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  1. Thank you neil thank you for replying and i will look forward to continuing playing it again after the update
  2. Is there anywhere else i can upload save where you can access this save i've not played the save for a week now as it won't get past the date i know your busy but i haven't heard from you for a week
  3. it's 210,308kb i tried uploading it again it won't let me i get Error: Critical file transfer error is there anywhere else i can upload it
  4. I've uploaded it it's called Brighton Dolphins.fm
  5. I can't at the moment as im at work plus it wouldn't let me upload it to the FTP earlier thats why i put it into mediafire
  6. Morning all i was trying to play my save this morning it keeps crashing on 1st of june 2025 it has been fine all the way through up to this point all my drivers are up to date and i haven't installed any graphics lately http://www.mediafire.com/file/767b95erm0n4v90/Brighton_Dolphins.fm i've put my save on mediafire so you can look at this hope i can get it resolved as i put alot of seasons into this
  7. Game keeps crashing

    All seems fine now thank you for your help in this matter
  8. Game keeps crashing

    i've updated the nvida geforce experience and checked for updates and its up to date i'll let you know if it crashes further
  9. Game keeps crashing

    I've tried everything listed still doing it
  10. Game keeps crashing

    I've added to it crashes either in reading game or rotherham one file called Charlton.fm
  11. My game keeps crashing latest update in second season 2017/2018 with charlton
  12. No idea how to post a screen shot but this is the formation ST AMR AMC AML MC MC DL DC DC DR GK
  13. It's a flat back 4 2 cm amr amc aml st same as pipson's other great tactics