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  1. Only way I know how to do that is name your manager a normal two names, then go on your profile in the game, right click on your name and 'set nickname'
  2. Just read the whole thread, Wow! Great career so far, you have to go back to Benfica one day! Any tactical tips? Keep trying to start a journeyman career but always fail with my first season at the lower quality clubs
  3. LIVERPOOL SEASON 2013/14 Finally finished my first season as the Red's and managed to win the league! Was unbelievably impressive in upto the new year then struggled a bit more but managed to grind out results and finished top of the table with 81 points. I disabled the summer transfer window and made no changed in the January window, as I want to develop the young talent we already have. (other than a few loans out such as Luis Alberto, Samid Yesil, Joao Teixeira and Brad Smith. This was how the Premier League finished.. The top performers of the season were as follows.. LUIS SUÁREZ Despite only scoring 16 goals, Suárez assisted 17 and had a average rating of 7.54. He was also awarded the World Player of the Year for 2013, the writers Players of the Season and was named in the world and Premier League teams of the season. He played in the hole behind Daniel Sturridge as a Trequista. JORDAN HENDERSON Hendo had an unbelievable season on the right wing in a defensive role and was rightfully awarded the supporters Player of the Year award, aswell as being named in the Premier League team of the year and was runner-up for the PFA Young Player of the Year award. He grabbed 10 goals and 10 assists during his 38 appearances and went on to play every world cup game for England in Brazil. DANIEL STURRIDGE Studge was the clubs top goalscorer with 20 goals in all comps and was the second highest goalscorer in the Premier League under Robin van Persie. Sturridge also contributed 10 assists and went on to be a star at the World Cup for England in the summer. PHILIPPE COUTHINO Coutinho had a stormer of a season up until the new year and then went quiet all of a sudden. Despite this, he managed to end up on 13 goals and 13 assists in all comps. He was therefore named as the PFA Young Player of the Year and also European Golden Boy of the Year. Coutinho scored some screamers too including a 27 yeard free kick against Man Utd in the last few minutes to win the game 4-3 at Anfield. SIMON MIGNOLET Simon Mignolet kept an impressive 15 clean sheets throughout the season and was awarded the Premier League Golden Gloves award. He finished the season only conceding 33 goals in 36 games. JOHN FLANAGAN Flanagan put hard work in all season in the right back role when selected and has since been chased by several teams such as Swansea, West Brom and Aston Villa. If he continues with his good form he will take over Glen Johnson in the regular starting line-up. This was how I set up for the season and this was mainly my starting line-up.. Unfortunately, I exited the League Cup in the 3rd round against Spurs then got upset by Blackburn in the 5th round of the FA Cup. Hopefully next season I can progress further in these, especially the FA Cup Objectives next season is.. - Progress the youngsters as much as possible such as Jerome Sinclair, Jordan Ibe, John Flanagan, Jordan Rossiter, Harry Wilson, Suso, Andre Wisdom, Sheyi Ojo etc. - Reach at least the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League (small steps for now ) - The final of the F.A. Cup - Retain the Premier League or at the least come runners-up. - Build finances to eventually build new stadium. This was one of my favourites of last season.. notes the 29 shotes and 61% possession Elsewhere in the game.. - Everton finished 13th after sacking Martinez and hiring Martin Jol. - Newcastle challenged for the Premier League all season then crumbled in April. - Man City won the FA Cup and reached the final of the Champions League with Carlo Ancelotti, but lost 5-2 to Barcelona. - Winners of their respective leagues are Bayern, Monaco, Barca, Benfica, Celtic, Ajax, Juventus. - Most notable January transfers was Shaquiri to Chelsea, Vertonghen to City, Smalling to Spurs and Griezmann to Arsenal. Just started the second season so I will post the changes to the club during the summer and so on in a bit!
  4. Finally got into a save and going into February unbeaten top of the league! Tactic I created is working wonders for possession.No stand-out star performers eith er really, just whole team is generally all chipping in I'll post some screenshots this week hopefully when I get to the end of May!
  5. Really struggling finding consistency with tactics. How long is it before you all change a tactic what your using? I find I win around 3-4 games then everything falls apart. I know I need to keep a tactic in place for the players to get familiar with it but it's hard not to change it when your getting beat 2 or 3-0 at Anfield! Also, whats the best way to get SAS in a tactic as in positions and roles, so that there most effective? I'm finding all my goals arecoming from Hendo, Coutinho and Sterling
  6. Must be restarting for the 10th time after really poor results and non-functional tactics.. This is the last try!
  7. Can anyone who has had a good first season without making any massive transfers post their tactic? I don't mean to download, but maybe a screenshot of formation and team instructions please?
  8. Has anyone come across successful individual instructions for the current Liverpool squad? or any effective training on individuals to learn new moves?
  9. And just drawed my home team in the 3rd round of Capital Cup, Liverpool
  10. Hello lads, started a Forest save yesterday after having a great four season save with them on FM12 and already loving this one despite just being a month in! I started with no transfer window to keep it realistic and self added Jermain Jenas on loan until January. (Although meanwhile he has signed a new contract with Spurs which will make it more difficult to keep him after then.) Only changes to the club is I signed Bobby Downes as a coach to the first team and Paul Winsper as a Fitness Coach. I also picked up Asier Del Horno on a free transfer to play in the LB role, but only on a season contract for now. Anyway here's my results so far.. PRE-SEASON Northampton (a) - 3-0 (Guédioura, Jacelles, Blackstock) Woking (a) - 3-0 (Pegg o.g., Coppinger, McGugan) Port Vale (a) - 0-0 Oldham (a) - 0-1 (Madjewski o.g.) AUGUST Bury (h) - 2-0 (Ayala, Jenas) Capital Cup Rnd 1 Huddersfield (h) - 2-2 (Del Horno, Guédioura / Clayton, Arfield) Championship Hull (a) - 3-1 (Guédioura, Gillet, Cox / Fryatt) Championship Leicester (h) - 0-1 (Knockaert) Championship QPR (h) - 1-0 (Sharp) Capital Cup Rnd 2 I play a balanced flat 4-4-2 with a direct countering style.
