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  1. There are frustrations, I think the graphics whilst not great on a matchday are ok and have improved. The changes to the matchday screens with loss of the layout/options from FM20 is another frustration and I believe it'll probably be looked at for the next FM - although I think i've got used to it now and tend to do my analysis through other means - No problems at HT on the PC version, game stops I have a look through my team, set instructions for the opposition and go again.
  2. Laptop - been doing some Lower League Management over the past month or two - had some great saves with Northampton (No money, crap squad, literally survived my first season by 2pts on the final day), Shrewsbury Town (No money but some good defenders in Williams and Pierre who I banked £4m in sales from and got promotion in season 2) and Plymouth Argyle (great squad with Ennis, Cooper x 2, MacLeod, Jephcott - won the league in the first season).
  3. Been playing quite abit of FMT over the past few months - really enjoyed it this time, found it challenging and rewarding at the same time. Just thought i'd add a few suggestions for future versions below (if there is a place where I should post these please let me know) * Improve the 'Papa Johns Pizza Trophy' - I know this is now being looked into but it is dominated by the 'reserve' teams of Premier League clubs which are containing £40m+ players after 1 or 2 seasons frustrating when you are trying to make money with a cup run as Manager of a small club. * More flexibility to
  4. Sorry I can't find the answer to this. Is there a difference between say loading (1) - Just England (to VNS/VNN), Scotland and Germany and then adding up to 100,000 players through the advanced settings. or (2) - Loading say 12 countries to get up to the 100,000 players. I'm guessing option 1 would run significantly quicker as the game wouldn't be processing the leagues in option 2 ? but would there be any ramifications on the other clubs from leagues not run? Just weighing up my options for a long-term save with out the game running slow but I wanted acc
  5. I found Rob Atkinson at Oxford to be quite decent - will cost abit though in first season
  6. The 'u23' teams entered into the Papa John's Pizza Trophy are far too strong from the Premier League teams, i'd expect to see one or two senior players potentially involved to build up fitness but not the likes of Matip, John Stones, Max Wober, Thiago, Naby Keita, Oxlade-Chamerlain, Jota and Mahrez in a Liverpool starting XI? also faced Man City in the same competition and they fielded Jesus, Insigne, Foden, Parades and Torres - this is the 21/22 season hence the new signings.
  7. Not sure if this is the right place to post this or report it. Currently in my second season on FM Touch (latest update version). Playing in the lower leagues as Northampton, i've been amazed at the strength of the 'u23' teams fielded in the Papa John's trophy. Hopefully I can copy some of the screenshots of the teams i've faced in the 21/22 season below. Liverpool Reserves & Man City reserves as attached
  8. Instant results seem a bit random, playing 4-4-2 i've lost 7-0, 7-3, 8-1 with instant results and playing for a win.
  9. Same thing with me, I did a save with Sheff Utd and started the season with Liverpool (A), Chelsea (H), Man Utd (A), Man City, Tottenham (H) - 5 played and 0 points.
  10. Previously raised on the Beta thread, the capacity of 30,852 (used capacity) at Molineux is incorrect. Confirmed on official website as 31,700 - https://www.wolves.co.uk/corporate/advertising/facts-figures/ Last seasons attendance figures - https://www.transfermarkt.us/wolverhampton-wanderers/spielplan/verein/543/plus/0?saison_id=2019 a number way over the 30,852 figure.
  11. Molineux Stadium - the capacity is wrong, it should be 31,700. (possibly a little higher as we had 31,746 last season) https://www.wolves.co.uk/corporate/advertising/facts-figures/ I think it is currently listed in the game as 30,852. Gates from last season - https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/wolverhampton-wanderers/attendances/2019-2020
  12. Managed to get 20+ out of Cauley Woodrow at Barnsley in my last save
  13. You can go into leagues and look at previous season player stats through each category? I normally spend a few hours during pre-season looking for targets this way.
  14. From memory if you hover over the 'Inj' it normally tells you?
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