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  1. I'm in my first season with Villa, got off to a good start but am dropping like a stone now. Might give it a try, I can't do any worse. Download Link?
  2. Great idea for a save, and well done on the promotion. How are you going to decide who to manage next and when to jump ship?
  3. Does anyone know if you can edit what newgens a club gets in the database? For example, could you edit Barcelona to get Argentinian newgens each year instead of Spanish?
  4. Why so many 4-2-3-1 on 19.3, whats the difference in each?
  5. Looks pretty solid defensively, what the goal difference like? Have you tried other roles for the striker other than Defensive Forward?
  6. How do you assess if someone is right for the tactic? Do you use Ozil's attributes?
  7. Gonna give this a try with Sampdoria, would the FM17 version in the old thread still work. Would high OI's have much impact on this setup?
  8. Good read. Did you continue with the save?
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