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  1. I've just started a new game with Liverpool and finished the first season. However, I haven't got a new youth players intake in the whole year, not a single new regen. Is this a bug? Has anyone had the same issue? I know the youth intake is supposed to be some day in March for English clubs, but I just didn't get it.
  2. Admin, could you please close this thread? Going on holiday for a month and will not have computer.
  3. OK. I'm releasing V2 of this tactic. This will be the second and last version I post of this tactic as I am very proud about the football which is played and specially about the tremendous percentages of possession it allows you to have. I don't know if it is better than V1, it just aims to have even more possession. http://www.gamefront.com/files/20587550/Tristan%27s+4-2-3-1+v2.0+%28Espanyol%2C+Nov+2027%29.tac AMR and AML are moved to striker positions and set to Deep Lying Forward - Support. DR and DL are now set as Wing Back - Support. The passing is shorter, focused on the middle and more quick, allowing you to have more possession. The closing down is maximized to help you win the ball as soon as possible. No shouts are needed with this version. PASSING, FLAIR, WORK RATE and STAMINA are important attributes for all players (except the keeper, obviously). Apart from that, attributes highlighted for each position-role in the game should be taken into account (except from long shots). Hope you enjoy the tactic and it gives you success.
  4. Can't wait to see how more results RedBlue, hope the tactic works a treat for your team. More results I had using this tactic: As Spain Vs the Czech Republic Look at the possession and the amount of chances created. As Spain Vs France Again, look at the possession and the number of chances. As Liverpool playing against Arsenal with 11.3 squad This time didn't have much possession, but take a look at the amount of CCCs. After running a little test about shouts I'd advise to use retain possession, pass to feet and hassle opponents if you want your team to take less risks and have more possession.
  5. Stick with it and give it a few games to settle. If everything is on awkward in match preparation you can't expect good things. : - )
  6. Yes, I think the tactic is suitable also for lower league teams. Get the right players, but instead of searching for 13 or 14 in the key attributes, search for 10-11 or whatever. I tried it in England with Tottenham and Liverpool and had good results with both, even in bad wheather conditions, so I'd try to stick to sort passing, and if it doesn't work you can always switch to normal or even direct passing. I don't use any shouts at all, but this is because I'm a bit lazy and I just want to enjoy seeing the matches. Maybe shouts are a good idea and maybe not, I don't know. Common sense says retain possession and hastle opponents should be 2 important shouts. EDIT: After running a little test about shouts I'd advise to use at the begging of each match retain possession.
  7. I was a little bit bored, so I started a new game with small database and just two leagues loaded, and then I holidaied until 2027 (yes, I know, lol). Well, in 2027 I took charge of my favourite team, Espanyol. The past season they had won the Spanish Cup and the Euro Cup, they didn't had a fantastic team, just a great manager (Prandelli). So, I started with them, good team (more a EL team than a CL team) but nothing in special apart of a world class striker, and this is what happened in my first matches using my 4-2-1-3: Not a single match lost. 28 goals for and just 6 goals against. 2'15 goals for every match and 0,46 goals against (less than 1 goal every 2 matches!). Apart of that, won against Barcelona the Spanish Supercup by winning them at Camp Nou and also managed to win 3-0 current CL Champions Olympique. I think this tactic is very good!
  8. Glad the forums are back again, aren't we? Well, back to bussiness: I'm not a tactical genius nor anything like that, but I feel this time I've created a REALLY good tactic. It's a 4-2-1-3, the formation looks like this: It has 2 DMC, yes, but don't get it wrong: the tactic is attacking and produces beautiful football. And yes, it is the same formation which Spain used in the World Cup (with Busquets and Xabi Alonso as DMCs, Xavi as MC, Iniesta as AMR, Villa or Pedro as AML and Torres or Villa as ST). The tactic relies on a short passing game, with control strategy. The aim is to make a beautiful passing game, creating spaces and having always players in the box waiting for crosses or through balls. The philosophy is fluid, with more roaming and more creative freedom allowed, that helps players to move more freely around the pitch, making better off the ball movements and letting players with high decisions and/or flair shine in the attacking and transition phases. Crosses are set as drill crosses because they seem more effective in 11.3, plus they're better to keep possession that float crosses. And what about the tactic defensively? Well, it is set to close down a lot, aiming to win back the ball as soon as possible. It is also set to zonal marking, as I feel it is better when using a high closing down approach, plus I don't see my players making stupid things when the opposition's players roam or swap their positions. The tactic doesn't use the near post corner exploit, but I still get a lot of goals from corners using just the default set up. I think the tactic is quite balanced: it has 3 players on defend duty, 4 players on support duty and 3 players on attack duty. That tries to guarantee that all areas of the play are covered: defensive phase, transition phase and attacking phase. So now let's go to each player's role: GK: Goalkeeper - Defend RB: Full Back - Support CB®: Central Defender - Defend CB(l): Central Defender - Defend LB: Full Back - Support DMC®: Deep Lying Playmaker - Support DMC(l): Anchor Man - Defend MC: Central Midfielder - Attack AMR: Inside Forward - Support AML: Inside Forward - Attack ST: Advanced Forward - Attack I like the way the 5 men in the midfield are set up beacuse: a) You have wingers, so you don't suffer in the wings. b) You have 2 DMC which makes the tactic more solid defensively. c) You can press up on the pitch (with the 2 wingers) and down (with the 2 DMC). Plus, there's always some in the middle of the midfield (lol) which is helped either by one of the DMCs who goes up to press or one of the wingers who goes down to defend. d) You always have at least one midfield waiting in the box (usually 2 or 3) for that cross or through ball. e) You have a playmaker, someone to dictate tempo and organize. f) You have two midfielders capable of scoring many goals (AML Inside Forward - Attack and MC Central Midfielder - Attack). OK, I think I've spoken enough about the tactic so I think it's time to answer the FAQ: What match preparation should I use? I