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  1. Generally enjoying this years FM. A year which encourages hunting for many small tweaks and improvements over flashy new features. My only complaint with the game this year is about the 3D match engine, specifically the following. Too many blocked shots: I've seen this mentioned by several others too in the feedback. And it's not really about the number of shots blocked itself, but rather the way it happens. The strikers seem to belive that they are able to strike the ball directly through the defenders. Time and time again they simply blast the ball into defenders which are hardly moving. I'm guessing this is due to some balancing thing, keeping the scores from getting too high, but I hope it can be toned down somewhat for the second/third patch. Shooting from impossible angles: This is probably my biggest disappointment for fm16. As was the case with fm15, way to often strikers tries to score from almost impossible angles. As per tradition, I tend to start a game with Barcelona, just to get a feel of the "best of this years match engine". Seeing Messi blasting the ball into the goal keeper from somewhere along the goal line, while Neymar and Suarez is waiting for a simple pass to score is just sad, not to mention wildly unrealistic. I do understand a player with low team work, vision ect doing this, but MSN? Hardly. Strikers seems to pass to the keeper: I feel that a bit too often, shots fired from inside the box are way to weak. Sometimes it actually looks like the strikers are giving the ball to the opposition goalkeeper rather than trying to score. Sure, this will happen, if the striker places the shot, but the aim is poor. But I do feel it happens a bit too often. Generally, if a striker hits the ball from a position inside the box, most shots saved will be punched to the sides or over for a corner. by the goalkeeper. Its simply too risky to try to hold a shot from close range. This issue is also present for headers, where the players for some reason tries to head on goal from the edge of the box, instead of to a teammate, resulting in a very simple pick up for the goal keeper. Too many shots straight on the goal keeper: Again, this will happen for sure, but I feel it's a bit too much. It would be more realistic that more shots missed the target going out for a goal kick. Surely, the only place a striker would never aim at, is straight into the chest of the keeper. I'm guessing this may be related to shortcomings in the match engine, as the goal keepers doesn't really have all the needed animations for realistic one-on-one behavior yet.
  2. Besides further work on the match engine, my biggest wish is for more atmosphere and.. let's call it variety. I always tell myself I want a certain game to be that 20 season long game that just keeps getting more and more fun, but at this point (after playing this game for like 15 years), I usually get bored within 3-4 seasons. If you win trophies, it's allways the same, fans are pleased, and the board tells you to look forward. I want to see more dynamics around matches and competitions. It can be small things, like simply creating a variaty of cup win messages, to new features on build up before big cup matches or matches against rivals. Further more, we need more in terms on long term goals.
  3. First off, since I'm Norwegian, please excuse any grammatical errors Some thoughts: - Match engine: If I remember correctly from last years blogs, SI hired a developer with extensive experience in 3d football development. A whole year with this guy should mean that we will get a satisfying upgrade. Personally I really hope they do something about the actions of the gk's. They do some pretty strange things now and then. Also, skip the part in highlight mode, where you watch a player using like 10 seconds to get the ball for a corner. Genereal graphics improvements would also be appreciated, but maybe not to the extent that people with slower computers suffer a lot. - Wage spending: Now, I see this one is heavily debated. What we can agree on is that wage negotiation for managers are rather pointless now. I read in some post here that SI stated they weren't going to implement this feature. I really hope this is wrong. I like the ideas of using money to increase your stats, learning languages and so on. Buying a part of a club is ok I guess, but I do agree that this is Football Manager, and not Football Chairman, or Football Coach for that matter. In my opinion both those games would become boring pretty fast. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing some personal features like house and car, but I do understand those who oppose this. Perhaps some enable/disable when you start a new game? It should of course be a tiny part of the game, but I think most of us who want this, would like to have some goals that are not so "this season". How well you do in your personal life will reflect how good you perform as a manger over the years (and obviously how big a club you start with ) As a side note on this topic, the board, could be better when it comes to long term plans as well. - Player interactions: Probably my wish nr 1 this year. In real life we would spend a lot of time with our players, learning to know them. Again, this is not a request for a "sims component", but we should have far greater possibilities here to give the game more variety. I do feel the game is becoming kinda static after playing it (fm and cm) for nearly 15 years. This could also be increased to chairman, staff, fans and so on. More personality, more events and in general making the game more "alive". - Trophy room: So many years, and still no implementation of this feature. Wow! Should be rather easy to make. May be some licensing issue here? - Training: Needs to be more in depth in my opinion. - Financial control: Again, tricky area, because quite a few want more control over this, while the fact remains that unless you're a Fifa manager, it isn't really our job to manage the finances as such. I must admit I don't know how this works in real life, if managers has any say in this at all. But perhaps the mentioned increased dialog with the chairman/board could open for options like asking the board to alter some budgets (except for the transfer budget). - Stadium: 3d view of stadium and area around (traning, medical center and so on), and perhaps that some clubs will create a new stadium now and then? - Youth system: Needs a revamp, especially the process of intake of new youngsters. Youth camps where you could watch potential players play a match or two, view their stats and approach them yourself would be cool. - Press: I know talking to the press probably is quite boring in real life, but after all, fm is a game, and realism shouldn't choke the entertainment. Many addressed this last year, and it got some upgrades, but its still not enough. We could need more variety in the questions, but in my opinion this is not the main issue. What we need is more cynical and savage press, which remember things (yes, yes, I know they lauched this as a feature last year, and the press do remember some things, but we need more). Perhaps its time we got a real newspaper to read, and not just an inbox?
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