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  1. 2021-2022 Ligue 1 Uber Eats Full table | Fixtures (1st half) | Fixtures (2nd half) --- Coupe de France Lost in Quarter Final to Lyon 1-3 Winner - Dijon --- UEFA Europa Conference League Fourth QF Round --- Squad Transfers | Player stats (all competitions) | Best XI --- 2nd Team Top goalscorer - Bridge Ndilu - 24 goals | Most assists - Gor Manvelyan - 15 assists U19 Team Top goalscorer - Abdoulaye Camara - 25 goals | Most assists - Sidney Leon - 8 assists Youth Intake
  2. After enjoyable 5 years in Ireland league I decided to return to top-flight football. I love long term squad development with focusing on club academy as well as creating unique tactical style for all levels of club vertical. Though "unique" style with my new club in France is not so unique, it's quite common possession oriented 4-3-3 which relies on smart decisions and good off the ball movement. But it creates some standards for players coming from own academy or another clubs. 2020 - 2021 Ligue 1 Uber Eats Full table Fixtures (1st half of the sta
  3. Career overview After some time of thinking I decided that it's a right time to finish my adventures in Ireland. I should be proud of club achievements. In 5 seasons we've won all major domestic competitions, were in group stages of all European tournaments, built new stadium, significantly improve facilities etc. Ireland has greatly progressed in continental rankings and from the next season should have 2 teams in CL. I love long-term squad development, creating dynasties but I'm not sure that Ireland is perfected place for this. Anyway it was glorious hunt. Thanks ev
  4. November - December 2025. Season review. Slightly disappointed with two defeats from Shamrock in a league and FAI Cup final but happy with sensational draw in France though we conceded 3d goal on 90+4 minute. Also another Champions Cup trophy in our collection. We were in fantastic form all the season in the league and in Europe, CL group stages is amazing achievement as well as 96 points in domestic league. Player stats (overall) ---
  5. October 2025 We doesn't look like whipping boys in Champions League. Had good moments against Chelsea, were close to comeback in match with Juve, so very pleasant picture so far. Played 3 tough games against Bohemians in 3 weeks and one of the wins sent us to the FAI Cup final where will face Shamrock Rovers. --- Funny achievement --- Another record is broken. But we could update it again in December in the match with Chelsea. --- New affiliate club. Limerick is out of playable leagues but have good facilities and decent reputation.
  6. September 2025 I'm pleased with our performance in first CL match with Lyon. We were better by xG and had more shots on target but difference in class was crucial. In the league we have already broke the record of most points in a season (current record - 87 points by Dundalk). --- Youth intake Not the best intake as expected but we should keen an eye on Joe Hick who looks like excellent prospect. -- Two international debuts in a month. Proud of these guys.
  7. I`m at the end of season 5 with Shelbourne and yes, I would definitely like having reserve team to fully control player development. Though I have affiliate Cabinteely where I send a lot of players every season. My best youngsters in senior squad were moved directly from U19 team.
  8. August 2025 Securing tittle - done! CL group stages - done!!! Seems like we are living in a dream. We went through all QF rounds and deserved to test ourselves at the highest possible football level. Moment to remember is our comeback in Basel. Our unbeatable run in the league finally ended at the point of 47 matches but I can't complain. It's still unreal achievement. --- Fantastic money for the club of our level. And i like the draw. It's going to be excellent experience for us. --- With the money for reaching CL
  9. July 2025 Excellent start in CL with two rounds already passed. Next opponent is Dinamo Zagreb. Tough opposition but we will do our best. In the league we are close to securing 1st spot, only 7 points are needed in last 11 matches but our ambitious goal for now is unbeatable season (something that I have never experienced in my fm history). --- Another one signing. Young defender Derek Garrity joined the club for free from Rochdale. And immediately went on loan to another League Two side Fylde.
  10. Looking at current coefficient table I see it possible to reach top 15 in the near future, so Ireland could have two teams in CL. But of course it will depend on how successful we are and other Irish teams. Dundalk participated in CL group stages last season and help enormously in gaining points.
  11. June 2025 Such needed break. Our bench is not so long as in previous seasons and players really tied with regular two matches per week. --- With transfer window opened we finished some deals. We get very good offer for Danny Kane from Northern Ireland. I like this player but 450k is massive funds for him so I let him go to Larne. Another player left the club - Suengchitthawon went to French Ligue 2 side Rodez. He was one of the highest paid in our club but his performance in this season was below required standards. And another reason is player we have found in his po
  12. May 2025 We are leading with 21 points over 2nd place! Two tough draws with our rivals Shamrock and Dundalk and defeat in Leinster Cup. Interesting match where we down 0-3 to 80 minute but almost made comeback, Keena was unlucky with header straight in woodwork at extra time. --- Money from ECL. Napoli is a winner in this season. --- Interesting information. We are the worst in producing players for Premier Division. It's something that I really want to improve with investments in facilities and coaching staff.
