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  1. Stars doesn't always mean production. I have a 4 star and a 2 star starting DC and the 2 star veteran beats the young 4 star for the past 3 years.
  2. How slow are central defenders?

    I have new 2 fast cb newgens but my problem is hieght. Both are only 5'10" so I traded for a 6'4" cb with great jumping ability. I put a different combo depending on what my scout tells me about my next match. ie. pacey strikers put both fast cbs in cb position or get one tall and one fast.
  3. I don't really think its luck because the same teams have great newgens. Inter, River, Sao Paulo, Croton Sports, Gremio seem to have the best youth. I poach from the same teams every year for the next wonderkid.
  4. First steps for a new team?

    1) look at team for holes a. look at released players b. look at youth- whos the best and the best tutor for him and try to sign c. Put all players not into team plan into transfer list (less than 25yrs put a 50% fee on next sale.) 2) look at training schedule a. See if coaches are good enough for team (**** at least) b. Release crappy coaches and sign coaches 3) create a tactic that fits my team. a. tweak ea. tactic for diffent types of play ie slow, fast, narrow 4) Scout a. National b. next match c. under 20 d. division e. division under or over mine f. Argentina, Brazil cheap and the best in the world g. Floater for whoever I want
  5. First steps for a new team?

    Goto Information under your team then click on affliates. It'll tell you if you have Parent or Feeder teams, and what type of contract you have with them. If you want a feeder or parent team goto board and request it. Its up to the board to search for those type of clubs.
  6. How to increas your League Rep?

    I was just wondering why my club don't have WORLD reputation. My club is currently worth 282 mil 8th in the world for richest club. In my save I'm worth more than Man City, Chelse, and Inter which have a World reputation. Are league rep and team rep correlates with each other?
  7. Is there a cap on League Rep and how do I get it all the way to the highest league In the World. I'm Santos FC in the past 5 years I've won 3 continentals and beat Man U and Bacelona in two competitions. I've lost 2, Man City and Barcelona. So a 2-2 record but my players seemed to poached all the time. I just wanted to know if I keep beating Europe will my reputation be high enough for my league (Brazil Frist Division) to exceed those of the European Leagues. I keep having my players
  8. My copa finals in my Santos save. 0-4 was the score. Had 12 players away on international games. Three was with the Brazil National team 2 with the Argentina team and the rest was U21 Brazil. They took my starters, both STs, AMC, MR, one CB the best one, DL, GK. To top it all off I had enough players but they weren't registered in the compitition. WTF...... Had 3 players who were totally red at their position. My bench was 2 GK, I had to laugh cause one of my CBs got injured and I had to put a GK at his position. Why couldn't they change the schedule for me to have a chance at the Championship. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Jan 2 is very important to Brazil. Grab a scout and look at all the newgens, you can find a jem anywhere in Brazil. At that date if they don't have a price tag they are newgens. Fourteen and fifteen yr olds are cheap too some are able to play within a year. I've got a newgen that was able to start as soon as he turned 16. Became a world class player by 19 and sold for $21 million at the age of 20. The horrible part about Brazil is if you have a great player most likely you will lose him to a larger club. I personally like signing old frees and tutor my young players. Theres so many of them that you can have a new (older) bunch of players for every year. I don't know if thats cheating but it works. There are the larger clubs in Brazil that will give you a loan for free so look and pray.
  10. Signing old guys just to tutor?

    Does the old player's morale get destroyed and does it affect my team as a whole? Just won my league and let go of the majority of my Reserve team I have 200k more of wages I can play with and 8mil transfer budget. I want to know if the team's morale will be affected by this signings because once I go on a losing streak I will get canned. Wheres the loyalty?
  11. Just wondering if people sign an old player just to tutor a newgen and put him in the Reserves? The star rating on older players seem to be under rated. Saw a 2 star player have better stats than my current starter I was just wondering why his star rating is lower than him. He might be 33 but seems to be more consistent than my starter who has 4 stars.
  12. Morale

    There are other ways their morale gets messed up is are you signing anyone at his position or he wants to move a different club and you won't let him. Or he is tutoring someone he doesn't like or he doesn't like someone on the team. If not those I don't know. I run Santos FC and I have Europe trying to poach all my young talent but their morale gets destroyed when i deny them the opportunity. The morale of Neymar and Paulo Henrique becomes horrible by the 2nd month, and they are always asking to move to a bigger team. Even though my team in 2nd place in my league.
  13. I developed a couple wonderkids in my saved but one of them never became better after a while. The best way i experienced the development of these young guys is play them in games when you are the clear favorites. (Easy win for .....)headline. Make sure they start and play the whole game.
  14. That's just how it is in Brazil. Brazil is the feeder system to europe and you can see that in the rosters of all the major teams. Europe teams have a whole lot more money than any South American team which usually develop players and the European buys them for a couple mil.
  15. Squad Harmony

    keep the same players and remove anyone that causes u problems. Make sure your team captain is really happy he influences his teammates alot.