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  1. where can i find youre file slabbekoorn? can you post a link and is it possible to extend it with for example a couple of divisions ?
  2. Thats a good hint Kubi, and the number of teams needed in that non playable competition need to be at least 3 if that is the number of teams relegated teams from the league above?
  3. I like to extend an league specially the holland league with two lower level divisions But theire are so much errors, Could someone make a step by step guide? Or can someone give advice?
  4. And for that i can use the email adres? The same for asking for a refund? store@sigames.com? How much days will it take to recieve a answer from SI "I never ussed that email addres service before"?
  5. Almost theire, so we agree now both that it is not compleetly clear ingame. So that needs to be fixed But people that bought the game becouse of the screenshots, and the story on the product expect, that they can also use that in theire normal FM game. Becouse theire is no exception sign telling that the unlockables only work in football manager clasic. I found it out after installing the game and clicking on store. So i bought this game like manny others, we expect that we can use those unlockables in our FM game without limitiations. The only limitiation theire should be is that we have to pay or play it free.
  6. http://cdn.steampowered.com/v/gfx/apps/207890/ss_bbd65b948c99054387be0158bf692b3354d48a9d.1920x1080.jpg?t=1351814536 Watch the screenshot, theire is standing Football manager 2013 and a bigg button unlockables So it should be working for FMC and FM, theire is no star marking * or other sign that it should not work with FM
  7. So where or what do i have to do to get those options as advertised in my fm13 game? ( not only in my fmc13 game )
  8. But the advertisement says different, Not only a type error also a wrong visual screenshot. I seem to be the first how noticed it. Soon people spend there money on it, and they wanna have refunds. So how does this get fixed? Or is SI gonna refund people how bought options that dont work in FM13? Couse its not only a disapointment, every store on the internet usses this screenshots for sale and reviews those screenshots give the illussion that those unlockables are unlockable for the full game. It will give SI a lot of work. Couse the FMC unlockables looks like a next option! Its a button to press on. Theire is also a mousehand and a click. So people get the idea that those options they see on theire screen are for FM13, and after pressing on the FMC button that other unlockables appear for FMC, so lots of people willl gonna spend money on it. Thinking they will be able to use it for FM13 instead of FMC
  9. Thank you for the quick respons, Some things of the unlockables are really cool for example the son thing. Its a little disapointed that its only for FMC couse the screenshots give the idea that those things are useable to everone. Also for the players that play the normal FM13 "for example me, i bought the game specially for that option but i dont like the FMC Is theire a update comming in future that will make it posible?
  10. Dear Sir/Maddam, I bought football manager for a couple of reasons. But a nice thing is the unlockables iam not happy with all of them couse some have to much influence i think. So i was wondering is it possible to unactivate some of the unlockables by hand? And another question when i bought fm2013 on steam i saw http://cdn.steampowered.com/v/gfx/apps/207890/ss_bbd65b948c99054387be0158bf692b3354d48a9d.1920x1080.jpg?t=1351814536 With the words FM 13 Unlockables After buying the game and installing, in the store i see, FM 13 FMC unlockables So that worries me a little, Couse i thought seen the football manager screenshots in steam that unlockables are for football manager 13. Does this mean that the unlockables only work for FMC? Or is it a button meaning that more unlockables are comming pure for FMC?
  11. Is someone gonna make the dutch division with amateur league system? If not is it possible to place SI created teams like Drachten into the eddited self created extended dutch league system?
  12. I also like to know how that is possible with the editor
  13. Dear Sir/Maddam, Ive reinstalled my pc and also football manager 2011. But i lost a patch, i was hopeing maybe someone can help me. Iam looking for a working dutch topklasse's league, and theire logo's A lot of links are linked to megaupload but that website is down. If someone knows where i can find one please tell me every help is welcome. Greetz lwsl
  14. When you start a new game you have to make a sellection of the competitions/clubteams you wanna be able to coach. Now my first question is. Is it possible to become the national team coach of a country that you havent sellected at that start screen. For example if i havent sellected the brazilian competition as playable as clubteam coach, can i than still become the national team coach of Brazil? And question 2 is it possible to coach a national country team that is U21?
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