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  1. Mine is Slovakia beating Italy, best match of the tournament imo
  2. Miroslav Klose or Ronaldo?

    This RvN is my favourite striker of all time, but Ronaldo was still better
  3. Ban Suarez for Life

    If he was English he would probably be their number 1, great save
  4. I only want Spain to win this game so that we can have a fantastic semi between them and Germany
  5. Pretty awkward in this thread now...
  6. Messi/fakeRonaldo/Rooney/Kaka=overrated

    Yep, he did fantastic with Bayern this season too
  7. Messi/fakeRonaldo/Rooney/Kaka=overrated

    They deserved to be over hyped due to all of them playing fantastic in the previous season (excluding Kaka)
  8. Where do you put this World Cup so far?

    2010 - Watched all of it 2006 - Watched most of it 2002 - Watched some of it So yeah I am pretty biased because of how much of the three I have watched. But I have loved this World Cup none the less
  9. I would laugh if Messi scored there
  10. Wow another goal, well done Germany!
  11. That shot was identical to Tevez's
  12. Training session here
  13. Argentina are really missing Zanetti and Cambiasso