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  1. Generally enjoying this years FM. A year which encourages hunting for many small tweaks and improvements over flashy new features. My only complaint with the game this year is about the 3D match engine, specifically the following. Too many blocked shots: I've seen this mentioned by several others too in the feedback. And it's not really about the number of shots blocked itself, but rather the way it happens. The strikers seem to belive that they are able to strike the ball directly through the defenders. Time and time again they simply blast the ball into defenders which are hardly moving. I'm guessing this is due to some balancing thing, keeping the scores from getting too high, but I hope it can be toned down somewhat for the second/third patch. Shooting from impossible angles: This is probably my biggest disappointment for fm16. As was the case with fm15, way to often strikers tries to score from almost impossible angles. As per tradition, I tend to start a game with Barcelona, just to get a feel of the "best of this years match engine". Seeing Messi blasting the ball into the goal keeper from somewhere along the goal line, while Neymar and Suarez is waiting for a simple pass to score is just sad, not to mention wildly unrealistic. I do understand a player with low team work, vision ect doing this, but MSN? Hardly. Strikers seems to pass to the keeper: I feel that a bit too often, shots fired from inside the box are way to weak. Sometimes it actually looks like the strikers are giving the ball to the opposition goalkeeper rather than trying to score. Sure, this will happen, if the striker places the shot, but the aim is poor. But I do feel it happens a bit too often. Generally, if a striker hits the ball from a position inside the box, most shots saved will be punched to the sides or over for a corner. by the goalkeeper. Its simply too risky to try to hold a shot from close range. This issue is also present for headers, where the players for some reason tries to head on goal from the edge of the box, instead of to a teammate, resulting in a very simple pick up for the goal keeper. Too many shots straight on the goal keeper: Again, this will happen for sure, but I feel it's a bit too much. It would be more realistic that more shots missed the target going out for a goal kick. Surely, the only place a striker would never aim at, is straight into the chest of the keeper. I'm guessing this may be related to shortcomings in the match engine, as the goal keepers doesn't really have all the needed animations for realistic one-on-one behavior yet.