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  1. Looks like FMT (or a version based on it) is headed to the Xbox. Good news and hopefully will lead to more players enjoying this version.
  2. More scouting slots and better scouting recommendations. As someone who dabbles with both the full game and FMT and does not manually search for players, I find this area to be lacking a bit. For example, if you play as a bigger club you get 10+ scouts in the full game while in FMT the most I have ever seen is a scout team of 7. Also, I find the full game is much better at scouting backup players while the scouts in FMT seem to be recommending largely players who are first teamers. This way I find it difficult to find a backup keeper through scouting.
  3. Millions per month does seem very excessive! If he's a decent player it might be worth it if you can insert a clause that lets you buy him for a reasonable price at the end of the loan. Depends on the profile of the player too. Is he going to join and be the best player at your club? If so, the monetary rewards from increased league placing/continental qualification might well offset the loan fee. If he's a backup I'd rather look at promoting a youngster or retraining a player already at the club to play that position.
  4. Depends on the club you're managing. I've had saves with sides in the National League North/South where no club above League 2 is willing to loan me players because they want them to play at a higher standard. I'd say it mirrors real life. How many players do you see that go to other clubs on loan without a loan fee? Not many unless the development of the player is more important to the club that's loaning them out. If you're a club loaning in a backup player I'd expect to be paying a reasonable loan fee and 100% wages.
  5. Unless the other club actually wants to loan the player you won't have any luck I'm afraid. You'll have much better luck trying to sign players who are actually listed as available for loan (you'll see a green "Loa" icon next to their names).
  6. The ability to place adverts even when you have existing staff in the position. Annoying that they changed this with the final patch for FM 20. I don't like manually searching for staff and since all staff are on rolling contracts there's no chance to see if there's a decent upgrade willing to join.
  7. PC has absolutely no restrictions in terms of leagues and nations you can load so it would be the preferable version. Yes, you can add/remove leagues.
  8. Looks like you've achieved everything you can at club level. Going to take a national team job? Italy or maybe even Czechia?
  9. An inside forward cutting in and curling one just inside the far post. In 2D.
  10. Delete the skin. It is not compatible with FM Touch.
  11. Yeah, I agree. It's just that sometimes the players need a rocket up the backside at half time but all you can do is just go on to the next half.
  12. It will be permanent. You can't disable it after application. You'll have to apply it individually to each save.
  13. This is a rule in real life. The player can't touch the ball again after a penalty unless another player has touched it first. Since it hit the woodowork and not the keeper, the penalty taker can't touch the ball.
  14. Just loaded up the league and I can see the cut off dates for both the reserves competition and u18 competition (in the match rules section). As long as your players satisfy those you'll be able to move them to those squads so they get game time:
  15. The rules page should give you a date of birth that's a cut off (born before xx/xx/xxxx).
  16. How did Hibernian develop a 50m+ player?! Pep Guardiola went from Atletico to Romania and Krasnodar? Guess he had some jobs in between where he didn't achieve anything!
  17. It exists but it has to be unlocked. I'm not sure how the unlockable system works on Switch though.
  18. Are you playing on a tablet? If so, yes, it's probably limited because you're only able to select 3 nations. On PC where there are no limits on the nations/database you can load there are definitely a lot more international teams available to manage.
  19. It looks like the Heffem skin. It's a skin for full FM and I haven't seen an FMT version of it. The OP probably modified it for his use and that might have resulted in his issue.
  20. I think they are there under the hood or at least it seems the AI can use them. I've seen commentary lines saying the AI manager is urging his team to get forward or demanding more passion.
  21. Largely agreed about not wanting player interaction in FMT although I wouldn't be averse to team talks being in the game. When playing the full game, I've felt I've made an impact purely through team talks by either giving them a rocket when we're losing or asking them to guard against complacency (without changing anything tactically). Sometimes in FMT I just feel resigned to my fate when we're losing at the half.
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