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  1. Why is Suarez in game banned until February 2015? Irl he was only banned until ~Nov 2014
  2. Head to the bug forum and report it. You should also upload a save from before season break.
  3. A few articles on the issue: http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2010/apr/11/bundesliga-premier-league http://www.bbc.com/news/business-22625160 Summed up: "We do not think the fans are like cows to be milked. Football has got to be for everybody. That's the biggest difference between us and England."
  4. You haven't told for how long your club have had new ownership. Though, I don't know the rules about being under administration I'm sure you must wait at least more than a day to exit administration after having a takeover. Maybe a month, maybe more?
  5. That's actually a great idea. Also because it should be fairly easy to implement with a few simple queries.
  6. Yeah, I can't recall either it has been any different. But now I'd like it to change For those who like that the two tabs use the same filter don't have to do anything, so I guess it would almost be a win win situation to make different filters for the Squad and Tactics tab.
  7. Why are the same filter used under the Squad tab and the Tactics tab? Under the Squad tab I like to see my 1st team only including players that are loaned out and injured. In my Tactics tab I like to see 1st and reserve team excluding loaned out and injured players. I wish this was possible And all it needs is different filters. So if I uncheck reserve in my Squad tab it shouldn't also be unchecked in Tactics tab.
  8. For starters in FMC you don't have to focus on team talk and generally there's a lot less communication. Strategically you don't have to focus on opposition instructions. Things that might overall be confusing when also focusing on making your own tactic. So leaving these out of the equation makes it generally easier to just focus on making a good (ok'ish) tactic, especially if only focusing on the basics when making the tactic. Also, in FMC, tactics are known immediately so you don't have to wait several months before the players have full tactical knowledge of it. This way it's easier to se
  9. Managing Juventus you should at least be able to dominate games in Italy. Not necessarily win, though. In real life Juve do have problems against small teams, because it can be difficult to open up their defence. Try to play FMC. Here you don't have to do with several things, and that makes it easier to focus on making a good (ok'ish) tactic. If you find it a bit too overwhelming then try to make a basic tactic using basic player roles. Maybe only using 1 or 2 special roles like playmaker and/or advanced striker. If you manage to do ok (you're in top 3 at the winter break) then you might wan
  10. Close or even better uninstall the crapware that are preinstalled on your laptop. If in doubt which programs to uninstall you can google it.
  11. I had a backup right back playing ~800 minutes and a first team right back playing ~1200 minutes. Both had only played at RB and no one else had played RB. At approx the same time both players moaned about lack of playing time Those are the only players I've really had a problem with so no biggy here, I just found it amusing (though slightly annoying as well) both were moaning at approx the same time having the same problem
  12. A Mac user would say that the Macbook runs FM just fine whereas a Windows laptop user likely would say Macbooks are overpriced and they'd rather use the price difference to get an even more powerful PC (or save the money).
  13. Objectively speaking, yes game-breaking is when the game crashes, you can't continue beyond a certain point and such. But when subjectively speaking about issues like in the op you can say it's game-breaking. As it's a subjective view. Nevertheless I do agree that sometimes words/phrases are overused and eventually breaks the argument instead of emphasizing it
  14. Maybe your rep has gotten to high? In earlier versions of FM I've seen the same. At one point in my save I get lots of job offers. And then suddenly the offers fate away and I'm never offered a job again
  15. For the sake of realism it's important. And as the op says for HIM it's game-breaking. He doesn't claim his view is universal
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