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  1. [FM11][RELEASED] Steklo X1

    Where's the match speed slider? It's not on the classic pitch view and I have to go into TV mode to get at it.
  2. Regen pictures disappeared

    Do you have the option selected in graphics that says "Use real and generated faces" or summat?
  3. Youth players very often don't reach their potential IRL too. Star ratings are fuzzed a little bit, even with the best scouts. FMRTE reports a 3.5 star PA player with an actual PA that's only 6 points away from Steven Gerrard's CA.
  4. The Joy of Stats

    They keep track of it certainly. Otherwise they couldn't give you an achievement with it.
  5. Sounds like Liverpool; I say that as a fan. Was Carrol playing? There you go.
  6. Good old Soccernomics. Love that book.
  7. I've been scoring less and less as the season wears on. It's November and I'm drawing with the likes of Stoke and Wolves (as Liverpool). It doesn't help that there's two matches a week not counting EL. My players have no time to rest at all.
  8. I don't really have time to sit down and crank out matches anymore. Even when I did though I got bored with it. Tactics are tricky to get right. You can't really tell what is working and what isn't, you just know if you are winning or not. There's no clear cause and effect to figure anything out.
  9. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Christian Poulsen Your Team: Liverpool Buyer/Seller: Please please please F.C Player's Value: £7.5 mill Offer: - Transfer/Wage Budget: No object Patch: 11.3 Season: July 2010
  10. Samuel Eto'o

    You're more than welcome to change it yourself. There's a very easy to use editor bundled with the game. Failing that there's FMRTE.
  11. FM11 - Wigan Athletic Thread

    Fun fact: Wigan have never been relegated from the top flight. That includes the pre-Premier League era.
  12. Balotelli. Powderkeg personality and I just don't need it. I almost never sign senior players. I always get youngsters. Youngsters everyone signs, but youngsters none the less.
  13. I lost my avatar (Bender with a Tri-corner hat) when I installed the cutout facepack.