were blocked, i do think parked the bus but would like to see if there was a way i could have overcome this. anyway here's the tactic and the match: thanks Celtic v Rangers.pkm
  4. Hi guys, so ive made a possession(ish) tactic, and it works some what as to say i win more games than i lose, but this may be just because my team is rated as one of the best teams in the league as opposed to the actual tactics. the actual problem is i struggle to score goals and i presume this is from an inability to create quality chances its not rare for me to draw a 0-0 in a game i have had 21 shots and 14 on target. one thing i have identified is my striker is often one of the only guys in the box when attacking even though i have a few attacking mentalities scattered through the tea
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