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  1. Sorry for the lack of updates on this but have recently had a lack of time. I have updated the promotions & relegations down to Level 8 and updated the cups accordingly. The download link is in the opening post.
  2. Trust me it isn't. I've created this work on my own.
  3. No Its all my own work. Sorry mis worded my response.
  4. I think that I may have found a way to make them dynamic but I'm not promising anything until it has been tested The level 8 version will be but the level 10 version will extend further.
  5. Madman1970's Advanced English National League System Update - Taking FM11 to Level 10. Please do not re-release the file or host it in its original form, or in any edited form, without first seeking and obtaining my express permission - this includes redistribution of this file in so-called Megapacks. Stealing will not be tolerated! This file is created in advanced rules so therefore the file is more realistic than if created in nation rules. Included in this file is the following: Level 8 activated. Play offs that are 100% realistic to real life (2 legged semi finals with 1 legged final at a neutral stadium & correct seeding e.g. 2nd plays 5th and 3rd plays 4th with matches in correct order). Correct loan rules and match rules (Maximum of 2 trial players in match squad & maximum of 5 loan players in match squad.). Correct administration rules for levels 7 & 8. Correct transfer rules for level 7 & 8 (Transfer window closes on 31st March every year). 7 level 7 & 8 cups. FA trophy expanded to include all qualifying rounds (Which are regionalized like real life.) (Also includes accurate dates and accurate prize money). Ground grading added for league 2 downwards Levels 1-6 have only been edited for the ground grading. Work in progress for future file: Create level 9 & 10. Add all county cups. Add level 9 & 10 league cups. Expand FA cup to all qualifying rounds. Add all missing data for level 9 & 10 clubs. Add FA Vase. Frequently asked questions Why aren’t there any nation rules set in this file? This file is created in advanced rules so doesn’t have nation rules set. This allows the file to be a lot more realistic than being created in nation rules. How do I activate this file? Put the file in my documents/sports interactive/football manager 2011/editor data. The start a new game and tick the change box. Select this file but ensure that you deselect all previous files. You should then be able to select down to level 8. If I only select down to level 7, will the problems with Man Utd appearing in lower league cups happen? Because this file is made in advanced rules, the cups only appear when you select to a certain level so these problems don’t exist if you only select to a certain level. Has the file been tested? The file has been thoroughly tested till 2015. Level 8 File Download Link Update Due to a lack of time I have been unable to do level 10 but I have updated the promotions & relegations for 2011-2012. For FM12 I still hope to be able to create Level 10. Download link with updated promotions & relegations
  6. No 10 point deduction...

    I have made a file that adds the 10 point deduction for Plymouth Link to thread
  7. It's FIFA. Woodwork bug

    My team hit the woodwork 5 times and the opposition hit the bar once in one game.
  8. This file adds the 10 point deduction to Plymouth that isn't in the 11.3 patch. It is created with advanced rules. Download Link Tested for 2 seasons.
  9. This is a database that I made last year and I have now made it for FM11. Each nation is set as an EU nation which means all players can move to any country without work permits. Download Link To use this database put the dbc file into my documents/sports interactive/football manager 2011/editor data Start a new game and selct the change box. Make sure you tick this file and then start the game. This file should be compatible with all patches but it has been tested on 11.2.1
  10. [EDITOR] Trying to add Norwegian 3. division

    Post the file up and I'll have a look.
  11. FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    I have set up a league and for some reason the game crashes 4 days before the first game. Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it because I have tryed everything that I can think of. Cheers
  12. Welsh League for FM2011 Project

    I'll be more than happy to help you if I have time.
  13. madman1970's African leagues in advanced panel

    What project is this that you talk of Veg?
  14. madman1970's African leagues in advanced panel

    I tested for 1 and a half seasons and the leagues and cups all reset OK and recorded history. They have all been tested at least twice. Only just noticed that I haven't put this in the OP
  15. madman1970's African leagues in advanced panel

    The last version for a while is now in the OP and adds among others, the leagues of non-FIFA nations Reunion and Zanzibar.