  13. April 2025 Our winning run in the league continues. Even without injured Thorne. Dundalk is surprisingly underachieving this season.
  14. Thank you, mate Yes, very fast. What we've done in 4 seasons was my program for at least 10 years)
  15. March 2025 Yes, we have knocked out from UCL but...those win at Aviva Stadium is unforgettable moment for thousands of our fans. Probably one of the biggest win in club history. In the league we are still unbeatable though we were close to first defeat in match against Shamrock but made comeback with two goals by Thorne. --- --- First time we have so many call-ups. And some pleasant performance from our prospects. Bad news is Thorne injury in match against Montenegro and he will be out for whole April. --- New contra
  16. February 2025 Perfect start with adding another President's Cup to our collection and spectacular wins over Dundalk and Corck City. Interesting that our newbies En-Neyah and Watts made a doubles against their former clubs. Thorne started season in perfect form with 6 goals in three games. --- Our fans are lucky to watch Arsenal in Dublin. We had Chelsea here and now another top club from London.
  17. Season 2025 Preview --- New stadium Ridiculously low capacity but ok for league matches. In continental games we play at 52000 seated Aviva Stadium. Good moments that we have undersoil heating now and also our corporate facilities upgraded to Top status. --- Transfers In | Out A lot of players going out, most of them on loan though. Most notable departure is Brian Keogh, our young academy graduate. Every player has a price and the offer was too good (500k +50% from the next transfer) to decline. Also we got some good fee for players I didn't see in the
  18. November - December 2024. Season review. Perfect end of the season. 85 points is the new record for the club. In the second half of the season we were especially great. And I couldn't even imagine such a good European campaign. We are still unbeatable in ECL and look what we did with Slovan. Player stats (overall) ---
  19. October 2024 Perfect month and we are the champions!...again. If we win last match against Cork City we will break our record for the points set two years ago. Also we look great in Europe and have all chances to qualify from the group. --- And our u19 team won their league for the second time in a row. Keogh and O'Donovan are very close to the senior team. Probably they should expect chances in the next season.
  20. September 2024 We are very close to the tittle. What we need is just to keep our excellent form. Good start of ECL group stage. We looked better than Slovan but draw is god result too. --- I'm really excited with Macedonian defender / Boby Terziev. I see him as perfect fullback in my system so already started to retrain him for this position. Anthony Conway and Peter Brown are another decent youngsters from this intake.
  21. August 2024 And we did it again !!! So proud of my boys...what a Team! Total destroy of AEK with 8-0 in two matches and incredible performance of O'Sullivan in second leg. After that win I was confident that we can go through last two QF rounds and it happened. Second Euro autumn in a row. Group stage draw is not so bad, I think we have chances if we will play like in QF matches. In the league our position looks solid. if we could grab points in games with Shamrock and Dundalk our chances to finish at the top greatly rise. --- And you know what I did
  22. July 2024 Matches against Petrocub were not so easy as I expected but we were more clinical in attack which allowed us to go through 1 QF round. But our next round first leg is a real sensation. Strong AEK side was beaten with crazy 4-0 score and our task for 2nd leg is more easier now. In the league we had 3 draws in a row and two of them against Shamrock and Dundalk which is good but we were very lucky in these games. --- Very strange deal. Owen is average youngster with a doubtful potential. I don't know what was there motive for doing that but 325k is too m
  23. June 2024 --- Mid-season break For the first time I have full month of break. And it's good because in last two month we played 16 matches and players need a rest. --- We made a really good exchange in central defense position. Jake Cooper moved to Sunderland for decent fee (125k) and at the same time we have signed for free Leigh Kavanagh from Walsall, who is younger and has more potential. Another deal is loan signing - Daryl Thorne from Chesterfield, 18 y.o. striker who can also play as winger. --- Not so promising like last intakes. We hav
  24. May 2024 The first defeat in this season came from where I didn't expect. After losing to Shamrock in Cup game I decided to make some adjustment to the tactic as I noticed some problems: 1. We allow too much space for oppositions to control the ball. 2. We often lose ball in unnecessary situations. So I enabled counter-pressing still playing with a low block. It kept compactness but at the same time we started to apply more pressure on oppositions when losing the ball. And I slightly changed in possession instructions reducing passing length but at the same time increasing tem
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