set Team Blend on Very High until everything in the tactic is fluid and my players are blending well together. Then I leave it to my assistant. But that's just me, do as you wish. Is this tactic plug and play? Yes, I use it always, home and away, against world class teams and against underdogs. Do you use opposition instructions? No, I don't use any. I wouldn't advise to use any, but do as you wish. What teamtalks should I use? I use ZeroSea teamtalks at the begging and in half-time, as I found them really useful, just say "You have faith" to every single player both at the beginning and in half-time, if "You have faith" is not able, then use "You can make the difference". At the end of the match I say "disappointing" to players with 6.4 rating or less, pleased to players from 6.5 to 7.4, and delighted to players with 7.5 or more rating, whatever the result is. What pitch size should I use? I use normal with good results. But you may try a different size, bigger or smaller, maybe it works better. Why does everyone have long shots set to rarely? Because players make too many long shots if you set them on "mixed" or "often". I think it is a 11.3 ME issue. For example, I had Van der Vaart, whose Long Shots attribute is 19, so I try to set them on "mixed", but anyway he still played better with long shots on "rarely". Having all players longs shots on "rarely" doesn't mean that you aren't going to see a single long shot, it just means that players will not waste possession with silly long shots going nowhere. Do you advise to make any tweaks? The only tweak I'd advise to make if it fits your team better, is to put the AML as Inside Forward - Support and the AMR as Inside Forward - Attack. I wouldn't advise to put both on support nor both on attack, as you want to keep balance. What attributes are needed for each player? Obviously, the ones highlighted for each position in the game! :-) Flair, pace, decisions, stamina and work rate are good bonuses whatever the position is. But I'd advise to just search for the ones which are highlighted, except from long shots, I don't ever look for that attribute. Why don't use a stopper-cover combo in the defence? Because it isn't necessary as we're playing without a high defensive line and we have 2 DMCs to help the back four. Does every single player have to be "natural" in his positions? Judging from my experience, no, the minimum is "unconvincing", I think is enough with that. But don't forget to train new positions to your players anyway. Should wingers match their foot with their wing (ie right footed on the right wing)? Well, they're set as Inside Forwards, and the game's description says that it is better to play them with opposite foot to their wing. Still, I must disagree a little bit, I've tried right footed players in the right wing as Inside Forward and they played brilliantly. Think, for example, in Iniesta, Cristiano Ronaldo or Muller. Left footed or right footed, it doesn't matter much as long as they're good. For example, it is better to play a good right footed AMR rather than an average left footed AMR. But if both are equally good I'd go for the left footed. Should I use any shouts? After running a little test about shouts I'd advise to use retain possession, pass to feet and hassle opponents if you want your team to take less risks and have more possession. What can I expect from this tactic? Good results if you have the right players, but don't expect to win every single match by three goals difference or more. Example of results with this tactic, first games with Tottenham, 11.3 squad, not a single transfer and players haven't get used to the tactic yet. Still, amazing results, including a 0-1 win away in the North London Derby and a 3-0 home win over AC Milan. I just lost one time, but had a lot of injuries and an amazing bad luck in front of the keeper. I also had good results with this tactic playing as Espanyol and Liverpool. Download link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20580859/Tristan%27s+4-2-1-3.tac It took me a lot of time to create this thread, so please be respectful and don't spam. And, of course, if you have any questions regarding the tactic don't hesitate to ask. I can't wait to see your results! :-) GO TO POST #15 FOR V2 OF THE TACTIC.
  9. Brobs, I liked your previous tactic and had good results with it in La Liga (unfortunetly I lost the save game). I think I might give your new tactic a try but there's one thing I can't understand about your tactic, why is the DMC set to run from deep often!?
  10. I'm sorry, but I can't understand why your tactic has a very deep defensive line and also plays offside. I also don't understand why it plays both slow and counter attacking. Could you explain it to me a little bit, please? I think I'm going to give it a shot anyways.
  11. Screenies of some of the best matches: I advise to people using this tactic to be patient. I got this results after my team was gelled and adapted to the tactic, the first matches when you change the tactic use to be difficult, so don't worry if you don't get the desired results in the 4-8 first matches.
  12. Tried the last version of this tactic with Espanyol in Season 2011/2012 and had very good results, take a look at the picture. Considering that the season before I finished 7th and that many teams had a better squad, I think the results are pretty good. I also managed to arrive to the spanish cup final, but lost there against Real Madrid (3-1). I'm not only happy because of the results, I specially like the way football is played with this tactic: it is pretty solid defensivly, all players in the pitch use to have good ratings and midflielders and strikers use to have a good amount of goals and assists. I specially like that it creates first touch football (at least it does for me, cause all my midfielders and strikers have good first touch). Oh, and I can't forget about this one: the counter attacks are quick and precise, I love the goals the counters create. But the best thing of all is the incredible amount of chances this tactic creates - yay! The only things I don't like so much is that many times I don't have much posession and my strikers miss many chances (maybe because they aren't world class strikers), but I don't really care as long as I have good results and beautifull football. I know many people come here to talk about your tactic, but I thought you would like to see more feedback, Mr Hough, and not only the "when is your new tactic going to be released" kind of post.
  13. Hi Bubbabaytuna, your post is very interesting, I really liked it. I just got a few questions, what do you say to players at half-time when they're looking motivated or playing with confidence? Have faith, maybe, would be a good one? But what if 9 players or so are playing with confidence or looking motivated? Individual have faith for everyone?
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