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  1. Where I'm living: Wishaw Juniors, but if we are going for playable teams it would be Motherwell. Where I was born: Rangers
  2. I've never been successful when appealing a ban in this or previous versions. Maybe one day I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  3. The rule in Scotland is an immediate 15 points deduction when a club goes into administration, and if they are still in it the following season then start that season with another points deduction. If it is a 2nd insolvency event involving that club then it's an immediate 25 points deduction.
  4. Now had the game crash on me and have to close 3 times in 2 game months since the new update
  5. Glad to see that the make available for reserve squad until match fit has now been sorted
  6. My only complain so far is I am playing with Hearts who are in administration. My administrator in the game is accepting all offers including loans leaving me with a lack of players to fill my first team bench plus I'm continuing to pay the players wages which all seems pointless to me.
  7. Highly doubt it seen as they are only the official soft drink sponsor.
  8. Might even have been both, there were 2 versions in a row he was always a must sign for me.
  9. Maybe I'm missing something but it is £26.99 from there. Pre-ordered it with 365 earlier today and already have the code emailed to me to unlock the Beta version on release.
  10. Could someone also PM me the answer. Totally stumped too.
  11. Fingers crossed. All the help and effort you have went to has been much appreciated.
  12. That's the message I'm currently getting. The message I usually get is the server could not be contacted. ByteShield = joke
  13. Was doing it for a while last night on mine and apparently the ByteShield server was down then. I just wish I could access the game, not really a lot to ask
  14. That's the same message I have been getting since I bought the game on Sunday bud.
  15. The silence on this issue is absolutely deafening. That's now a week since the game was released and there are still those of us out there who have been unable to access the game after trying all suggestions offered on here and by ByteShield who now also seem to have went silent on the matter. After contacting the retailer for a refund request which seems to have been ignored I've decided to open a Paypal dispute as I am sick fed up of having a game that I am unable to play. It's got to the stage that I am so peed off with the amount of time it has taken to try get this up and running to no avail that I just want my cash back as it would appear we're getting nowhere fast.
  16. According to ByteShield when I communicated direct with them about the unavailable server message that it sounds like something such as firewall is blocking it. This was after I had uninstalled both game and security system before installing the game again but still getting said message with everything uninstalled. Beginning to think ByteShield don't have a clue about what's going on. They've been as much use as a fireguard.
  17. Just tried mine again and that's what I'm getting now. Saying that I have still not actually been able to access the game. After 6 days of trying and looking for fixes I've had enough. E-mailed the company I bought it from last night requesting a refund and provided all evidence I have such as e-mails with Byteshield along with screen prints I have of my errors but had no response.
  18. Followed this advice posted by Direct2Drive today who I purchased the download from http://supportcenteronline.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=4426 Tried this but still doesn't work for me. I'm now getting a different message when I try to start up now. I'm being told that I have no internet connection active or something along those lines when I do.
  19. Are we any further forward to resolving the issues for those who are still unable to access the game?
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