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  1. Hey I have the exact same issue with QPR. Took them from championship to Europa league winners, 3rd in prem, from 3 star for 4.5 star rep and getting the same problem
  2. Most of my games are ok, had one crazy 6-4 game, but 3-1 loss against city, 3-2 against Spurs otherwise mostly under 1 goal. I do tend to switch to defensive or counter when I score and both my cm are DMC/MC (Carlos Soler and Jordan Cousins)
  3. I just made this tactic from your SS (no custom player instruction), and it's working well for me. QPR in 2020, just got promoted, won 6 from 10 which is good going. Didn't really have the players for 3 CAM but was going well. It's the kind of tactic I like, fairly simple (not 80 instructions) but affective. Plus I like the 3 auto player mentalities as it lets me adjust during the game, which I do a lot (normally if I go 2 up, switch to defensive) Also really enjoy your site, I think I follow you on twitter too! Thanks
  4. Probably won't use this, as i hate asymetrical formations (Petty i know). But wanted to say thanks, i'm a big fan of your tax and always look forward to you're insightful posts. Don't stop
  5. Sorry didn't actually answer the question, while the CF(s) always seems perform not that great, I tried changing the role and it made the team worse. So I just settled with AMC/Fc type players in this role worked best
  6. Yeh I am doing the same challenge (start with a newly promoted team in lowest league Vanarama South), just won the L2 title, hardest bits for me were getting out of Conf. South, then L2 proved a tough league too, but 3 seasons in I dominated. I found in Conf South and Conf, physicality is the key, I just signed players who had good physical stats, even with crappy technicals they still dominated. In League 2 I had to bring on board some players who could actually play football, but now I have. 40k wage budget, did some scouting abroad and got some solid foreign talent coming in!
  7. Well I cant seem to post pictures for some reason (Why cant i use Gyazo like most normal websites?)] However, as bed time has arrived my latest update: with 6 games left (7 for me), I am in 2nd place, 1 point behind the leaders, 7 points above the playoffs. I will be gutted if auto promotion is not achievable now! Some key stats for me: Striker: Niall Phillips Played 37, Scored 26, Assists 16 MR: Heffernan Played 35, Scored 19, Assists 19 ML/CF: Chapman Played 22, Scored 17, Assists 15 (Shame he is so injury prone) ML/BWMs: Haslet-Cregg: Played 38, Scored 8, Assists 13 All in all, incredible happy with the season, so thanks Mr R. a fantastic tactic that works even with weaker teams.
  8. So i said i'd post an update - 2nd Season in L2, i signed a lot of players (14), which upset the harmony somewhat. However the season was OK, I finished in 12th, with 63 points the same as the year before, but this season was more consistent, rather than 50% awsome, 50% terrible! In this last off season, i got 5 new loan players, and signed 2 other guys, and after 16 games i am top of the league, and looking pretty good. I'll update again at end of the season
  9. I was generally being encouraging, also held a few team meetings. Morale was mainly the yellow one fair I think it's called, with a few poor and a few good. Although when I asked the captain he always said 'the lads are quite down'. I finished 13th which defied all expectations, and my 3k wage budget is now 20k, some of my players are terrible so it might just that the high morale carried more than it should. I did have some great stats on some of the team, my RM scored 17, assisted 22 in 39 games for example. I've already signed a new MC who actualy has some stats above 11 now, so let's see who I can get in. I'll update tonight. But any tips to get out of a slump would be appreciated
  10. So I have played a full season now, in L2 with Stamford, I just got promoted and was favourite to go down Up until Xmas I had played 19, W17, D0, L2 I was amazed this tactic just was steamrolling everyone. However after Xmas, I lost 14 on the bounce, I made no new signings or anything it just stopped working. I switched to my own tax and stumbled along, then changed back for the last 5 games w:1 D1, L3. So now I'm really confused, it might have been something to do with having a thin squad, but players were not notably unfit or tired. I'm going to add a few new players based on the stats above and give it another go. Has anyone else experienced these kind of dramatic changes of fortune?
  11. I have some pretty good set piece instructions lifted from elsewhere, when I get a chance to test I'll let you know
  12. Looks good mate, I'll give it a try with my newly promoted League 2 side!
  13. I'm glad you had some succsess with moving the cm to poacher. Worked wonders for me in conference south. I actually ended up getting promoted, despite being tipped as last, using a rotation of v3, and v3 with 3 forwards. Now in Conferance, obviously tipped to be last couldn't get in any players really, but have been running v3 default until I loose then swapping to a 4-3-3 with wingers (moved treq and one Bwm to be wingers attack). Looking forward to your new tax, i love having a solid base to try things from so thanks for your work
  14. Hey, yes I'm using 3 strikers. Not something I like normally. Gonna do some more testing this evening
  15. I'm using the version with a team predicted to finish bottom of conference South. My results were ok played 10: W:3 D:2 L:5. However when loosing I threw the cm(a) up top as a poacher and it was deadly, I've now started this from the start, results were epic pld: 5, W:5 scored 17 goals for 6 against. What seems to be happening is the treq/cf play almost like inside forwards on fm14, this results in massive overloads up front in which a chance seems to always be created. Now I need to test it further and the caveat is I have far better strikers than I do midfielders, but still promising
  16. 10 games for me with Stamford (predicted rock bottom 120-1, next highest 40-1). 3 games I lost 6-0, 4 wins, 3 draws. Not to bad, have a pretty weak side at recruitment is really tough this year. I'll stick with it as it takes almost 6 months to get fluid as part time team
  17. Will you release both versions? I really need the help, my Stamford team are awful, (180-1 to win league, next lowest is 40-1) and I need all the help I can get!
  18. I should also mention I was very unsure on buying a sp3, but in the wife told me I had to to stop me going on about it. And I'm so happy with it, so much more than a tablet, and as long as your not hoping to play COD on full gfx at 1080p you'll love it
  19. I also play on my sp3 256/8gb. It works like a charm, I set the resolution to a lower one but one of the ones without the letter box (took a bit of experimenting). I set the details to low as I like the smoothness over higher gfx. I normally use the keyboard thing with mouse, but have dabbled with touch on planes and it works fine (you can't type using touch so ensure you have started a game already!) it takes a bit of getting used to, but you can hold the pen close to the screen to move the mouse which removes the need for double tapping. It's not ideal, but for bashing through a season at 35,000 feet it is epic
  20. If you want any testing on the early release I'd be more than happy do some lower league testing (can't be worse than my own!)
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