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    Student of high school. I`m to young to have some extensive biography.

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    Sabac, Serbia


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    History and sports

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    Red Star Belgrade
  1. Fantastic thread and some awesome work there on Fratton Park. Keep pushing forward. Portsmouth was one of my favourite Premiership clubs, too bad for their financial problems. Hope to restore their success, like you done in this save.
  2. 'Lessons in Calcio' - Crouchy, Facci Sognare!

    Nicely one start at Mezzocorona. It`s uberhard to secure newbie in Pro Seconda Divisione. But, you should be able. Non mollare mai, Crouchy. Subscribed. P.S. If you want to manage in Rome, you should visit the "older" one.
  3. [FM11] Torino F.C. - They Will Rise Again

    Some progress there, in Turin?
  4. [FM11] Torino F.C. - They Will Rise Again

    I`m following this. Make Juventus suffer.
  5. [FM10] Crouchy's Calcio Journeyman Save

    When we will see Verona in Serie B? I`m so eager to know what will be on the end?
  6. [FM10] Crouchy's Calcio Journeyman Save

    Thanks Nobby.
  7. [FM10] Internationals Around The World

    Haha! No Portugal on World Cup. And Slovakia too. I think that Italians who read will have some kind of illness.
  8. [FM10] Crouchy's Calcio Journeyman Save

    In my Carpenedolo save, Verona was bought by some Russian tycoon, some Kalininchenko. The club is now RICH!! But, they will hard make a promotion from C1.
  9. Nice work in BSP. This season you will definitely make it a promotion.
  10. [FM10] Internationals Around The World

    Nice! This WC mania is really a great plague.
  11. Group D - Germany vs Serbia: BBC1 @ 12:30

    Let`s go Serbia!! Now is a time.
  12. There was nothing involved with politic in my post. Pure sport, no more no less.
  13. Group B - Argentina v Nigeria, 15:00, BBC1

    This will be interesting one. I don`t believe in Argentina (because of Maradona), but I`m afraid that Nigerians would be too impressed and thus can fail.
  14. Otto is a smart one. He will play on counter and try to get one goal. We can suppose that the Koreans will blow up, and that could be the end for them in the match.
  15. It will be 3-6-1 tactic for Greece. They fielded that in Portugal in 2004. I would like Greeks win this, but I don`t believe much in that.