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  1. why there are so many dark skins i love light version but not so many other then original
  2. go to fmscout u will find a link to fm 19 demo that will prompt u to install fm demo ( not FMT demo )
  3. Any Light skins for FM17 i only see some dark versions .Need more Light skins
  4. contain didnt work 4:0 lead against City bearly makin a win with 4:3 then match with stoke 2:0 87 min end 2:2
  5. second season with everton i am 2nd 8 matches left but i have so many draws and a lot of them are like opp combacks against derby 3:1 for me 82 min end 3:3 against cristal 2:0 till 80 min end 2:2 against chelsea 4:2 86 min end 4:4 all of them i was leading its very frustrating
  6. Very good tactic for me . Finished 5 with Everton first season . Could be 3rd but some unlucky result at the end but overall very good
  7. dont know is it glich or something in fm 16 you have a young player who turns enough old for professional contract and on inbox u get news to give him new contract with his profile with potential ability and so but in fm 17 u only like get the sentence that player is elegible for new contarct and nothing else
  8. just one small thing:not liking when the match is finished (I was on holiday) and I wanted to see match stats and goal scorers why is every time needed for regenerating match report.In FM12 it is only when you wanted to se goals ond highlights
  9. Like always when i get new fm start with my favorit team FK Partizan Belgrade
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