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  1. Please, i advise to go somewhere else. reddit r/buildapc is a good place to start, a few youtube videos can also help. Main things to look at for FM would be CPU and RAM btw.
  2. Yeah, for a 'big' feature this doesn't seem good, half arsed at best 8 'hair styles' with 5 hair colours, Id rather not tbh.
  3. Lol i made this mistake with the vita version last year, unlucky but i think thats it for you with updates
  4. Absolute zero interest here and I feel that 95% of others may be the same. Would rather time be invested elsewhere but that's just me A bit disappointing overall
  5. Can I unlock the unlockables through gameplay still or is it MT only???
  6. Yeah, steam is gone ATM, kind of annoying that i cant carry on my network game with my brother who is sat in the same room ffs
  7. Sorry, about as bad as my mates 'player sexuality' idea (you dont wanna know)
  8. shame its only a template. these have good potential. would love a full release. shame i cant do any of these myself
  9. as long as we can still use hamachi and they dont throw steam in our faces then ill be ok
  10. wow thats just ridiculous $3GA should really look at this. no wonder piracy happens
  11. really hope there is more progress on this. will be good to get more variation on regens good luck
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