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  1. thanks, i have just the original game without now patch. i have tried to add the norwegian league, but still not here. er du fra dk mester? mvh
  2. can you provide me a link? i can not find it anywhere.
  3. I just starting playing fm 2015, and i started new game with real madrid. but when i search for martin ødegaard i' cant find him in the game?? why not? please answer me.
  4. Hello, i cant find the tactic anymore, its was a amazing tactic for fm 2011/2012 somebody who have link to the tactic or??? i hope somebody have it the tactic was called real madrid v7 and v9 but the v7 was so much better.
  5. Allright, it' sound great :=) nice to have you back in fm2013
  6. mr hough, when you think the tactic is ready? cheers
  7. ps. this was just a beta :s my mistake. I'll come up with a very attacking tactic of a couple of days.
  8. Hey Vodu, and everyone in this thread :I made mix of your tactic, and some things from special one tactic who was the best tactic for me in fm 2010/2011, the attack was so awesome! It's a 4-2-3-1 tactic with 3 att. midfielder, and no wingers. I think everybody should try it. > http://www.mediafire.com/?9gcbqj59z9qoyes < I will write more about this tactic, when i got time because right now i must go for visit a friend. Ps. i also made my own tweaks to the tactic.
  9. where play messi,iniesta,neymar, and cavani in this tactic? i know cavani is striker, but messi he play striker in this ss, or is he wing?
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