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  1. Yeah, I can't recall either it has been any different. But now I'd like it to change For those who like that the two tabs use the same filter don't have to do anything, so I guess it would almost be a win win situation to make different filters for the Squad and Tactics tab.
  2. Why are the same filter used under the Squad tab and the Tactics tab? Under the Squad tab I like to see my 1st team only including players that are loaned out and injured. In my Tactics tab I like to see 1st and reserve team excluding loaned out and injured players. I wish this was possible And all it needs is different filters. So if I uncheck reserve in my Squad tab it shouldn't also be unchecked in Tactics tab.
  3. Some things I'd like changed in FMC: 1: My Head of Youth Development should take care of the yearly youth intake. When I had my intake the message said it was my Assistant Manager that took care of it and that some player mimicked his personality and tactical observation. What good is a HoYD then in FMC? 2: When buying a player that has already played in the Euro/CL group stages he shouldn't be allowed to play in Euro/CL for the new team (as irl). An easy fix would be to implement squad registration as in FM. It doesn't take long to register your squad, so I don't get why this has been left
  4. I agree with that. But that's no reason for posting arrogant answers as some posters recently did. So no, I don't think I got the wrong end of the stick
  5. I can't believe the arrogance from some posters here. Not everyone live football 24/7. For quite a few football is somewhat "new" and getting the grasp of it can be difficult. As everything else new can be. The arrogance shown just puts people off from asking questions or maybe even playing. To comment the way some do here is just low class.
  6. I had hoped the view in the tactical selection was made better. Mainly this made me quit the game last year. Unfortunately it's now even worse. Sometimes player value can be seen under fitness and player position under player name and so on. Picking an extra info (clicking the plus sign) either makes other info totally disappear or doesn't appear itself. I tried to add match fitness and two other infos disappeared. Also under match fitness for some players their value was shown. For other players their match fitness was shown :confused: Sometimes it helps clicking a player or clicking anothe
  7. I would like to only receive one notification whenever a post is posted in this thread and not three. I only get one notification in every other tread when new is posted, but for some reason I keep receiving three from this thread...
  8. I'd like to see more info about which nations are EU, CONCACAF and so on. That's pretty important information before you buy foreign players.
  9. It should be possible to see when a player will get a new nationality. Just like in normal FM.
  10. When a player gets a green injury in FMC it's not possible to see what kind of injury it is. In normal FM it is. I want this in FMC as well as I would like to know whether my player has damaged his head, body, arm or leg so I know whether to sub him or let him play on. If this is possible to see in FMC then please let me know where to look
  11. The most important thing to add to FMC is human controlled tutoring. One of the things I enjoy most about FM is developing your own players and eventually your team. I'd also like to disable the first transfer window. That's what always does in normal FM. And especially if you start a save after the last transfer update patch it makes little sense not to disable the first transfer window. When you create your manager it should be possible to add more languages you can speak - as in normal FM. Especially if you choose to be an international you probably would have learned to speak another lan
  12. Never heard anything about a statue. But it is possible to have a new build stadium named after you.
  13. I have a player named Jesús María. Not the best player around, but nonetheless I'll refuse to sell and he gets his fair share of games. With that name he can't be nothing but a relic
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