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  1. I tested the CB to be in the Left CB slot so the SW had no one in front of him. That left some weird gaps. Once I slotted the CB directly in front of the SW the system became pretty good. The HB fills the Right CB slot and the SW stays behind the line instead of stepping into the line. I want the sweeper to <cough> f*cking sweep .. so by placing him directly behind the CB he nows does that. My CM S was a box to box (but left gaps) so a CM S is working fabulous to keep the shape and fill the holes. My Enganche was a Treq and an AM-S and a AP ... but nothing works quite as well as the ENG in this system. He really see's quite a bit of the ball and distributes it well as you can see by my AMR (IF-S) with his goals. My CBW-R on attack crushes it from the byline ..creates massive space for that IF-S because the defenders need to pick who to follow. On the other side my AML (IF-A) also drags defenders out because he is in the box so much. At times this puts some pressure on my CWB-L (S) so I keep an eye on that during the match. My DF-S is great. Basically taking over the hassling duties for the enganche and opening up space in the box by dropping out. All in all working a treat ... I will let you know how the season ends. This may or may not tank .. but right now its running well.
  2. Thanks for asking Calvin. Well I survived the Ekstraklasa and in my 2nd season its still early but I am top of the league (first time in about 15 saves haha). I decided to give a version of Catenaccio a try. Defensive with a sweeper.
  3. Midnight Rob thank you for that screen you shared. I got sacked from Brondby (of course) and got hired at Wisla in Poland. I thought about my normal tactic (stuck in rut thinking) plan but on the 3rd tactic tab I used it to move the players into the positions they would be attacking/supporting when with the ball ... this helped me solidify my belief that I was using players incorrectly in the D/S/A strata when piecing together what I wanted in conjunction with their attributes ... so I built a nice tactic and thumped Lech in my first game. I could not believe my eyes the football we were playing haha. Stringing passes and yet being able to be in position to defend .. THANK YOU for helping me see that piece I was missing. SwanSongs - I took your advice and ignored the assistant/staff recommendations and just used the players where I thought they fit best ... I had an AML slot into my CM-A spot (he was listed as unconvincing) and he made some wonderful off the ball runs which caused some issues for the defense .. I will let you guys know how things progress but it definitely feels "fresh" tanking my stuck in the rut thinking. Thanks again
  4. HAHAHA quality post.... seriously thank you to everyone for responding. I think because I do play the game so much I tend to get stuck in ruts .. or stuck in ways of thinking. The advice is great because it helps change my way of thinking.
  5. Top notch advice Midnight Rob .... much appreciated. Definitely gives me something to think about!
  6. "Flitting" haha .. yes most definitely .. "Unless you know what you want from each of the eleven players" - Normally I do - but I think I am just awful at matching a player for a role, you know? Even though the game highlights the key attributes for you .. all the players don't normally match the "need" to meet - so from there its up to the player to decide .. and I think thats why I s*ck. If you get some time RT .... if you take a look at the Brondby team out of the box .. I would be curious as to how you would play a basic set up ... just so I can compare to what I did so I can see how far off my thinking is with players as individuals.... Does that make sense? Thanks Man
  7. 1400 hours into this version Countless saves Best I have done is promotion from Championship to Premier twice and relegated immediately the following season. I feel I know how to build a decent tactic as I've been playing FM since 01/02 and read and digest all the advice. (from cleon to rashidi to WWFAN to THOG etc ) I believe my problem to be picking the proper players. I must really blow at getting Jim Bob Smith to play in an anchor man role or thinking Sneezy MGeezy is going to be the next Maradonna when he is really a non league fullback or something. So my question is about player roles and when to use that particular role. For example ... an Anchor man Would an Anchor man be useful in an attacking system or is an Anchor man really for when you want to keep shape and have a simple holder. Or a defensive system ... is it really not appropriate to think a treq could play in a defensive mentality as the "game description" says your teamates need to carry him? If so .. then is a treq more useful in an attacking system? Or a plain CM-D .... is that considered a watered down anchor man? Someone who will just sit and hold ....but is that good in a counter system? or is that more for a defensive system .. And I know its all about the players and their attributes and how it works with the match engine but what I am asking is more basic than that ... I am asking on a higher level of the way to "think" about a defensive system and the proper roles or a counter sytem and the proper roles etc ... Am I making sense or am I just venting like a moron. As an example ... on a new save check out Brondby - I started a new save and have not won either Euro Cup game or the first 2 matches of the season (lost both 0-1) with the default players. Tell me ... what would YOU DO with that Brondby team? I am curious for comparisons please.
  8. DRSWIT - Would you mind letting me know how to change green font colors to the same color as the black? The green font against the white prevents me from using the skin .. it hurts my eyes .. but it is a fabulous skin.
  9. So with those stats above ... if you play a narrow formation .... I would ensure your CD's and DM have superior heading/jumping and your Keeper has excellent aerial and command of area.....
  10. In my current save with Wednesday ... I play an attacking 4-3-3 (4-1-2-2-1 DM WIDE as the game calls it) at home and a defending version for my road games. (Using an IF-S on the left and a W-S on the right) Stats for the last 30 Domestic League Matches: 22 conceded 10 from crosses 45% The highest Cross completion team at this point in my season is QPR with a 17% cross completion. Followed by some clubs at 16% and several at 15% which indeed reflects real life cross %. (It floats between 15-19% completion I believe in real life) I cannot find real life "cross goal %" though. EDIT - I did find this article on the 2012 Euros (I guess I am ok with the stats within the engine for my save) Most goals were scored after a cross (43.7%) while regarding goal scoring area, over 90% of goals were scored inside the penalty area and specifically from the area between penalty spot and goal zone (42.1%). Regarding the type of feed, most goals were scored after a cross (43.7%) or a short pass (35.2%) there seems to be a critical zone inside the penalty area from which most goals are scored, crosses identified as a relevant factor for team goals and almost ½ of the goals were scored without any pressure from defenders. Full article : http://thesportjournal.org/article/analysis-of-goal-scoring-patterns-in-the-2012-european-football-championship/
  11. HI there Anyone have a link to a thread which describes what the manager traits translate into? For example Simeone: Playing Style = passing What does that actually translate into? Passing = shorter? Playing Mentality = Balanced Does that mean he prefers to play standard?
  12. Pretty much 100% of the time when I read a tactical analysis or player analysis piece I immediately wonder how it translates into FM. Is this a sickness? Pretty much. A complete addiction to the game as I know it. So I figured I would start asking you all here how you would interpret these pieces written for real life but how we see them as a fit for the game we all love .. FM I will start with this one from ESPN FC on why Arda Turan is a perfect fit. I read this piece: To balance that action, somebody needs to move into the wide-right positions and provide width. Frequently that ends up being Alves .... Occasionally Rakitic is the player who moves wide to balance out Messi. Neither option is perfect. Rakitic isn't a natural winger and not nearly as effective in wide spaces. And while Alves is great, if Barcelona have a weakness it's that when the ball ends up at his feet deep down the right flank, the team has a tendency to become stagnant. Turan solves that problem. His ability to move wide and balance for Messi's movement means that unlike Rakitic, he's drifting to fill an area of the field in which he's exceedingly comfortable So in my mind ... I am thinking what attributes would someone have in FM that was "EFFECTIVE IN WIDE SPACES" and "EXCEEDINGLY COMFORTABLE IN THAT AREA OF THE FIELD" ... What are your thoughts? -B
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