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  1. Nice one mate, thanks for the reply and keep up the good work!
  2. pr0, how come Kompany is only set as a player at Anderlecht and not changed to a player/non-player and set as player/manager?
  3. Apologies if asked before. If i start a game at a later start date, e.g. choosing Sweden and February 2019 does this affect player development at all compared to if I started in summer 2018? As the season goes on players attributes will increase through training etc, but if I've skipped half the season to start later then will it take them longer to develop? Thanks
  4. Thanks pr0! I know it is probably a lot of hard work, but for some changes in transfers, most notably the staff, the date they left club in non-playing history is needed. For example, Rui Faria would be wanted by Manchester United upon starting a new game unless that's added in the editor.
  5. Decided I'm going to start a new game as Everton. Already have one game going where I'm in charge of them and Wales and just finished my first season, but going to start another save game this time with transfers on first window. Also going to sell Barkley this time around since I can't see him staying with us in real life.
  6. I know staff have CA/PA, and they can improve and be sent on coaching courses etc. Is it possible to improve a physio's attributes such as the physiotherapy stat / how does their CA improve? Thanks
  7. Just finished my first season, had the embargo file from the editors hideaway enabled so had to stick with the starting squad, only changes made could be staff. Finished 4th, no trophies, although I did reach the Carling Cup final, lost to Liverpool though, typical! Lukaku finished as our top scorer. Mirallas was a standout performer. George Green got a few games at the start due to Barkley's injury and due to form, stayed in the first team for practically the whole season. Osman, Distin, Hibbert, Pienaar and Alcaraz have all decided to retire, so the wage bill is cleared quite a bit there. Hopefully can push on and win a trophy this season.
  8. Some of these may already be done but just in case they're not: - Junior Lewis should be assistant manager at Leeds - Iago Aspas needs his minimum fee release clause removed - Roger De Sa should be Ajax Cape Town Manager (since 20th Feb 2014) - Henk de Jong is SC Cambuur manager - Sandor van der Heide needs changing to non-player and made a coach at Cambuur - Arne Slot should be a coach or assistant manager at Cambuur - Cristian Sánchez Muñoz needs removing from the database as he's deceased - Ivo Pulga should be Cagliari manager - Jorginho (3301518) should be EC Vitoria manager - Alex Hay is a scout at Tranmere - Miron Markevych should be Dnipro manager - Steve Thompson (2005713) should be assistant manager at Huddersfield - Brian Eastick should be a coach at Nottingham Forest - Steve Wigley should be assistant manager at Nottingham Forest - Robert Kelly (5127632) needs to be added to West Brom as a coach - Nabil Hemani needs removing from the database as he's deceased - Ian Culverhouse and Gary Karsa were both sacked from Aston Villa in May - Xaver Zembrod needs setting as Hannover assistant manager on his contract page - Gianpiero Ventrone is a fitness coach at Catania (30th May 2014) - Jan Oosterhuis should be at De Graafschap as either a coach or assistant manager - Jan van Dijk (601429) should be Helmond Sport manager - Mario Verlijsdonk should stay at Helmond Sport as either assitant manager or a coach - Miroslav Romaschenko should be Dinamo Moscow assistant manager - Sergey Gurenko should be Amkar Perm assistant manager - John Collins (9882) is Celtic assistant manager - Eyong Enoh needs his future transfer removed and needs to be set as an Antalyaspor player Some changes based on the dutch data issues thread: - Marcel Groninger should be HHC manager - Spitz Kohn & Martin Koeman need to be removed from the database as they are deceased - Agil Etemadi should be at Almere City - Albert van der Sleen is goalkeeping coach at NAC Breda - Ronald Spelbos should not be a scout at AZ
  9. - Duncan Ferguson should be a first team coach at Everton (since 20th February 2014)
  10. In the editor, go to the club. Then to the staff and players section, under responsibilities, go to team selection (first team) you can then choose caretaker manager under expected job and set the staff member.
  11. I just have a habit of replacing all the staff whenever I start a game, have done for the past few versions, regardless of how good they are.
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