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  1. Does anyone know if you can edit what newgens a club gets in the database? For example, could you edit Barcelona to get Argentinian newgens each year instead of Spanish?
  2. Why so many 4-2-3-1 on 19.3, whats the difference in each?
  3. Looks pretty solid defensively, what the goal difference like? Have you tried other roles for the striker other than Defensive Forward?
  4. How do you assess if someone is right for the tactic? Do you use Ozil's attributes?
  5. Gonna give this a try with Sampdoria, would the FM17 version in the old thread still work. Would high OI's have much impact on this setup?
  6. Good read. Did you continue with the save?
  7. Brilliant read Ö-zil, really gave me a better understanding of how tactics work on FM, before I just downloaded a tactic until I found one that worked. One question I have though is, my forward doesn't seem to lead the press like described in the OP, his PI has close down less as the highest selected. Is this normal?
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