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  1. Here you go, in the same set-up As you can see, everyone is on the same page regarding mentality. In Very Fluid and in others fluidity as well as in all strategies, all players contribute to defense, attacking transition, attack, defensive transition. But, depending on role, duties, fluidity, strategy they are not going to contribute in the same way. If you compare the VF set-up with the Balanced one, the WB-A will obvisiously be taking more risky decision than the one in VF. Each fluidity is a different flavour of your set-up (role-duties) and overall strategic choice (strategy).
  2. 1. It's a preference rather than a pure limit, with "mixed" meaning the player has not been instructed to have an emphasis on short or direct. So, a FB-S with "more direct" will be instructed to look for more direct pass. 2. You are right, I started to think of team mentality starting from the GK then add (band of two, rule of one, etc...) then I realize I'd better go with the team mentality (strategy) as a starting point and decrease or increase mentality to have more cautious or more adventurous behavior.
  3. @difran I have done something on that for FM13 with the different zone and the mentality logic behind each fluidity with an example as I showed here for a 433 formation. Something like this I am still looking for an idea to picture fluidity without any reference to mentality since it's gone for the user in FM14 and not gonna come back. Moreover, I don't know if something has been changed under the hood so I can not be accurate. Finally, I don't want to hold back users thinking in terms of mentality as a slider since no one can directely access it. @Luizinho 1. I don't think you should b
  4. I do think it's important when evaluating a passing system to have in mind, at the same time, the fluidity (relative difference in risk-taking), passing lenght of the passers, transitions behaviors of obvious passing targets (ie forward run and relative mentality) and offensive shape (formation once attacking phase is established). In the 4231 Deep, what makes your team clicks is the play of the back 6 as a unit, the offensive play of the front 4 as a unit and how the transition strata of the back 6 (WB and DM) is linking and supporting the transtion strata of the front 4 (AM). There are 3 o
  5. One things strikes me from your set-up, it's the combination of : a) 4231 with CM b) Fluid c) DLP-D in CM spot + BWM-D alongside d) Play out of Defense + Shorter Passing + Retain Possession. that has the following consequences in the tactical framework : 1. Your DLP-D and your BWM-D must have a very (I really mean very) short passing 2. Your DLP-D is likely to have a very (very) low mentality here, from FM13 I would estimate his mentality to counter base mentality (8) & Fluid fluidity (-2) & DLP in CM spot (-2) at 4. AP-S should be 8+2-2 (AP-S in AM spot) at 8. which may caus
  6. Well, your WB-A will still go forward and not form a back 6 while you are attacking to prevent a counter and keep that defensive shape, he will go forward even in Fluid. Movement, how you are going to attack, offensive shape are more about roles and duties selection, fine-tuning offensive transition and construction and define team tactical freedom is more related to fluidity. I have made some diagrams using your 4231 Deep (based on FM13 fluidity) to help figure out how mentality is spread around your strategic choice with the base mentality X (standard, X=10; control, X=12, etc...) First w
  7. Exactly, for example a FB-A in Standard - Balanced will have the same mentality (13 in FM13) than a FB-A/S/D in Attack - Rigid (13 in FM13 as well). A FB-S in Standard - Balanced will have the same mentality (10 in FM13) than a FB-A/S/D in Attack - Control (10) or a Very Rigid - Control.
  8. I am not done guys, I just have so much work at the moment that I can't fire up the game to progress and update tactically!
  9. Some really, really good analysis in here. KUTGW everyone! -- Japan - Spain 0-1 (A) Friendly First loss against overwhelming favorite Spain in a friendly game. I simply decided to park the bus as much as I can hoping to have some chances on the counter with space to exploit. Spain is either 4231 or 4213 sometimes with DMC or with MC, short passing and closing down. I simply went again with the strikerless 41410. The idea is just to have an adequate defensive shape with one spare man at the back, move back AML/AMR deeper to monitor opponent fullbacks and have them in space for the counter
  10. Yes, if you want to exploit space very quickly in this kind of game, your players have to make more risky decision in picking their pass towards the forwards whereas the opponent is in defensive transition. Once the defense is deep and structured, you are going to find it difficult to break through with "pass into space" and "more direct". By playing control or attacking, yet keeping most of your passing instructions, you are allowing your players the licence to pick more ambitious passes (direct is quite risky) to forwards or runners and earlier To counter-balance the increase in closing dow
  11. Exactly, your defense is playing "short" passes because they have a quite low mentality (counter) and the "counter" is not on (depend on the number of player between the ball the opponent's GK). I'd tried something more radical like "Attack + much lower defensive line" while keeping your set-up to experiment.
  12. Colombia - Bulgaria 3-2 (A) (Friendly) A friendly organized with an European country playing a 42DM31, it's a good way to face different formation and build some tactical logics. I come up with a narrow 41212. I move from the back 3 to a back 4 in order to have one spare at the back (one of the CD) so that I can push a bit from the flank. To further push up one FB, I choose a HB-D role to help retaining possession deep and prevent a high press. To make sure my "back unit" is connected, I picked a DLP-S who will drop into the space vacated by the HB. So I am confident I can pass around th
  13. Japan - Turkmenistan 5-0 (H) Turkmenistan is a very weak team, and I am expecting an easy game against them. Nonetheless, the job has to be done professionally. Turkmenistan is playing a 4-1-3-2 without any significant manager's trait. I don't want my F9 to be lost in translation into their defensive triangle, so I dropped him in AMC as a Trequartista in order to make him moving out wide, away from the DMC and overloading CB or FB. I though the 2 wide forward were mandatory (IF-A, Wing-A). I keep a CWB-A on the left to link with the IF-A and then I add a duo of Box to Box - S and CM-A which
  14. Colombia - Argentina : 4-1 - H Against Argentina (leader with 32 goals for, 1 goals against, 10W 0D 0L record) facing the like of Tevez, Agüero or Lamela I decided to go seriously defensive even at home. I knew they were going to play a flat 4-4-2, attacking and direct as Sabella profile hinted with mixed closing down. So, to face this direct threat, I choose a lot of deep players. Simply put, I wanted a covering man in each strata: the sweeper-defend behind in the back 3 facing the 2 strikers. The anchorman-defend sweeping behind my midfield 4. For this game, I again decided to decic
  15. I am doing the WC2014 qualifiers with 2 teams at the same time: Colombia and Japan. They are quality teams but not huge favorite or real complete underdogs. After a promising 2-0 win away with Colombia against Perou to bring us back in qualification spot in South America Zone, it's time to start with Japan against Saudia Arabia, 2nd spot team while we are 3rd behind South Korea at 1st place. The 3rd place spot is play-off. Star players Shinji Kagawa and Keisuke Honda were both injured, plus a number of first teamer as well. I go with a fairly experimental squad without any clear any on how I
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