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  1. It's just incredibly hard to stick to full FM once you're hooked to FMT. Spent probably 2.5 hours on a Lazio save in the full game just to get to the first fixture of pre-season. Going through the squad, setting the proper statuses, hiring staff etc and the processing time to get through 2 months in the game! Load up FMT, just hire a chief scout, adjust squad statuses, process 2 months and I'm ready to play my first friendly in 20 minutes.
  2. Definitely tempted to make the switch to full fat going forward. Not normally critical of the game but having basic functionality such as no nationalities screen, inability to view player PPMs of those not at your club, really clunky team screens for AI reserves and U23s, lack of dark skin etc., a month into the release of the game is a little disappointing. Add the fact that there has barely been any official communication for a week since the release of 20.2 for the full game makes me feel like FMT is just an afterthought.
  3. Hi Harry, This is the default view on any FMT save. Even if you go to the Reserves/U23 squad of any team other than yours, it takes you to the tactics screen with the list of players on the other side. It's very clunky.
  4. Switch version is out. Anyone managed to snag it and check the ME version?
  5. I don't think there is cross sync with the Switch version. I can understand wanting the tablets and PC version to be the same as people do use cross sync between these devices.
  6. Going to switch over to the full game to get my FM fix now!
  7. Thanks Lucas. It would be cool if an FMT specific changelist could be published also when it is rolled out.
  8. Touch generally takes a bit more time to update as SI generally launch it across all platforms at the same time. We're just going to have to wait for Apple and Google to approve the update.
  9. Processing times in Touch are definitely miles better than the full game even with a decent sized database. I usually load up the major nations with an approximate player count of 50k and international breaks only take a couple of minutes to get through. Training in Touch is definitely not as detailed and I've left it to my assistant in these last couple of versions and players have developed well. The good thing is that if you start playing, let's say, a center back at left back for a few games, your assistant will automatically change his individual training to familiarise the player with this position. Staff is definitely far more simplified! You just have 6 staff positions to fill and they're in charge of their respective department. There are no scouting packages, you just give the assignments to your chief scout and he heads off looking for players. Very little player interaction. It's limited to players asking for new deals, more game time, wants a move etc. Whereas in the full game, you might have to worry about upsetting your player dynamics, morale has pretty much no effect in FMT and you can ride out the storm if you so wish. Similarly, there's no such thing as press conferences. You'll occasionally get a question from the press and you just have to pick an option and that's it! Ultimately, only you can really decide whether the trade off for speed and simplicity is worth it. I'd recommend trying out a save with Liverpool or any other big team in FMT (loading a similar no. of leagues as you did in the full game) and gauging whether it's for you.
  10. Technical director I managed to hire at the start of the game: Could probably be the best manager in the world if he wanted to!
  11. From the looks of it, nothing wrong in appointing him! The more pressing issue would be that you're getting newgen managers that good early on in the game. Worth reporting this as a bug in the bugs forum I think. In the full fat game too, technical directors are mostly all newgens who are seriously OP but I haven't seen them get managerial jobs so far.
  12. You can't, sadly. It's really annoying and it's worse if he schedules them during a training camp as you can't cancel them. Hopefully they can add an option to prevent the assistant manager from scheduling matches in the future.
  13. The board sets up affiliate links on its own from time to time in FMT.
  14. The board does this on its own from time to time.
  15. When you start up a save, all staff in the game seem to be on part time contracts (except managers). This is the case at your club as well as at multiple clubs across the world. I'm not sure if this has any effect on the game per se or if it's a visual glitch.
  16. If you hover over the line, it will tell you that the players have a good partnership with each other.
  17. An unlockable is applied only if you specifically activate it using preferences. If you haven't done so, there's nothing to worry about.
  18. Absolutely no idea how the nationality screen is appearing for @CaptainPlanet but traits are on display in the development screen.
  19. This is by design. Essentially if you meet your first two years' objectives, you will most likely get your contract extended and you'll have to work towards your next objectives.
  20. ME will be same however the updates will generally be a couple of days later as SI will launch the update simultaneously on tablets too.
  21. Yes, I still think you would enjoy it. Tactics & ME are the same. Staff are streamlined. You only hire key personnel like an Assistant Manager, Chief Scout, Head of Youth Development instead of the many staff you'll have on the full game. Player interactions are minimal and the effect of morale is non-existent. Player dynamics exist in a simplified form in FMT. My recommendation is to try out the demo of the main game and the Touch version on Steam and then make your mind up. If you're still in doubt after that, I'd recommend purchasing the main game as you get FMT free with it (only for PC).
  22. Agreed. Very disappointing that you still can't view nationality information for a player.
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