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  1. I really think you are playing the wrong game my friend, you state that it is unrealistic for a player to not want to negotiate even at 300k a week, when surely it is just as if not more realistic that a team of evertons status would not offer a player 300k a week.
  2. I may be being stupid, but how on earth do you give them?! I can't find them anywhere
  3. the download link on this link http://www.fmweegie.co.uk/download.html is taking me to the file which is 149kb...
  4. nah i have deleted all updates, seems like the folders messing up! I noticed thought the link took me to this... File Size: 149.65KB Description: 2.6.11 Hotfix with Lambert as Aston Villa Manager is that the correct file?
  5. i may be completely wrong but the only change i see is paul lambert to aston villa?
  6. is there any improvements in stats? for example jordan rhodes, oxlade-chamberlain and james mclean?
  7. This may be a daft question, but does it include the loan moves ie donovan at everton keane at villa, because many updates don't
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