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  1. 1. Easier, more Identifiable, user friendly gui. Hands down would stop scaring people off, and really send FM into the stratosphere as far as community involvement is concerned. A small tutorial, Dev team tips, manual...something! would be helpful. 2. Ability to load graphics into editor, logos, kits, etc. I think it would make things easier than matching id's in seperate files 3. Stadium editors? OOTP Baseball is adding it this year, sounds interesting what they are doing. 4. Ability to create/add Continental rules with Nation rules together, and multiple nation rules together.
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/view/9inz55en052o59q/MLS2.xml I've set up a 28 team MLS league, i'm trying to send 12 teams into the play-offs with the top 4 getting a bye. The seeding I would like to see in the One game Wild Card Round 5 vs 12 6 vs 11 7 vs 10 8 vs 9 In the next round I'm trying to get the draw to go something like this. The 1 seed plays the lowest possible seed that advances from the wild card round, example if 12 beats 5, next round 1 will play 12 in the following round. in other words teams 1,2,3,4 should never be playing each other in the quarter final round. I appreciate any help to work out the seedings properly, the advanced editor was used to control the dates of games played but i can't seem to get the seeding correct in-game. If you fix it, can show me where in there you set up the seedings to get those results?
  3. wow dan, even I stopped after about 6 months ago, you must have quite the amount of storylines going on! Thanks for playing
  4. Thanks, I'll send the file to you later tonight. Glad to hear this is possible. I'll definitley make something special with this, love how you can set the dates for play-offs, with home field advantage now. gone are the days when play-off games are every 3 days and randomly drawn!
  5. So there seems to be a lot of new stuff to learn(at least for me) when jumping over to the advanced rules in the new editor. Any place where there are quick tutorials out there to help me figure some of the nuances, like how to set up play-offs with proper seeding/with higher ranking teams playing at home. etc. A Specific problem... I have a 36 team league seperated in two groups of 18. I would like for each group to have a play-off with 6 teams from each group playing seperately to where there are 1 team left from each group standing. I can't figure out how to set up a final stage to where these 2 teams play each other. any points in the right direction would be appreciated...
  6. toying around with a few ideas to see if this is something i want to tackle again...question. If I had a league of 36 teams, 2 groups with 18 teams each, is it possible to set play-offs with each individual group, and have the two finalist from each group play each other? I have successfully set up play-offs with the 2 groups, but no final between the two winners. How do you do this? pointing me to an example file so I can atleast backwards engineer my answer would be decent enough help, and maybe...maybe kick start another go at this.
  7. The walt disney was one of several pre-season cups i added..it chooses the from the champions of several different cups like us open, canadian open, NAOC, MLS, NASL, USL...what order and who goes where i can't remember
  8. middle of my second season, in level 10. enjoying it a lot, keep up the good work!
  9. WOW cool to see people still playing this...*gulp*...like I still am. Year 2028 for me. I will definitely bring it back fresh with some new ideas for FM14. Match congestion was just something that had to happen. When creating I already spent hours and hours creating the state cups, open cups, etc. etc. Scheduling them the best I could to prevent overlap, then the scheduleing of each league to prevent as much overlap as possible...oh it was a nightmare. One thing I couldn't do is have the cup entries become dynamic to where your team was in the pyramid. Those NASL Hickory Heat and Wichita Flyers shouldn't be sending there A squad into those lowly state cups anymore, or the US open cup. I can't imagine if one of those teams ever gets into CONCACAF play...oh boy, you better have a squad of 60 players to get through that schedule! lol CONCACAF sheduling can't be changed so that messes with scheduling! Play-off dates still can't be changed in FM13, hopefully they get that put in so you don't have the 2nd leg games being played 2 or 3 days after the 1st. So, with all that nonsense, it was either delete all that work of state cups, open cups, rivalry cups and have match congestion, or keep it really bland and simple at the bottom of the pyramid and all that work for nothing...I don't know if it was the best choice still, but I still peak at the 20 years history of who all have won each cup...pretty cool stuff
  10. Thanks for playing dan. The US national team does get better! I'm heading into the summer of 2022 and Qatar is around the corner with US ranked in the top 10. My MLS team can compete with almost about anyone in transfer signings. A lot of teams are starting to build bigger stadiums too, Galaxy have a 50,000 seat stadium now?! Cosmos are also big. Its pretty fun, match congestion is ridiculous though, i literally have to have a A and B squad just to maintain in both league and cup competitions...definitely a challenge when half your A squad goes on international leave for a month or so...
  11. i've been really busy with work, and considering I haven't even bought 2013 yet, it's doubtful. But who knows, I may decide to go crazy again and lose hour after hour by the start of the new mls season! any new ideas for changes to get me close to motivated would probably encourage me again lol. thanks for playing. dan: I designed the north american open cup to include every team being entered automatically. With I believe only level 8 teams being chosen for the group stage. I dont' know what your experiencing sounds kind of odd, because i remember testing that atleast. Once your past level 8 or 7 you shouldn't have to go to the group stage the way it draws teams.
  12. all you have to do to add non domestic teams into the fold is just to add them to the league I thought. Either that or change the nation, but keep the city the same. as far as changing champions league entrants, thats where got confusing, so i never really touched any of that. Man, its been a long time since i dug into the editor! Thanks for those who played, probably won't be doing one this year...still early you never know, but I've been sooo busy. If there are enough people who want me to create something again this year, than I probably couldn't resist.
  13. No doubt, if I have time. I hope its a lot easier for me to do this year. Thanks for playing...I'm strangely still playing this. I'm in 2022 with FC Dallas, with our claim to fame being that we won the World Football Challenge in year 2018 running through Real Madrid, Bayern, Barcelona, and Manchester Utd. in the final
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