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  1. No idea how to post a screen shot but this is the formation ST AMR AMC AML MC MC DL DC DC DR GK
  2. It's a flat back 4 2 cm amr amc aml st same as pipson's other great tactics
  3. Been using your other tactics going to try this one with porto
  4. Im using the counter version with fc porto hopefully my last save before fm15 comes out it working well
  5. Only thing i noticed i let in a lot of goals by balls played over the top
  6. Disable your anti virus for a minute norton wouldn't let me download it so just disabled it for a minute then i got it downloaded
  7. It's like christmas waiting for fmtre & english tier 7&8 database out on same day!
  8. Yeah it does indeed mark!
  9. If it wasn't popular ruci wouldn't make it hes not forcing you to use it
  10. Hope so be nice to have more teams in sussex higher up the leagues
  11. I know they got a chairman with money and there going to be moving to withdean next season
  12. Don't know much about there team to be honest never seen them play