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  1. Thanks, I have looked through there and posted but it has just been dead and no replies in a week or so :/ Thanks for the help, I will do like you said, if I am creating a new league do you know how I set prize money and tv revenues for the league?
  2. Does anyone know how I can go about adding more teams into a league with the editor? I would like to change the danish premier league from 12 teams to 16 and of course make teams play each other only twice. i have of course tried googling this and playing with the editor myself but I haven't had any joy. Thanks for any help you can give
  3. Really fancy a career in Denmark managing Brondby but I don't like the lack of teams in the division so ideally I would like to add the top half of the division below the superliga into the superliga making a more enjoyable level of teams and change it so teams only play each other twice, I would then just refill that second division with teams from below that etc. Is this possible? I have been googling and reading everything I can find for hours and can't find any actual guide for how newbies to editing can do this? Thanks for any help, I really would appreciate it
  4. I constantly find that whenever a conversation or class doesnt interest me that much i pull out my notebook and begin writting down tactics or signings. Playing FM on the toilet, in bed, in the car (when not driving ) and what i do all the time is interview myself, if im walking along the beach its 'so (name) how do you feel about this or what is your plan etc. Sometimes when im walking around or waiting in a que i begin interviewing myself and do it aloud, get the weirdest looks ever!!
  5. Please pick me! Please pick me!
  6. it can work and the sort out their issues but normally they 'hit a brick wall' and cant resolve anything
  7. I think whether you go into admin is worked out from what the club is worth, club value i think its called on there, obviously if you have sold your gound/training/youth facilities you will have fewer assets making the amount of debt needed to enter admin lower.
  8. Well I’m not sure but a plausible idea could be that maybe your only playing him on one side so he only uses one foot eventually making that foot better than the other
  9. Yes this is true there is even a skinning forum. I’m not sure if we are meant to say and I will remove it if not but check out * Sortitout website for skins and databases *spelt wrong (I don’t use it) Google it
  10. This is a feature that reflects life and one of the things which makes it a more realistic football management experience. I think the thinking behind having to pay more is that unless the team doesn’t want that player ie transfer listed you will have to pay over the odds to get the player. In my opinion this should only be the case for top players and more average players should be far more negotiable.
  11. To be honest from what I have seen they are normally right when this is said. But I can understand that its frustrating especially when a player who is having a great game has there rating dropped ignoring all that has happend before. If you feel it is a real problem or a bug in some circumstances I suggest you find a game where you think it’s wrong and upload the pkm to the bugs forum detailing exactly what you thought was wrong.
  12. I think it normally only happens with Sugar Daddy clubs or if you have made a lot of money. Unless Man City have had a takeover they are a sugar daddy club so you should see that if your bank balance drops to a certain level a cash injection will be forthcoming. So don’t worry about spending all your transfer budget
  13. I have done what you said and then went back and started the second half of my match and the sound was there so thanks. Although the other team and I have both done quite a lot of subs and there has been no announcement should there be?
  14. I have it ticked sound cache set to all and the volume on full when I press test it makes a sound but when in the match it is silent