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  1. Im having reasonable luck with a 4 3 2 1 (3 cm's 2 attacking wide men and solo striker.) Top half of the prem with a similar back 4 to the starting squad.
  2. So I've just launched FM14 for the first time and I switch to the dark skin before doing anything else and it loads with the strange orange like hue. I switch back to normal and its still there. It looks really weird. Anyone experienced anything similar? Edit: I seem to have determined the problem after loading my first match. The engine is trying to render in 3d it seems. Two of every player, every touchline. How do I turn this off?
  3. Quick question, I just signed Rene Mihelic for Leicester and he's cup tied for an FA cup match, despite coming from europe. That isnt right surely? EDIT: Just so you know, I realised what happened. He was cup tied for a replay because he wasnt at the club for the original tie. Took me a while
  4. You don't need to if they're that young if thats what you mean by crazy. If you mean he's crazy for wanting to play a 15/16 year old, then not really. I always have a handful in the squad and at least two start every match
  5. Would it be fair to assume that not all clubs will have DoF's?
  6. Im interested in Director of football role. The OP didnt sell it well, because I can already get my assistant to negotiate contracts for me. That being said, it would be good if certain clubs forced them on and it could be an influence on whether you take a new job or not.
  7. The worst is when you have have to give a coach a new contract to keep them, then the next week the same club tries to poach the same coach and they wont negotiate with you now because they just signed a new contract.... and then they leave.
  8. In game I have 3 games in 3 days. 26th/27th/28th of december. Touch annoying
  9. The problem with FML is everyone expected to be on an even footing with everything as soon as the signed up. No one was prepared to wait the time it took become a big club, afford the big stadiums etc etc. So ultimately it left those who had the skill and/or the patience to prop up the game, and there just werent enough. Would kill to have it back. Was great fun.
  10. Ok, I am with great frequency, conceding ridiculous long range goals. 25, 30, 35 yarders into the top corner rom players that have awful long shot ability. Its driving me mental. I had a formation and tactic set and working and was doing better than I wanted to be, they all of a sudden I cant beat team in the relelgation zone, or anyone, 5 defeats in a row and consistently letting in crazy long rangers
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