  11. Been playing FM13 for a few days now and everythings been fine.. until today when I loaded it up and the text colours have changed?? white on the player attributes page and bright bright blue when a player is loaned out. Any solutions?
  12. WOW, one of the best team threads I've seen in a while! Well done
  13. How is everyone finding tactics and formations with the Reds squad this year? Can't seem to find a consistent tactic with my 4-3-3 and 4-1-2-2-1
  14. Lovely skin! Thanks very much Ps. What size is your profile pics such as Ferdinands in the screenshot?
  15. I try to keep my wages upto around 35,000 for my key signings. I realise people will disagree and they will be paying people like Hazard 90,000 but I like to keep the core of the team and just add one or two realistic signings. And as for a feeder club it depends what your looking for, whether it to be to send youngsters on loan or poach someone elses yourh talent. I have a link with Cardiff and sent Shelvey, Flanagan, B Jones and Eccleston there. Shelvey and Flanagan are playing outstanding there helping them to 2nd place, Jones is a rotation keeper and Eccleston is being used as a sub.
  16. Quick update from my save OCTOBER 2011 Currently in October and tactically analysing each of my games is paying off, as we currently sit in a tight third place in the league and still unbeated in all competitions so far. My best result so far is possibly my latest at Anfield.. With this first half hat-trick, Carroll's goal tally is now on 8 goals from 8 starts. BUT... Then things have all of a sudden went bad. In the second half of the Arsenal game Andy Carroll tore his calf and had to be replaced with Suarez.. Devastating news. So, I put Suarez on despite me wanting to save his fitness as Bellamy is also injured for five weeks when.. So I am now without Carroll, Suarez and Bellamy.. with Martin Kelly also on the sidelines for 3 weeks. Thinking of recalling Jonjo Shelvey from his Cardiff loan where he is getting constant MOTM's and put him the middle, then move Gerrard up to a Trequista role behind Kuyt who will be playing as a Deep Lying Forward. With possibly Michael Ngoo as my substitute forward or possibly Maxi
  17. Currently sitting top of the league about to start November and playing some terrific football, but been hit with three injuries to key players, will post an update when I'm home from work
  18. Alright lads, decided to pick FM12 back up now the transfer window is closed and start a new game using Forbes's update with the Reds. LIVERPOOL PRE-SEASON 2011/12 I began the game with without transfer budgets at the start of the game so clubs and myself keep their irl players for now. First things I did was set up a link between us and Cardiff and sent Brad Jones, Jonjo Shelvey and Nathan Eccleston on loan to them. I then promoted José Segura to a senior coach and extended the contracts of Jack Robinson and Conor Coady. We had a great pre-season which I used to experiment with a certain two tactics I had in mind and all went well, winning five games and drawing two. As you can see I have also played my first league game of the season and smashed QPR at Anfield 6-0, which included a masterclass performance from 'El Pistolero' as Suarez assisted twice and bagged a hatrick. Charlie Adam also scored a 40 yard free-kick. After experimenting in pre-season, I went for a modified 4-4-2 formation with a fluid attacking mentality. The right wing position is adjusted a little up to accommodate Dirk Kuyt's role in the squad, it also leaves room for Glen Johnson to push up and whip in his effective early crosses to the attacking players. I've gave the players some creative freedom with a balanced style of passing and high pressured wide style of play. We also zonal mark when defending, counter attack and play a reasonably quick tempo. The tactic worked extremely well in pre-season with high workload focusing on teamwork, and before the QPR game set it to attacking movement. The workload will decrease once the team is fully familiar with the chosen tactics. Hopefully the performances continue, will keep you updated!
  19. Just conceded in the 92nd minute to Chelsea away and drew 2-2 still the draw puts me four points clear at the top and I if it wasn't for the consistant rock that is Skrtel I probably would have lost
  20. thanks mate to be honest I got a pressured hiding from City but Reina was the star performer and got me a 0-0 draw, good luck!
  21. Alright lads, was going to post a mid-season update of my game but in the first week of December and thought I'll do it tonight before hitting the pillow.. I like to play realism to I un-ticked the 'transfer budgets in first window' and stuck with the real life team. Although I got additional funds at the end of November of £13.75m. so here is my current team and starting tactic for my games I play an attacking quick tempo'd direct game and usually start with the instructions of working the ball into the box. When I began I setup a link between us and Cardiff and quickly sent Jonjo Shelvey and Danny Wilson on loan to them for the season (both have been doing great btw) I've also gave John Flanagan a good share of games when Johnson got injured, and was going to bring Jack Robinson into the team and demote Aurelio but Robinson broke his ankle in a Next Gen game and is out for 4 months Anyway here's the games I've played so far (only game missing at the top is a 3-0 friendly win against Jiangsu) Currently top of the table unbeaten with 14 played, 10 won and 4 drawn giving me 34 points. But I've got Arsenal right behind me on 31 points and the mancs and Chelsea on 30. (just drew the mancs away in the F.A. cup )
  22. alright lads, quite new to posting on the forums but have been browsing them since FM10 I think currently in a good reds save and its the first save ive gotten into upto now will post some updates and screenies when I hit january (currently november)
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